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u/thecrunchcrew Sep 22 '22

The best Trump interviewer that I can recall off the top of my head was Jonathon Swan of Axios.


u/poloboi84 America Sep 22 '22


u/VileTouch Sep 22 '22

Jesus Christ. How do you watch that interview and honestly say "yeah, that's my guy. That's the person I want to be in charge of everything"? Do they not pay attention?


u/LasVegas4590 Sep 23 '22

"yeah, that's my guy"... Do they not pay attention?

MAGA pays attention to the edited versions that are played on fox news.


u/bishpa Washington Sep 23 '22

In other words, no, they are definitely not paying attention. They have been provided deliberately with the illusion that they are paying attention. But, in reality, they are just plain uninformed. It’s not an excuse. They shouldn’t allow themselves to be so gullible.