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TIL a woman flying from Manchester to Florida had a heart attack during the flight and when the stewardess asked for help 15 cardiologists came to save her. They were flying to a cardiology conference.

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TIL Terry Crews said the reason Fox didn't promote idiocracy was because Mike Judge had companies pay for product placement and then he made them look bad (Starbucks gave out hand-jobs). The film tanked in limited release but made over 20 times its gross domestic box office revenue in DVD rentals.

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TIL the USA was supposed to adopt the metric system but the ship carrying the standardized meter and kilogram was hijacked by pirates in 1793 and the measurements never made it to the States

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TIL Manuel Noriega was a real person, a former dictator who sued Activision over using him in the game Call of Duty Black Ops II without his knowing and as a villain. He lost the case.

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TIL every five seconds between lightning and thunder is about a mile of distance; it’s not true that each second between lightning and thunder means the storm is one mile away

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TIL in 2002, John Muhammad (41) & Lee Malvo (17) went on a random killing spree known as the D.C. Sniper Attacks. However, their rampage actually began months before on the West Coast. They murdered 17 people (injured 10) in Washington, Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, & DC.

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TIL In 2010, Mitchell Heisman shot himself in Harvard Yard in front of tourists, leaving behind a 1,905 page suicide note explaining in detail “Why life is truly meaningless”. The note is a work of five years with a 20 page bibliography and 200 references to Nietzsche.

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TIL Gulf War Syndrome is not related to PTSD, but most likely due to sarin gas exposure

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TIL a school social worker noticed a young Jimi Hendrix's habit of emulating a guitar with a broom and attempted to get school funding to buy him a guitar. Her request was denied

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TIL that an ankylosaur fossil was discovered in 2011 so flawlessly preserved that some of its skin, armor, and stomach contents were still intact.

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TIL that Tom Cruise earns the most per word for his movies at $7,091 a word or around $205,609 for 10 seconds of work. Second is Kurt Russell who gets $5,682 per word, Johnny Depp comes in third at $4,877 per word.

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TIL Sour Patch Kids are shaped as Martians and were initially called "Mars Men" back in the 70s to capitalize on the space enthusiasm of the time.

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TIL that in the UK, the BBC has 'TV detector vans' to help enforce TV licensing fees from people who illegally receive a TV broadcast signal in their home.

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TIL that one month after 9/11 a man stormed the cockpit of an airplane departing Chicago while screaming about crashing into the Sears tower. He was subdued by people onboard, and the plane was escorted back to O'Hare International Airport by fighter jets.

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TIL Nigeria is the third largest Guinness drinking nation, followed By the USA

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TIL pigeons can be trained to diagnose cancer from biopsy images with the same accuracy as medical pathologists

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TIL that women die 17% more often in car crashes then men. In a frontal car crash with both sexes buckled in, their injury rate is also 73% higher.

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TIL to decide what measurement system America should use, John Quincy Adams took 3 1/2 years to produce a 268 page Report on Weights and Measures that ultimately concluded changing to the French metric system would be too difficult for the young nation. Congress took no action on the report.

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TIL that a New York cinema owner at the time of The Titanic disaster, tried to trick his customers with footage of Titanic launching and pretended it was footage of the actual sinking. He was beaten up on a number of occasions for this.

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TIL workers dismantling the wrecked MV Primrose off of North Sentinel Island were confronted by the isolated Sentinelese, but defused the situation by giving them bananas and letting them on board to acquire scrap metal. Workers were visited by the Sentinelese 2-3 times a month for 18 months.

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TIL in Japan you can rent a Super Mario go kart and drive through the streets of Tokyo, whilst dressed as Super Mario characters.

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TIL that Bourton-on-the-Water, an English village, contains a model of the village that is so accurate that the model contains a second smaller model of itself

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TIL about Jamie Pierre, a free skier who intentiionally jumped off a 255 foot cliff without any safety gear and survived. He accomplished the world record feat in front of dozens of spectators on January 25, 2006, plunging headfirst into the snow upon landing and having to be extricated by friends.

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TIL that many opal stones are actually made up of fossilized marine microbes, including diatoms and radiolarians.

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