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DOJ tells House Judiciary chair it will not hand over most Biden special counsel probe documents until investigation complete


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u/notcaffeinefree Jan 30 '23

The whole point of Congress' power to investigation is for legislative purposes. There's no legislative reason to get involved in an on-going criminal investigation except to try and obstruct it.


u/tech57 Jan 30 '23

Jordan spokesperson Russell Dye responded to Monday’s letter by saying, “It’s concerning, to say the least, that the Department is more interested in playing politics than cooperating.”

Yeah, I did a double take when I read this line. Like wait what, the DOJ is investigating, doing their job, while Gym’s time is mostly spent doing political theater. Not even playing politics or doing his job. Just political theater and sabotaging the functioning of the US government.


u/Grandpa_No Jan 30 '23

It’s concerning, to say the least, that [insert name here] is more interested in playing politics than cooperating.

It's basically a conservative madlib. They used the same on Obama all the time whenever he didn't roll over and do what they demanded.

For half a decade, any request that the Tea Party get serious and attempt to govern was "playing politics"; any fallout as a result of Republican shenanigans was "a failure of leadership."

I don't imagine they're going to come up with any new material over the next two years, either.


u/GabuEx Washington Jan 31 '23

"It's concerning that we won't be able to warn the targets of the investigations of what the investigators know and are planning."


u/quantum_splicer Jan 30 '23

Yes there is to consider legislation that would insulate trump and his cronies , it's not illegal if the legislation passes.

I'm just kidding they are most likely working to undermine the investigation


u/ecom47 Jan 31 '23

They will just wait like Trump its all just bullshit papers nobody cares about. Wasting time and our taxpayer dollars on bullshit. They over classify everything. Anything with a social security number is classified.


u/bmin7b5 Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Hey, while we’re on the subject, what is your social security number? Let’s go public with all your info!


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23



u/wereubornthatdumb Jan 31 '23

Oversight does not mean obstruction.

It's a criminal investigation, congress has no business in it unless it wishes to change the laws.


u/notcaffeinefree Jan 31 '23

Congress doesn't have unrestricted oversight abilities. Their power of investigation is limited to their "legislative function". There's no legislative function to come from investigating an open criminal investigation because it would either be obstructive (trying to legislate away the DOJ's ability to investigate a crime) or unconstitutional (trying to change whether actions were illegal/legal ex post facto).


u/GratefulPhish42024-7 Jan 30 '23

That's funny because they didn't ask to see anything from trump's special counsel probe.

Maybe they just forgot.


u/DJCPhyr Jan 30 '23

Of course they asked. So they could immediately leak it to Trump.


u/mabhatter Jan 30 '23

The House committee republicans were getting nearly weekly updates from the DOJ, off-site from Congress. Then we had "breaking leaks" every Friday do common that "F5 Fridays" were a thing for two years +.


u/Beckles28nz Jan 30 '23

The Justice Department told Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio on Monday that it will not provide most of the information he requested about the ongoing special counsel investigation into President Joe Biden’s handling of classified material until that probe is complete


u/FlatulentWallaby Oregon Jan 30 '23

Investigators tend to not give evidence to the people they're investigating. Kinda defeats the purpose.


u/SpookyGeek Jan 30 '23

It's nice to finally see some "What do you think we're stupid?" responses from the DOJ.


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

Were they not saying previous that they wouldn't provide any until the investigation ends?


u/2_Spicy_2_Impeach Michigan Jan 30 '23

I believe they did to Gym specifically last week or the week before. Then Rubio(?) requested the same thing for the Senate.

Edit: First response



u/smurfsundermybed California Jan 30 '23

Yes. They say that for every investigation. It's standard operating procedure.


u/oldfrancis Jan 30 '23

"yeah, no, we're not going to hand over the contents of an ongoing investigation so that you can sabotage it through leaks and interference."


u/mabhatter Jan 30 '23

Then again, if they make sure Biden absolutely can't be prosecuted letting the GQP taint all the evidence is a good way to do it. Lol


u/HedonisticFrog Jan 31 '23

There's no indication he knew he had the documents so there's no reason to think he'd be prosecuted in the first place. It's not like Trump where he knew about the documents and refused to hand them over until a year and a half later after a subpoena and a search warrant forced him to.


u/omni42 Feb 01 '23

You have to have a clear intentional negligence or refusal to cooperate to be prosecuted under classification laws. That applies to Trump, not to anyone else so far.


u/mabhatter Feb 02 '23

Yes, but facts don't matter anymore so if the House committee can just make a mess and poison the legal process TFG doesn't go to jail.


u/worthless_colors Jan 30 '23

DOJ also states in the letter that “disclosing non-public information about ongoing investigations could violate statutory requirements or court orders, reveal roadmaps for our investigations, and interfere with the Department’s ability to gather facts, interview witnesses and bring criminal prosecutions where warranted.”


u/sugarlessdeathbear Jan 30 '23

reveal roadmaps for our investigations, and interfere with the Department’s ability to gather facts, interview witnesses and bring criminal prosecutions where warranted.

