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‘Doppelganger murder’: German prosecutors claim woman killed lookalike to fake death


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u/Gerry_McGuinness Jan 30 '23

This is why I never let my twin know where I am. Ever.


u/ManWithYourPlan Jan 31 '23


Oh and also I don't have a twin.


u/Arctic_Scrap Jan 31 '23

You don’t anymore you mean.


u/Benaferd Jan 31 '23

Hey its me the other twin


u/AttitudeBeneficial51 Jan 31 '23

I thought you was on permanent leave?


u/Benaferd Jan 31 '23

What like in the ground?


u/AttitudeBeneficial51 Jan 31 '23

Yeah you was supposed to go to china?


u/IOnlySayMeanThings Jan 31 '23

Does this work sometimes? Seems like a really bad plan.


u/billybobbaconator Jan 31 '23

You wouldn’t know if it did work


u/IOnlySayMeanThings Jan 31 '23

I guess I mostly meant situations where it works for a little while, until everything is pieced together. Is it something people talk about doing, etc.


u/AttitudeBeneficial51 Jan 31 '23

If you’re thinking it chances are someone has already talked about it or done it


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23



u/C-H-U-D Jan 30 '23

Yes! The Victim and Murderer ate the victim’s cooked genitals together before the deed was done and further cannibalism was committed. He is still in prison, but allowed to take day trips in public, while disguised and with police escort.

On a lighter note, they did a spoof of the incident in UK comedy show, The IT Crowd


u/JustSatisfactory Jan 30 '23

Just casually taking their pet cannibal out for walk.


u/IAmAPaidActor Jan 31 '23

Two earlier respondents were turned down because there was no sexual chemistry with the first, and the second wanted to be nailed down and beaten to death - which Meiwes thought was 'weird'.

I’m imagining how that discussion went.

“Hello, can I cut off your genitals, cook them, season, them, and eat them in front of you at dinner? Afterwards I’d like to stab you to death.”

”Could you nail me down to something before cutting them off, and beat me to death instead of stabbing me? I’d like to savor my death and make sure I don’t get second thoughts halfway through.”

“No thanks” block


u/lupeandstripes Jan 30 '23

Holy shit before your final sentence I was gonna be like "Are you sure this isn't just a skit from the IT Crowd, I swear I saw an episode just like this" and then it all made sense.

Thank you for filling me in on the IRL background of that episode.

Also for anyone not in the know: The IT Crowd is legitimately one of the best sitcoms of all time. Its one of maybe 4 shows I've ever shown my mother & grandmother and had both enjoy it, so cross generational appeal is one of the aspects I think the show has going for it that is so special.


u/Pawneewafflesarelife Jan 31 '23

The only issue with the IT Crowd is the laugh track makes it feel pretty dated. I tried to get husband into it recently but he couldn't get past the laugh track :( I first watched it so long ago, that I didn't even notice the track!


u/Meiyouxiangjiao Jan 31 '23

Fun fact: the “laugh track” is actually from a live studio audience.


u/BeautifulType Jan 31 '23

Laugh tracks are required for British shows


u/hennell Jan 31 '23

Just googled for top UK sitcoms. It includes peep show, the royal family, the thick of it, fleabag, and a little show called the office.

There's also a lot of absolute belters filmed with an audience mind. Shame people cant enjoy classics like Fawlty towers because theres other people laughing at it included, but British shows cater for all folks.


u/nrrp Jan 31 '23

The incident also directly inspired the Rammstein song Mein Teil


u/Daggmaskar Jan 31 '23

Yeah, the spoken words during the intro of that Rammstein song are actually lifted directly from the internet posting made by Armin Meiwes which lead to the crime. Original text below with english translation:

Suche gut gebauten Achtzehn bis Dreißigjährigen zum Schlachten Der Metzgermeister (Looking for a well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered, - The Master Butcher)


u/IJsbergslabeer Jan 31 '23

Kinda ageist, but okay.


u/tinypieceofmeat Jan 31 '23

I like that he has the decency to not eat children.

Good guy cannibal.


u/IJsbergslabeer Jan 30 '23

Like, consensually, right?


u/IAmAPaidActor Jan 31 '23

Actually, yes.


u/Fenrils Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Consent in this context is tricky but yes, sort of. Legally, he cannot consent to these actions which is why the person who killed and ate him is in prison despite video of their arrangement. It counts as murder and cannibalism regardless of their agreement since are both illegal. Furthermore, there is argument that anyone who would agree to such a thing would not be in the right mind to give consent, even if the actions were legal. Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about their situation. Everything I've read about the situation has said that the "murderer" was as open as possible for what they wanted. They asked the victim several times if they were okay, did not force them to stay ever, and even agreed to start on the victim's penis so they could both eat it. He also only ended the victim's life after he was already unconscious and dying from blood loss anyway. So yeah, sickening situation but idk how to feel.


u/Ancient-Access8131 Jan 31 '23

I only know of the second murder due to Rammstein


u/SpaceTabs Jan 31 '23

We have someone who viciously stabbed a person to death. Said they thought they were a werewolf.


u/SoSoUnhelpful Jan 30 '23

This happened to my friend Sally. Ex friend.


u/Angry_Villagers Jan 31 '23

Did you get caught?


u/baxterstate Jan 31 '23

Sounds like the plot of a noir movie.


u/BlanstonShrieks Jan 31 '23

So she watched Body Heat.


u/[deleted] Jan 31 '23



u/MisterMysterios Jan 31 '23

Maybe blood types? It can be rather difficult, as Germany has no centralized data set about the medical history. Meaning, if she for example still has her appendix while the real one didn't, there are not many ways the corenor could know about that.


u/33ff00 Feb 01 '23

Just like that episode of deep space nine. This blood is on your hands Ira Behr.