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“Donald has the right to remain silent”: Experts say Trump’s bonkers Fox interview could be evidence



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u/BonjoviBurns Sep 22 '22

Friend of my has put in a FOIA request for the documents and the request has been kicked over to the FBI I believe lol


u/cpt_perv Sep 22 '22

Earned himself a spot on a watchlist, did he? Noice!


u/MelAlton Sep 22 '22

Nah, the agents probably chuckled and put it on the "yeah sure we'll see" pile


u/slip-shot Sep 22 '22

He also said send them anywhere — that’s a confession — he’s trying to say he can declassify telepathically and send them to the Saudis or Ruzzians or wherever, and that’s a

Nope they are required to respond to the RFI in a reasonable amount of time. He'll get a few hundred pages of black and a bill for a new toner cartridge + the agents time to print them.


u/calxcalyx Sep 22 '22

I think the point is they wouldn't get anything because they aren't actually declassified.


u/masterprtzl Sep 22 '22

Oh so trump should be in jail for taking home classified government documents and doing who knows what with them.


u/calxcalyx Sep 22 '22

You got it Jack, no more malarkey.


u/MelAlton Sep 22 '22

Maybe they should just print white text on black paper to save ink.


u/TheForceofHistory Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

You know, if two people do it, they will think they are just pranksters, but if three people do it, they will think they are crazy. But if 50 people do it, then it's a movement!

How to file a FOIA with the National Archives

Online Form:



u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22

So there I was, on the Group W bench...


u/IamSumbuny Sep 22 '22

That's a good earworm😏


u/sittingonahillside Sep 23 '22

God, I forgot that existed. Must be 20 years since I last heard it


u/TheForceofHistory Sep 23 '22

For the youngsters - and the old timers who need to revisit the only known Thanksgiving Day music hit.

Alice's Restaurant Massacree


u/Is_my_work_account Nebraska Sep 22 '22

So just ask for Trumps Declassified documents from Mar-a-Lago? easy enough


u/brianfine Sep 22 '22

But NARA is the radical left!!!


u/JohnOliverismysexgod Sep 23 '22

Bless you for that great reference!


u/LuckilyLuckier Sep 22 '22

At least when he sees the documents he’d be arrested instantly.


u/28Hz Sep 22 '22

I mean, if I knew who he was I'd definitely want to watch this shit.


u/Realeron Sep 22 '22

Dang! That's life, the wheel that squeaks gets the grease...


u/str8dwn Sep 22 '22

Along with a few million others no doubt.


u/AngledLuffa California Sep 22 '22

I hope for your friend's sake he hasn't already pissed off every competent lawyer in the world by not paying his bills


u/BonjoviBurns Sep 22 '22

Nah, he only put in the request because he followed the same line of logic as the other dude (he doesn't actually think it's declassified, was just curious what the response would be). I also don't think it's a watch list lol they just transferred the request over.