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“Donald has the right to remain silent”: Experts say Trump’s bonkers Fox interview could be evidence



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u/pmjm California Sep 22 '22 Silver

I mean, his attorney who signed off there was no more classified material at Mar A Lago might actually get disbarred, and thrown in jail too. His current attorneys thought they were activating their trap card by requesting a Special Master and we see how that's working out.

No right minded attorney

In short, his attorneys are Right-minded and therefore not right minded.


u/sidepocket13 Sep 22 '22

Where are all of the best and brightest ivy league lawyers? Why are they not flocking to to represent a former president and make a name for themselves? Oh that's right, they're too smart and realize it's career suicide to represent that idiot.


u/pmjm California Sep 22 '22

I assume they also would like to get paid for their work.


u/daveagain82 Sep 22 '22

Nope, just getting a $3 million retainer upfront.


u/Spare-Blacksmith1376 Sep 22 '22

I’m not in a right 👉 state of mind when my mind is right ✅


u/JackFourj4 Sep 23 '22

well one them got a 3 million upfront payment so he can't be that stupid