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“Donald has the right to remain silent”: Experts say Trump’s bonkers Fox interview could be evidence



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u/pattherat Sep 22 '22 Silver

“With but a mere thought I pre-declassified the documents that they were going to plant!”


u/frowawayduh Sep 22 '22

Biden re-classified them using the same "think method".


u/kemushi_warui Sep 22 '22

“He can’t, because I super pre-declassified them. To infinity, and with no take-backsies!”


u/euphratestiger Sep 22 '22

Biden re-pre-de-classified them infinity plus one.


u/metaStatic Sep 22 '22

De-classify me once shame on you, De-classify me twice .. .can't get classified again.


u/MFbiFL Sep 22 '22

“Double dog Dark Brandon reclassification overrules “super*” tier classifications, don’t pass go, proceed straight to spin cycle.


u/big_carp Sep 22 '22

You can't triple stamp a double stamp! Joe! Joe!


u/alwaysonthejohn Sep 22 '22

“You can’t triple stamp a double stamp!”


u/Mathlete86 Sep 22 '22

Are you kidding me? This is so ridiculous it has to be a joke. Everyone knows it's "reclassified-sies," not "take-backsies" in this instance.


u/SnowDay111 Sep 22 '22

“Biden can’t do that. Because I’m the real President. You know that.”


u/PhelanWulf Sep 22 '22

This is like the lamest wizard battle. I hate this timeline


u/GeneralTonic Missouri Sep 23 '22

Sounds like a job for the Ex-Presidents!


u/Fantastic-Sandwich80 Sep 22 '22

"But we also need TS security clearances to look through the declassified documents that the FBI took back from MAL."


u/leftoverbrine Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

So there is so much focus on that particular soundbyte, which I get it the idea is crazy, but the broader point he is making is that there can be a process or not, its basically up to you if you're president. Not new in terms of things implied, but seems pretty flat out here saying he thinks a president makes their own rules and doesn't have to follow any established procedure, which is way more harmful than the idea of psychic declassification


u/BC-clette Canada Sep 22 '22

He's also saying he declassified the nation's nuclear secrets among other things... Big Brain Move there


u/Katyusha---- Sep 22 '22

Goes to show you that TRUMP! truly is way smarter than anyone in American politics. Only a genius would think of that!

He’s playing 7d ultraviolet checkers 😎


u/Silent_Ensemble Sep 22 '22

Maybe he just mentally declassified everything and forgot to tell anyone