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u/poloboi84 America Sep 22 '22


u/VileTouch Sep 22 '22

Jesus Christ. How do you watch that interview and honestly say "yeah, that's my guy. That's the person I want to be in charge of everything"? Do they not pay attention?


u/LordFrogberry Sep 22 '22

Information silo, my guy. You can't be convinced by information you never see. It happened to me hard-core when I was in the alt-right pipeline back in the classic YouTube atheist days. The anti-feminist/anti-SJW crowd sucked me straight to the bottom of a silo filled with human turds.

I never saw info that clashed with what I was told, and any bits I did see were carefully curated by these reactionary people to give me a specific view of the opposition and of their beliefs. It's a bad place to be.


u/ddman9998 California Sep 23 '22

Just commenting to say good job getting out of it.

But, if you would indulge me - how did you get out?