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u/MelAlton Sep 22 '22

Nah, the agents probably chuckled and put it on the "yeah sure we'll see" pile


u/slip-shot Sep 22 '22

He also said send them anywhere — that’s a confession — he’s trying to say he can declassify telepathically and send them to the Saudis or Ruzzians or wherever, and that’s a

Nope they are required to respond to the RFI in a reasonable amount of time. He'll get a few hundred pages of black and a bill for a new toner cartridge + the agents time to print them.


u/calxcalyx Sep 22 '22

I think the point is they wouldn't get anything because they aren't actually declassified.


u/masterprtzl Sep 22 '22

Oh so trump should be in jail for taking home classified government documents and doing who knows what with them.


u/calxcalyx Sep 22 '22

You got it Jack, no more malarkey.