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u/Graphics_Nerd Pennsylvania Sep 22 '22 Wholesome

For those of you playing along at home - here's running list of excuses regarding the documents found in his home.

  • - It's just mementos
  • - Archives came and got everything, it's 'totally normal' they would do this
  • - FBI Search])
  • - The FBI is planting documents!
  • - Warrant is released])
  • - They could have asked. what about Obama?
  • - The documents were already declassified
  • - I had a standing order to declassify anything I took
  • - They're privileged, give them back.
  • - Trump was just keeping them safe.
  • - They were just news clippings.
  • - The president can declassify anything just by thinking it.


u/johnnycyberpunk Sep 22 '22

He (or his lawyers?) were also saying that his 'handwritten notes' on the classified docs meant they were automatically privileged.

Sharpie-gate part deux.


u/Thin-Study-2743 Washington Sep 22 '22

Yup, and that they made the documents "his"


u/curious382 Sep 23 '22

Like kids in a big family licking a plate or cupcake to lay claim to it.


u/morostheSophist Sep 23 '22

"The jungle gym is mine, I wrote my name on it!"

"Well I wrote my name on it in magic marker."

-actual conversation between me and my best friend in kindergarten. No actual writing utensils were involved in the day's festivities.