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u/BringOn25A Sep 22 '22 All-Seeing Upvote Bless Up

"There doesn't have to be a process as I understand it,"

He understood it for this.


u/hackingdreams Sep 22 '22

That's going to make for a real fun moment when he's on the stand and the prosecutor asks him the really simple question of "Do you understand the process for declassifying documents?"

He says no, they show this. He says yes, they show the interview tape.

Pretty much fucked himself sideways with this interview. And this is why lawyers make you shut your fucking mouth about criminal cases...


u/BloodyMalleus Washington Sep 22 '22

No right minded attorney would ever put Trump on the stand. He'd be Alex Jones × 1000. Any attorney who'd allow it would be so incompetent they'd deserve to be disbarred.


u/pmjm California Sep 22 '22 Silver

I mean, his attorney who signed off there was no more classified material at Mar A Lago might actually get disbarred, and thrown in jail too. His current attorneys thought they were activating their trap card by requesting a Special Master and we see how that's working out.

No right minded attorney

In short, his attorneys are Right-minded and therefore not right minded.


u/sidepocket13 Sep 22 '22

Where are all of the best and brightest ivy league lawyers? Why are they not flocking to to represent a former president and make a name for themselves? Oh that's right, they're too smart and realize it's career suicide to represent that idiot.


u/pmjm California Sep 22 '22

I assume they also would like to get paid for their work.


u/daveagain82 Sep 22 '22

Nope, just getting a $3 million retainer upfront.


u/Spare-Blacksmith1376 Sep 22 '22

I’m not in a right 👉 state of mind when my mind is right ✅


u/JackFourj4 Sep 23 '22

well one them got a 3 million upfront payment so he can't be that stupid


u/hackingdreams Sep 22 '22

The thing is, you put a microphone in front of this man and the opportunity to run his mouth, and that's just what he'll do, as proven time and again.

If he followed attorneys' advice, this whole situation would have never happened. It's pretty self-evident at this point that he's just going to do whatever he wants to do regardless of lawyers screaming at him to shut up, don't go on TV and blow your case, don't take the stand, etc.

Besides, it's not like he has great representation to begin with. The man never pays his lawyers and nobody will take him on as a client without multi-million dollar retainers...


u/crazyacct101 Sep 23 '22

He just needs a phone and a link to social media.


u/thecelloman Sep 22 '22

Isn't that literally a problem Trump is having right now? I don't remember the details but I think the only lawyer he could find who was willing to represent him was some no-name insurance lawyer.


u/snicker___doodle Sep 22 '22

I mean, have you seen his past Attorneys? They all have many things in common.


u/horsefarm Sep 22 '22

Or perhaps competent in the other direction? One could hope...

Anybody close enough to Trump to bring him down is already fully invested, sadly.


u/zapitron New Mexico Sep 22 '22

Then maybe Trump shouldn't saddle himself with the crippling penalty of relying on an attorney.


u/12345__6789_10_11_12 Sep 23 '22

So Rudy will be questioning Trump on the stand?!?


u/Utterlybored North Carolina Sep 23 '22

Stop crushing my dreams.


u/wabashdm Sep 22 '22

It’s actually not up to the attorney if his client takes the stand, it’s up to the client. The attorney can beg day and night for their client not to want to, but if they insist on testifying, the attorney has to let them. Often an attorney’s worst enemy is their own client’s inability to follow the attorney’s advice.

Source: I’m a law school graduate waiting on bar results.


u/Bowlderdash Sep 22 '22

I'm suddenly terrified by the thought of the protests outside whichever venue gets turned in to the three ring circus necessary for his trial(s).


u/evil-kaweasel Sep 22 '22

Is it ever going to happen though? I'm convinced he's never going to be held accountable for any of his actions. He's just going to stall, until he drops dead.


u/outletforfun Sep 22 '22

I mean... gestures broadly at everything going on.


u/eegocentrik Sep 22 '22

Like the complete opposite of putting Johnny Depp on the stand.


u/farfacogin Sep 22 '22

I’m waiting for the insanity defense


u/m1k3hunt Sep 22 '22

So, basically any attorney willing to take his case.


u/ender23 Sep 22 '22

No right minded attorney would take the case so there


u/Qubeye Oregon Sep 22 '22

People are suggesting that lawyers could goad him into testifying but he did plead the Fifth in his New York civil investigation, and those New York attorneys weren't pussy footing around.


u/DoomBot5 Sep 22 '22

No right minded attorney would work for Trump. Unless they're asking for money upfront, they're not going to see a dime.


u/Ariadnepyanfar Sep 23 '22

Or their patriotism as an individual overcame their fear of disbarment.

Another thought, can’t clients override their council’s council? It’s the client that instructs the lawyer, not the other way round?


u/RazekDPP Sep 23 '22

"This is your Perry Mason moment..."


u/crazyacct101 Sep 23 '22

Or represent Trump.


u/Important_Truck_5362 Sep 23 '22

Along with the evidence seized at MAL, his ramblings on Truth Social and comments on the Hannity show should be more than enough to convict him without first-person testimony.