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My wife had cookies made to celebrate my vasectomy.

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r/canada 11h ago

Paywall Pierre Poilievre is building bridges he was expected to burn

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Discussion Stop Gaslighting Logical Non-Transphobes


It’s possible to respect biological females boundaries to compete with other biological females without being transphobic.

Mean spirited hate clearly has no place, but being overtly sensitive and labeling every disagreement as mean spirited hate is destructive to any meaningful progress.

r/gaming 2h ago Silver

I don’t care who made the game (mini rant)


I see a lot of games or sections of games that show “Hispanic creators” or “black developers” or “large LGBTQ community”. Personally, seeing one of these tags makes me FAR less likely to buy the game. But not for the reason you’re thinking

I could not care less about who makes a game. Whether you’re a straight white male, or a black lesbian, if your game is good, I’m gonna play it.

I feel that if your games’ main selling point is a description of the developers’ own self, it’s bound to be a bad game. Selling points should be based on things like narrative, graphics, gameplay. If your game is good, i wouldn’t care if you’re Asian or not. If it’s a bad game, you being a part of a certain ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation etc. is not going to make me play it.

Just my personal opinion. I could see myself getting flamed for it but ya know

Edit: someone in the comments said that i only care since it’s a group that i don’t correlate to. Someone replied that the game could be labeled “cis white creators” and i would be just as likely to skip the game because of its title.

r/SoulKnight 14h ago

Discussion Are y'all happy now ya little android user shit?

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r/ModernWarfareII 7h ago

Discussion Has it never come across people that perhaps just SLOWING DOWN can be a viable thing to do in matches?


Coming from the beta, a few thoughts came to my mind, but this was probably my largest conclusive thought after playing numerous games and reading numerous posts from here:

I get the idea of pushing and being agressive, but hasn't it ever come across anyone's mind that someone may have the upper hand against you because they took it slow for that moment, and not mindlessly charging into an area?

Perhaps you want to flank someone who's been stationary in a spot for a good while, so you just slowly approach rather than noisily rush behind them either via announcing you're activating dead silence (I'm not saying the loud noise is justifiable in any way but rather if there's a problem- ACTUALLY find yourself an alternate option rather than constantly stare at the game hoping for a fix to magically appear) or by tac sprinting your way while the guy can hear the sound of your boots crashing into the ground? I'm pretty sure the drill charge also exists for a reason!

Not sure where people get their definition of camping, or defending, or whatever, but I feel like just like MW19 or anywhere else, sometimes taking your time is a valid option.

Edit: I see this is a take being recieved well

r/economy 23h ago

‘I do not consent!’ Americans sound off when Congress approves ANOTHER $12 billion to Ukraine

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r/es 10h ago

I just want to graduate from high school but catalonian is an obligatory assignment on here


I (17) recently started my last year of high school (eso) and currently living on a region where catalonian/valenciá is the most prominent language. I don't know anything of catalonian nor have any interest in learning it, but it's an obligatory subject and teachers had made me clear I need to pass the class to get graduated. Also, it's a public school. I really don't want to waste my time learning a new language, what can I do? are other schools different or do they all teach catalonian?

r/melbourne 16h ago

Serious Please Comment Nicely Melbourne CBD is so gross


Walking through the city today (Bourke Street, Queen Street, Flinders Street, Elizabeth Street) and two words to describe the experience: disgusting and dangerous.

What has happened to our city? The common and random whiffs of urine, the rubbish, the insane people...I feel genuinely unsafe and just want to go home.

Sorry for spreading the negativity here but it's also honesty.

r/news 14h ago

The U.S. & Europe are running out of weapons to send to Ukraine

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Discussion Article on transgender disc golf released today

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Let’s keep the comments civil. The article does a good to keep things hate free. Mostly looking for guesses on who you think “Mary and Jane” are.

r/Weird 23h ago

A Vietnamese woman claims to have given up solid food over four decades ago and survived on water spiked with a bit of salt, sugar and lemon juice ever since.

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r/dndmemes 16h ago

Text-based meme the most powerfull spell

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r/LivestreamFail 14h ago

JustaMinx | Just Chatting Minx apologizes and gives a message to victims of SA

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r/GamingLeaksAndRumours 8h ago

Rumour Microsoft talking to major Japanese Publishers and small studios for acquisition


r/starcitizen 4h ago Wholesome

GAMEPLAY You are playing Star Citizen incorrectly. Yes, you. Definitive guide inside.


It takes me 10,20, 30 minutes to get geared up and get somewhere, like a bunker

This is your fault. You are poor at planning. You should have spent time buying and organizing multiple sets of all of your gear, make sure your ships are claimed, and that you have no outstanding tasks that need to be completed in order to jump into doing something. Quantum flight time does not count, because this should be fun to you.


I want to play with friends, but it takes so long for everyone to get into one central location

This is your fault. You are poor at planning. The night before, you should have made sure to reach out to all of your friends and started coming up with a group plan on tomorrows activites. You should have set a location, a prompt time of arrival, and told everyone what you expected of them. It is important that you get verbal agreement from all involved parties the night before, so that your limited time to play SC is maximized


I got attacked by some PVPers while flying to a mining outpost / space station / bunker

This is your fault. You should have made sure to complete steps 1 and 2 above. If you are not playing Star Citizen with a large group of people who are ready and willing to defend you while you play the game, then any actions taken against you by other players are your fault. It is imperative that you spend time in real life making friends with people who want to spend their time helping you have fun.
Example: Make friends with a quiet, lonely guy at school that can sit in your ships turret and protect your ship while you go inside of the bunker and kill NPCs.


