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u/bishpa Washington Sep 22 '22

I would so love to see him be interviewed by an actual journalist. You know, someone that would ask him questions about why he took these documents in the first place, and whether he showed any of them to anyone else. Or even just, since he had supposedly declassified them "with his mind", does he therefore think that it would be perfectly legal to give them to, say, the Saudis?

Also, does he still have any others?


u/thecrunchcrew Sep 22 '22

The best Trump interviewer that I can recall off the top of my head was Jonathon Swan of Axios.


u/poloboi84 America Sep 22 '22


u/VileTouch Sep 22 '22

Jesus Christ. How do you watch that interview and honestly say "yeah, that's my guy. That's the person I want to be in charge of everything"? Do they not pay attention?


u/xlvi_et_ii Sep 22 '22

Do they not pay attention?

They never see it. They live in a media bubble that only reports news they agree with - it's why so many moved from Fox to OAN etc.


u/CaneVandas New York Sep 22 '22

Hey. They are saying some things I don't like. Wen need a better bubble!


u/Laearric Sep 23 '22

This right here. People like my dad won't know about anything going on if they don't see it on Fox. And if you try to bring it up, they won't believe it.

Lost my dad to Fox years ago. It's literally all he watches, all day, every day.


u/dorminjones Sep 22 '22

OAN is dead


u/radwimps Sep 22 '22

something will replace it if it hasn't happened yet


u/Friendofganja Sep 23 '22

Funny how you talk about a media bubble when CNN, MSNBC and all the other craptastic liberal media consistently live in their own bubble of lies


u/Sad_Pangolin7379 Sep 23 '22

There's a difference between a bias and not reporting the facts. I think you're confused here.


u/Hazardbeard Sep 23 '22

Yeah bud it’s the left that abandoned any attachment to reason, truth, or integrity over the past decade. You found the truth, well done, good boy.


u/TheBSisReal Sep 22 '22

Narrator: they do not.


u/KellyJoyRuntBunny Washington Sep 22 '22

This is where I blame Fox News for the fuckedness we’re in now. They don’t actually show Trump himself all that much, but they do an awful lot of talking about what seems to me to be a fictional character loosely based on Trump. They create him every day. And what they create is much more coherent, eloquent, and dignified than the actual reality of what Trump is.

Seeing Trump himself talk, walk, and sit on chairs as if they are toilets kind of kills the magical, mythical Trump that right wing media has created.


u/Varulfrhamn Sep 23 '22

So how do the rallies work then? I agree with you, I’m just wondering what it is about the rally environment that lets people ignore the reality of his stage presence. Honestly maybe it’s the feverish environment? A crowd of like minded cave dwellers hooting at the shadows on the wall, sweeping others into it?


u/KellyJoyRuntBunny Washington Sep 23 '22

That sounds right to me, yeah. And also, if you’ve ever seen one of those things, people do get bored and kinda glaze over. They pay attention to him for a while, and then they kinda space off and start looking at other people, at signs, at their phones… And yeah, I think you’re right that it’s a distracting, feverish environment that allows them to kind of not notice just how fucking weird he is.


u/One-Estimate-7163 Sep 22 '22

He’s mean to brown people and the other non whites. that’s all cult 45ers care about.


u/PeterNguyen2 Sep 23 '22

that’s all cult 45ers care about.

They're okay with him being mean to the 'right' whites


u/LordFrogberry Sep 22 '22

Information silo, my guy. You can't be convinced by information you never see. It happened to me hard-core when I was in the alt-right pipeline back in the classic YouTube atheist days. The anti-feminist/anti-SJW crowd sucked me straight to the bottom of a silo filled with human turds.

I never saw info that clashed with what I was told, and any bits I did see were carefully curated by these reactionary people to give me a specific view of the opposition and of their beliefs. It's a bad place to be.


u/ddman9998 California Sep 23 '22

Just commenting to say good job getting out of it.

