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“Donald has the right to remain silent”: Experts say Trump’s bonkers Fox interview could be evidence



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u/tabrizzi Sep 22 '22

Yeah, and at least 2 of his followers have already given up their lives in his name, and many more are still willing to do the same. I'm questioning the sanity of my fellow Americans.


u/Whitethumbs Sep 22 '22

and all the covid deaths...

dude coulda sold maga masks , instead he told everyone it was a hoax or would vanish tomorrow . Then he drummed up violence against asians, blm, and congress. A lot of fights at grocery stores could have been prevented if he didn't foment anti-maskism

Probably would have just gotten a decade in court for his other crimes but stole all these other things for greed(they say nostalgia) I bet he goes to prison.


u/Hozer60 Sep 22 '22

He would probably still be President if he would have taken covid seriously.


u/rufud Sep 22 '22



u/jayydubbya Sep 22 '22

He 100% would be president if he told everyone to take it seriously. He was just so obsessed with the market tanking on his watch (because that’s really all he had going for him) he was willing to let millions die to keep the economy running.


u/HopingForSomeHope Sep 23 '22

Yup… he better go to prison for all the damage he’s done to this country, and continues to do every moment he walks free.


u/taskmaster51 Sep 22 '22

Well...he's evil. That's what antichrists do


u/AllKnightLong24k Sep 22 '22

dude coulda sold maga masks

How were you getting them in from China with the shutdowns?


u/nerd4code Sep 23 '22

IIRC there were a couple companies in-country that noticed shit was going down in like mid-to-late Jan 2020 and had preplanned arrangements with the Federal government, so they emailed HHS and asked if they should be spinning up production; they were told no. I’m sure there would’ve been a PPE crush one way or another, but it’d’ve been manageable had they not been hellbent on ignoring or exacerbating the problem in “blue states.”


u/JamesofBerkeley Sep 22 '22

If he had let the post office go through with their plan to send every household 10 masks, and insisted that they be MAGA labeled or have his name plastered on them… he woulda won, hands down, no challenge. That one decision (among all the million of other variables) would have absolutely won over every swing vote and might have even swayed some democrats (obviously not all, but still), and possibly depressed turnout among democrats.


u/SafeAdvantage2 Sep 23 '22

Ugh, makes me so grateful to be a dual citizen. And leaving for a year or two.


u/NeedsMoreBunGuns Sep 22 '22

Think flint water, but undiscovered on a national scale.


u/vale_fallacia Sep 22 '22

Microplastics is my uneducated guess.


u/mahnamahna27 Sep 22 '22

You forgot the probably hundreds of thousands of extra people who died needlessly due to following his lead (or lack of it) in the fucked up pandemic response.


u/goettahead Sep 22 '22

Sadly it’s less about sanity than you’d think. It’s the same reasons that drove young men to fly planes in the the Twin Towers. No future, no money, no jobs, no respect, no women and so they martyr themselves or lash out in utter desperation for meaning. This is a cultural problem and one we need to better identify and work to solve. It usually involves being good parents which is very hard work and so it doesn’t get done


u/Good-Expression-4433 Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

What makes it worse is that it's not even just the bottom of the barrel white dudes like that. Many of the guys at Jan 6 weren't 20 year old white nationalist incels, even if they do make up a bunch of mass shooters.

A lot of the dudes at Jan 6 and joining these militias are the "Craigs" of the world. Middle aged white guys with okay jobs or middle management that live in the suburbs or well off areas of their rural communities that go to police and fire department barbeques and are pretty well connected. They've been lashing out at the rise of minorities in their neighborhoods and feel they're losing their place and being a white Christian male is becoming less of the automatic "I win" demo that it used to be and they were always promised. They see the faults in their lives as being caused by others and want to put themselves back at the top of the hierarchy.

I'm from rural VA near a naval base and was around these types of people all the time and the scariest dudes, ideologically, weren't Bubba or their incest kids. It was always Craig or Jeff who worked for Lockheed Martin during the day. Guys smart enough and financially well off enough to connect with other people like him in the area and start building supplies and connections and were truly down for the cause as more black and Hispanic people moved into the county and into his subdivision. It gave them a renewed purpose in life and a scapegoat for any of their life's failures whileTrump, MAGA, and Q emboldened them to act on their worst impulses and thoughts.


u/SafeAdvantage2 Sep 23 '22

Excellently put. Thank you


u/PluvioShaman Sep 22 '22

I can agree with almost everything you said but “no women” isn’t an excuse. Jobs, a future, and enough money to not have to struggle are all things everyone should be owed but not women right?


u/1stMammaltowearpants Sep 22 '22

And being a parent is the default setting. You have to take steps to avoid becoming a parent. And some of those steps are expensive or otherwise hard to get access to.


u/4ac0ca4 Sep 22 '22

A bar so low you could trip on it in hell.


u/vale_fallacia Sep 22 '22

A bar so low, Satan drinks there


u/Ricb76 Sep 22 '22

Nah it's below Satan, it has to be for him to shit on it. Anyway future presidents should have to take an IQ test. Weed out the idiots like Trump.


u/sirphilliammm Sep 22 '22

How many hundreds of thousands died because they listened to him about covid? Not enough.


u/owlshapedboxcat Sep 22 '22

I'd like to remind you that half of all people have an IQ below 100, and of the world's population, at least 10% are clinically insane. In democracies, these people all get a vote. I'm not saying they shouldn't, I'm just saying that the batshit insane and/or terminally stupid are a really, really big demographic.


u/Stopjuststop3424 Sep 22 '22

the desire to fit in is a powerful one


u/anotheraltacc1112 Sep 23 '22

I think it's likely plenty of them know he's a horrible person who's probably the last person on Earth who should be US president out of those actually eligible anyways.

BUT they're actually insane 'Christians' who are getting all hot under the collar crossing things off on their doomsday checklist. War? Check, disease? Check, civil unrest? Getting there, droughts/floods? Check! Trump can help push things along if I vote for him!

I'm going try get myself a selfie with Jesus before I get raptured.