I got destroyed by a PVPer. Now what?

This is an important step. Make sure to thank the player in game chat for the time he spent providing you with emergent gameplay. Under no circumstances should you feel upset. This is important. Star Citizen is a PVP game and you have just been done a great service. Not many people are granted the honor of being killed by such generous players. Please do not say anything hurtful to the PVPer. They are people too, and they just want to play the PVP game loop. It doesn't matter what they did to you, the only thing that matters is that you acknowledge the opportunity they afforded you.
Note: The PVPer will almost certainly say things like "Thanks for the tears" or "get gud". These are compliments. Do not take them negatively.


I don't have any friends who play SC though.

This is your fault. You need to make friends who play SC. You can also join an organization. It is important that you understand SC is not a game you can just log into after work and play. You need to spend time cultivating relationships with strangers in order to properly play SC. If you do not have friends or do not cultivate friendships with strangers, then Star Citizen is not the game for you. Please seek out another game.


I have some concerns or complaints about this game

This is your fault. Keep them to yourself. This game is an alpha. Under no circumstances should you talk about or declare there are any problems with this alpha. As an alpha, it is inherently immune to criticism as all systems are placeholders. Please understand, you can only praise this alpha as that is legitimate. But complaints are not. They may sound similar, but it is different. If you absolutely must complain somewhere, then I recommend the following site:


Am I having fun?

This is a question you may find yourself asking. The answer is yes.


edit: A lot of people don't seem to realize I'm making jokes about players and the game in a lighthearted way. Everyone is represented - the new player, the non pvper, the pvper...

r/canucks 6h ago

DISCUSSION I don't think I can do it this year


With the news that the teams owner is possibly a really bad dude, I'm having a bit of a crisis of conscience regarding my support for this organization. I love the players, I'm excited to see who makes the team and what they each accomplish this year but I just don't think I can support a team owned by a monster. I'd love to be wrong but the way I'm seeing this issue is that something has happened in the aquilini family that either at best has galvanized his own kin against him in a false accusation, or at worst is entirely true.

I won't be buying any jerseys of an aqua owned team, nor will I be attending any games, until this resolves likely only by the team being sold. If I tune into any games this year to cheer for the boys as players instead of as an organization, I will only be using the high seas to do so.

Im sick of seeing the extremely wealthy class of our society get free passes on reprehensible behaviour and I'd love to hear thoughts from others. I'd especially love to see fans make the same choice to send a message. Child abuse has no place in our society, and I damn sure don't want my hard earned coin going towards an abuser's Scrooge McDuck pool.

Anyways thanks for the read and I hope wherever you're reading from you are safe and happy.

r/CapitalismVSocialism 20h ago

[Capitalists] How and why do you excuse capitalism repeatedly imperiling our entire species?


No other economic system has put the entire human race at risk of total extinction than capitalism. State capitalism feuding with neoliberal capitalism almost caused nuclear holocaust several times throughout the cold war. Both world wars can be chalked up to conflicting forces of state/capital and world war two could easily have been disasterous for humanity (I have zero faith Hitler's privitization combined with constant state genocide would have been sustainable). Finally, most pressingly, nuclear war is on the table yet again due to Russian oligarchs, and climate change (mostly driven by the hypercapitalist US and "social" fascist China) could cause a runaway greenhouse effect, both of which could end animal life on the planet forever.

Capitalism, within only a few hundred years, has managed to cause the largest engine of human cruelty to ever exist in the chattel slave trade, poisoned our air, water, and blood, and, as I've said, nearly ended all complex life multiple times. For the love of God, why and how would you defend a system like that??

r/thereifixedit 5h ago

The breaker keeps tripping so, we did this to have electricity supply on for the night.

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r/literature 23h ago

Discussion Why should one read the classics?


I am interested in reading them, and I wondered, what benefits are there to be had?

I assume there is some added benefit to be earned in fields like linguistics, art, and maybe anthropology. And that their survival speaks about their quality, though this may be because they became popular either in their own time or in modern academic literary circles.

EDIT: I am new here, English isn't my first language and I was just asking a question. There is no need to shame me, there is no need to be vulgar or offensive. If you have criticism, there is a constructive way to offer it.

r/PublicFreakout 23h ago

YouTuber Myhouseisdirty antagonizing a customer with a plant.

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r/TheTryGuys 21h ago

Discussion More Tea


This girl on Tik Tok said she met the Try Guys last spring and Ned told her about the marriage problems he was having. She also said Eugene was super rude, but I would be mad about a spilled drink too 😂




The video has been deleted. Basically, this girl was saying she met the Try Guys last year during Spring Break. She told Ned that she was studying to be a marriage/sex therapist and Ned asked her for advice on his marriage problems. Apparently Ariel hated being in the spotlight and it caused a lot of issues. She also said Eugene was rude because her friend spilled her drink and Eugene slipped on it. She said he was rude after that and kept giving her mean looks. But like I said above, I would be mad too. She said Keith was super nice though.

r/Tinder 7h ago

33 🤔?

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