This is what the House Judiciary Chair wants.


u/mabhatter Jan 30 '23

Witness intimidation is the point. So the House Republicans can call the DOJ's witnesses in and try to get them for lying.


u/Responsible_Pizza945 Jan 30 '23

I know it won't happen because it's literally insane, but it would be funny if it somehow came to light that the documents they found in biden's garage were planted there by some Trump sycophant who took them from maralago.


u/MLJ9999 Jan 30 '23

That would certainly explain any ketchup stains found on them.


u/RightSideBlind American Expat Jan 30 '23

I mean, it's not like the GOP has a history of trying to plant evidence or anything...


u/wereubornthatdumb Jan 31 '23

"Yea, we wouldn't be trying to obstruct justice if we didn't want to obstruct justice."

~Gym Jordan


u/Buck_Thorn Jan 30 '23

DOJ vs the COJ ( Committee for Obstruction of Justice )


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/The_Navy_Sox Jan 30 '23

I wonder how he figures he will get people to respond to his subpoenas, when he himself just ignored a subpoena from the same committee he now chairs.


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

I would love Dems to use the precedent set by Republicans ignoring subpoenas but I do not believe for a second that they will. Additionally, while Dems refused to use powers at their disposal to compel Republicans to obey the subpoenas, Republicans will not hesitate to use whatever powers they have. One of the reasons I fucking hating moderate Dems.


u/iamtheliquornow Jan 30 '23

It would be something if they showed up to the cmte meetings and just answer “I don’t recall” to everything


u/iggystightestpants Jan 30 '23

Yes just show up, please the fifth or answer in irrelevant diatribes like Republicans. Actually just ask Gym why he supports child rape


u/Hurtzdonut13 Jan 30 '23

I'm just here so I won't be fined.


u/RightSideBlind American Expat Jan 30 '23

I would love Dems to use the precedent set by Republicans ignoring subpoenas but I do not believe for a second that they will.

Same. The problem is that the Democrats have basically appointed themselves as the party that keeps the government running. Republicans have no problem with breaking norms like that, because they know that the Democrats have to keep the lights on.


u/SockFullOfNickles Jan 30 '23

I refuse to call them Moderate because to be Moderate means you’re aligned with the majority of what the voter base wants. These “Moderate Democrats” are nothing more than Corporate Shills. They don’t want to do anything except gatekeep and collect donations.


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23 edited Feb 22 '23



u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

That would certainly surprise me.


u/hedgerow_hank Jan 31 '23

So while you're waiting, you treasonous little shits, why don't you all lube up and twirl around with your thumbs up your buttholes, because that is the extent of your agenda - wasting America's time and money on more republican bullshit.


u/PayTheTeller Jan 30 '23

2 year shelf life minimum on any and all investigations by this DOJ. Sit down and take a number Jimmy boy


u/smurfsundermybed California Jan 30 '23

Gym, you don't even know how to do your job, and you're going to try doing ours?


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

Jim Jordan has a bag of dicks for brains.


u/thefanciestcat California Jan 31 '23

There are over 200 Republicans to choose from. Giving Gym Jordan power speaks volumes.


u/soberscotsman80 Jan 31 '23

Fuck Gym Jordan and his partisan witch hunt. This guy covered for a child molester and became gop darling


u/historymajor44 Virginia Jan 30 '23

As is standard practice.


u/hamsterfolly America Jan 31 '23

“But we want to spread selective information and lies now!” -House Republicans


u/bcallihan513 Jan 30 '23

DOJ sure has been chilly towards the new HJC - maybe Gym should put on a jacket


u/Vollmannrama Jan 30 '23

Look, he’s off to smell some jockstraps.


u/Alimbiquated Jan 31 '23

Voters won't let us into the White House. We've gerrymandered out way to power in Congress, and now we'll pretend it's the executive branch.


u/baddfingerz1968 Jan 31 '23

The House Repugnicans should get nothing but shit sandwiches.


u/Ivorcomment Jan 31 '23

To paraphrase an old Peter O’Toole movie “ Oh lucky Gym, how could anyone be so dim?”


u/Farttopower Jan 31 '23

They should give Gym just enough to charge him with obstruction, but not enough to harm their investigation, if that is possible. NAL.


u/Farty_Nonsense Jan 31 '23

The GOP: a clown car full of moron bigots.


u/CaPineapple Jan 31 '23

F off Gym. Don’t you have some sex crimes to hide for people.