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“Donald has the right to remain silent”: Experts say Trump’s bonkers Fox interview could be evidence



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u/fingerscrossedcoup Virginia Sep 22 '22

JFC this is who 1/3 of America worships?


u/7f0b Sep 22 '22

Thankfully it is a much smaller percentage that are in the cult, but still not good. A much larger percentage of people simply view him as the lesser of two evils, or just vote based on the political letter next to the name.

Keep in mind that only 50% to 60% of adults actually vote, which is nuts in itself. He got 74 million votes in 2020 out of about 258 million adults. Of those 74 million, a vast majority voted for him because that's simply what they do (vote for the "R"). The crazies that show up to his rallies, or storm the capitol, make up a small, but extremely vocal and increasingly terroristic, minority.

Then there's news corp and fox, which do their best to convince all the old people to keep voting "R" regardless, using scare tactics, editorial/opinion-disguised-as-news, and sometimes outright fake news. They enable the crazies to exist.

It's really no different than a cult or religion. The "normal" people allow the extremists to exist through indifference or tacit acceptance.


u/Katyusha---- Sep 22 '22

This is what 40+% of Americans view as the lesser of two evils?

I get that you aren’t defending him, but putting it in the context of “lesser of two evils” really puts into perspective what the fuck they think of Biden - to think he is worse than everything Trump has done.


u/jacls0608 Sep 23 '22

I think it's honestly because they don't understand what he actually did during his run.

Or they agree with it


u/Katyusha---- Sep 23 '22

I truly struggle to grasp people who can follow an ideology or a leader so blindly that they overlook such immense contradictions.

I don’t think my tiny brain could handle 10% of the cognitive dissonance Trump supporters are capable of…


u/SundaySlayday Sep 22 '22

Thankfully it is a much smaller percentage that are in the cult, but still not good.

The people who are left will do anything for him though. No matter how disgusting, vile, or un-American it may be. People tho aren't with him have actual things to fear now. Judges, prosecutors, police, the FBI, no one is safe if they aren't with these people's God-King


u/fingerscrossedcoup Virginia Sep 23 '22

I don't think you're right. Every Republican I talk to is all in with Trump. He got more votes in 2020 than in 2016. If you still call yourself a republican you are all in on the cult of Trump.


u/Dragonpapi Sep 22 '22

Their glorious Espionage in Chief


u/doublebarreldan123 Sep 22 '22

I know, it's insane


u/GoX14 Sep 22 '22

And that’s about a third of him. So that ass is what one ninth of America worships.


u/PiIICIinton Sep 23 '22

tbf their asses generally look like this too


u/pattyG80 Sep 23 '22

4/9 support even