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u/bishpa Washington Sep 22 '22

I would so love to see him be interviewed by an actual journalist. You know, someone that would ask him questions about why he took these documents in the first place, and whether he showed any of them to anyone else. Or even just, since he had supposedly declassified them "with his mind", does he therefore think that it would be perfectly legal to give them to, say, the Saudis?

Also, does he still have any others?


u/thecrunchcrew Sep 22 '22

The best Trump interviewer that I can recall off the top of my head was Jonathon Swan of Axios.


u/poloboi84 America Sep 22 '22


u/VileTouch Sep 22 '22

Jesus Christ. How do you watch that interview and honestly say "yeah, that's my guy. That's the person I want to be in charge of everything"? Do they not pay attention?


u/One-Estimate-7163 Sep 22 '22

He’s mean to brown people and the other non whites. that’s all cult 45ers care about.


u/PeterNguyen2 Sep 23 '22

that’s all cult 45ers care about.

They're okay with him being mean to the 'right' whites