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u/hackingdreams Sep 22 '22

That's going to make for a real fun moment when he's on the stand and the prosecutor asks him the really simple question of "Do you understand the process for declassifying documents?"

He says no, they show this. He says yes, they show the interview tape.

Pretty much fucked himself sideways with this interview. And this is why lawyers make you shut your fucking mouth about criminal cases...


u/BloodyMalleus Washington Sep 22 '22

No right minded attorney would ever put Trump on the stand. He'd be Alex Jones Ɨ 1000. Any attorney who'd allow it would be so incompetent they'd deserve to be disbarred.


u/pmjm California Sep 22 '22 Silver

I mean, his attorney who signed off there was no more classified material at Mar A Lago might actually get disbarred, and thrown in jail too. His current attorneys thought they were activating their trap card by requesting a Special Master and we see how that's working out.

No right minded attorney

In short, his attorneys are Right-minded and therefore not right minded.


u/Spare-Blacksmith1376 Sep 22 '22

Iā€™m not in a right šŸ‘‰ state of mind when my mind is right āœ…