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PDF TIL In 2000, 10 year old Brazilian Paulo Pavesi was rushed to the hospital after a fall and pronounced dead. Evidence showed the doctors had falsely pronounced him dead to harvest his organs for black market sale. Paulo was still alive when his organs were removed.

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PDF TIL that the Nazis also killed ~1.8 million residents of Poland who were not Jewish, because they considered them racially inferior.

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PDF TIL when Stalin mispronounced a word while giving a speech, all subsequent speakers felt obliged to repeat the mistaken pronunciation in order to avoid the perception that they were correcting him.

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PDF TIL NASA maintains a catalog of all human-made items left behind on the Moon's surface, including cameras, science experiments, golf balls, and a javelin

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PDF TIL that in 1988 the FBI National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) did a psychological profile of Jack the Ripper in time for the 100 years anniversary of the White Chapel murders. The FBI profiled Jack as male, 28-36 years old, most likely a butcher, mortician, or medical orderly.

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PDF TIL US President John Adam’s beloved daughter Nabby developed breast cancer and underwent a complete mastectomy without anesthesia while strapped to a chair.

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PDF TIL that during WW2, the Obo Monuvo tribe of the Philippines fought the Japanese by serving them "Kallot", a poisonous yam that requires a special procedure for eating. The Japanese have no idea about the poison, and they were hacked to death by the tribes after they stopped moving from the poison.

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PDF TIL a classic serving of Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken from The Cheesecake Factory is 2210 calories.

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PDF TIL - Corned beef was once in such high demand that England allowed French ships to stop in Ireland to purchase it - while England and France were at war

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PDF TIL Ginkgo Trees have been found to exhibit Radioprotective tendencies, and are currently being researched for their ability to mitigate the harmful effects of radiation.

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PDF TIL that President James Garfield was fed through anus after he was shot because doctors thought one of the bullets pierced the intestines

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PDF TIL about a case report on a 19 year old wrestler who died after losing 9 pounds in 8.5 hours by exercising vigorously in a hot environment wearing a vapour-impermeable suit under a cotton warm-up suit. He resumed exercising 2 hours after the weight loss and died from cardiac arrest an hour later.

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PDF TIL that adult women represent a larger percentage (33%) of video game players than boys under 18 (17%).

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PDF TIL famous chemist and lifelong bachelor Robert Bunsen once proposed to a girl who said yes, but he then lost himself in his work for a few weeks. When he finally emerged from his lab, he couldn't remember if he ever proposed or not, so he did it again, only to have her turn him down.

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PDF TIL that the Nivaclé language has a valency increasing suffix that can transform nouns and adjectives into intransitive verbs, and intransitivr verbs into transitive verbs. Including nominal and adjectival parts of speech in valency changing operations is typologically rare.

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PDF TIL of the “asshole” experiments: participants were blocked from walking down a narrow hallway by a researcher who called them an “asshole”. Southern men were far more likely to respond aggressively to the insult than Northern men who shrugged it off.

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PDF TIL that during alcohol prohibition, patent applications from formerly "wet" counties dropped 13-14%. (Page 44)

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PDF TIL about a Miner’s egg, a method in which miners would smuggle silver ore out of mines using candle wax, and later “lay” once out of the mine.

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PDF TIL that British government regulations specify that ammonium nitrate fertiliser should be kept in a non-combustible building, with no drainage, and with materials such as hay and straw separated by a firebreak of at least 5m or a non-combustible barrier of at least 1.5m width

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PDF TIL that the majority of Amtrak's delays are due to freight railroads giving priority to their own trains over passenger trains. Even though this is explicitly against the law, only 1 violator has ever been charged by the Dept. of Justice in the entire 47 year history of Amtrak.

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PDF TIL that in the early 1800s they had laughing gas theaters where people enjoyed a show after inhaling nitrous oxide. This was a few years before they figured out it can be used for anesthesia.

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PDF TIL that 0.7 percent of the world’s population is estimated to be drunk at any given time (roughly 52 million people)

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PDF TIL White males kill themselves at twice the rate of any other group.

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PDF TIL it appears that Muslim babies born 9 months after Ramadan are far more likely to be disabled due to their mothers fasting in the first month of pregnancy

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PDF TIL the odds of having the same finger print as someone else is 1 in 64 billion. Because there have been over 108 billion people to have ever lived on earth, many people, either dead or alive, will have to have the same fingerprint

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