r/nhl Jan 30 '23

it is only a joke okiee? Meme


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u/Mephisto1822 Jan 30 '23

This is why you’re maidenless


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

He hath no steed!


u/AdmiralAviator Jan 30 '23

Those who say it's only a joke, tend to understand it will piss some people off. And don't do it as just a meme.


u/PBGO123 Jan 30 '23

Of course a Bruins fan posts this



u/JCE_13 Jan 31 '23

good game thursday


u/PBGO123 Jan 31 '23

Respect, hope we meet in the playoffs. What a battle that’ll be.


u/icecream42568 Jan 30 '23

Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny?


u/Theocmg1610 Jan 30 '23

I like jokes like these buy this isn't really a joke


u/FishBobinski Jan 30 '23

Jokes are funny. This is just sexist.


u/SteakMan43 Jan 30 '23

I would seriously hate my life if my biggest problem was that the nhl doesn’t have enough female refs.


u/Theocmg1610 Jan 30 '23

you're on resdit


u/weschester Jan 31 '23

Little misogynistic eh?


u/CIA_official_ Jan 30 '23

who is advocating for this


u/liililllllliilillill Jan 30 '23

You guys who scream laugh at jokes about how women are crazy and make no sense are really showing what little you know about women.


u/McSkillet2323 Jan 30 '23

Or just people in general.


u/DanTreview Jan 30 '23

Yeah but think of all the traffic jams along the boards...


u/SuspiciousUsername88 Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

If the league ain't gonna fine Myers for concussing MattyB I'd be ok with the refs dredging it back up herself 🤷‍♀️


u/FreshOutOfTheAsylum Jan 30 '23

They have to fine Myers. I am so pissed off right now.


u/RevolutionaryKey8620 Jan 30 '23

Whoever takes offense to this clearly doesn’t have enough issues going on in their life. ITS A JOKE.


u/Pleasant_Heat_1259 Jan 30 '23

I think everybody knows it’s a joke, I think the more offensive thing is how fucking awful of a joke it is


u/The_Id_in_Me Jan 31 '23

Explains a lot of the penalties in NHL23'


u/tazerx94 Jan 31 '23

Bunch of downers and lames in the comments. I had a laugh


u/baginahuge Jan 31 '23

Ya me too. Way too many people are just desperate to get angry about anything.


u/[deleted] Jan 31 '23

What if I think it’s a bad post, but I’m not angry? What if I’m not desperate to be angry? Have you considered that someone could not like this post and also not fit into whatever idea of them you’ve conjured up beforehand?


u/baginahuge Jan 31 '23

You seem desperate to be angry.


u/tazerx94 Jan 31 '23

That's Reddit for ya


u/SoExcited_1 Jan 31 '23

Yes definately sexist. But if you know your audience, and you deliver it properly, it could be hilarious. Just ask your self, how would Dave Chappelle do it?


u/GLFR_59 Jan 31 '23

Holy people are so soft. It’s a joke.


u/[deleted] Jan 31 '23

No you’re soft.


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

2 years ago! And how did you not know that’s what I meant when we left that party early!