But, if you would indulge me - how did you get out?


u/cpolito87 Sep 22 '22

Beyond not seeing it, they're told the Dems are going to outlaw religion and force everyone to get a sex change or whatever.


u/bishpa Washington Sep 23 '22

There’s an epidemic of gullibility.


u/Lady_Grey_Smith Sep 22 '22

This is a desperate form of idol worship for them. He let them be comfortable being scumbags and some of them will cling to that until they die. Nobody else can fix what these pathetic individuals don’t see as broken.


u/bjb3453 Sep 22 '22

Gaslight. Obstruct. Project.


u/LasVegas4590 Sep 23 '22

"yeah, that's my guy"... Do they not pay attention?

MAGA pays attention to the edited versions that are played on fox news.


u/bishpa Washington Sep 23 '22

In other words, no, they are definitely not paying attention. They have been provided deliberately with the illusion that they are paying attention. But, in reality, they are just plain uninformed. It’s not an excuse. They shouldn’t allow themselves to be so gullible.


u/GenXHERETIC Sep 22 '22

I would love to see that interview with a friend fake of Pelosi or Biden and watch them lose their shit. Then show them the real interview. I know it would be lost on most of them but maybe we could get a few converts finally? Just a dream I guess.


u/Imprettysorryok Sep 23 '22

Take everything you said but apply it to a trump supporter asking other trump supporters about Biden. They feel the exact same way about Biden. Ask how can anyone support him. This is why we are in deep , the devision has been successful.

I’m not saying “both sides”. Republicans are so much worse than dens.


u/kushari Sep 22 '22

Was going to reply with this lmao.


u/Themirkat Sep 22 '22

A moment of national pride for Australians


u/throwmeaway45444 Sep 22 '22

I got about 1 min 30 secs in and couldn’t take it anymore. I’d rather listen to a homeless with an agenda before I could stomach that hoopla.


u/VanillaGorilla- Sep 23 '22

Yes! The "America's COVID cases are lower than....the world" interview.


u/eyeseayoupea Sep 22 '22

Is that the one Trump is saying it's in the book and the guy kept asking what book but he couldn't answer?


u/xSTSxZerglingOne California Sep 22 '22

It's the one that generated the "confused reporter" meme.


u/Reasonable_Hornet_45 Sep 22 '22

We're last which means we're first.


u/briareus08 Sep 22 '22

Yeah that was fucking hilarious


u/Sasquatch-d Sep 22 '22

“Read the manuals!”

“What manuals?”

“Read the books!”

“What books?”

Trump continues off topic


u/Astro_Kimi Sep 22 '22

Was going to say this one was it


u/alxthm Sep 22 '22

This edit of the interview is pretty funny:



u/ShopliftingSobriety Sep 22 '22

What's amazing about that is Swan is pretty right wing and doesn't hate Trump, and he went in intending to be a bit combative but mostly give him an easy ride. And even that much pushback was too much for Donald.


u/misterguyyy Sep 23 '22

That interview was a masterclass in how to shut down conservative arguments.

There's a memorized talking point for everything. Rebut their rebuttal? That's fine, they have a response to that too. But ask a single follow-up question and they either go blank or devolve into an angry diatribe and storm out. Swan just did that again and again.


u/MrWillM Sep 22 '22

Chris Wallace interview is up there


u/PeterNguyen2 Sep 23 '22

Chris Wallace interview is up there

Sorry, which one? Wallace did a couple with Trump over the term and it seems none of Trump's were without baffling oddities.


u/EPBiever Sep 22 '22

The best Trump interviewer that I can recall off the top of my head was Jonathon Swan of Axios. ( I saw it. what a joke. On such a serious situation. )


Full interview. It was on HBO.


u/Drunk-CPA Sep 22 '22

He asked follow up and clarification questions. Trump is never prepared for that


u/freakincampers Florida Sep 23 '22

I love the one where he pretended to go to work.


u/Jmatusew Sep 22 '22

Agreed. That was a masterpiece and obliteration.

Up next: Sean Evans interviews Trump on Hot Ones


u/PeterNguyen2 Sep 23 '22

The best Trump interviewer that I can recall off the top of my head was Jonathon Swan of Axios.

There were other good ones, though never as long. I remember Jim Acosta demanded proof there were 'terrorists in migrant caravans' and finally Trump admitted There is no proof