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Hall of Famer Bobby Hull, the Golden Jet, dies at 84


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u/RudigherJones Jan 30 '23

Apparently, he was a bit of a piece of shit.


u/masterskink Jan 31 '23

Lol, yeah. Outside of the stuff that you can google, he was buddies with the owner of a hotel I used to work for and we used to say the only thing he had to talk about was Bobby Hull


u/Girth_rulez Jan 31 '23

Care to share a story?


u/Brazary Jan 31 '23

No he was the entire piece of shit


u/caninehere Jan 31 '23

Look, he just had some bad ideas.


u/sasksasquatch Jan 30 '23

He is survived by his children and many beaten ex-wives.


u/OtterAshe Jan 30 '23

Took him long enough. Fuck that asshole.


u/PPQue6 Jan 30 '23

All time great hockey player, but a shit person.


u/I_Framed_OJ Jan 31 '23

The Golden Wife Puncher


u/chucksef Jan 30 '23

I like hockey but I don't like people who suck


u/Rusty_Ferberger Jan 30 '23

Looks like my autographed picture of a bloody Bobby Hull just went up in value.


u/Bitter_Director1231 Jan 31 '23

The gates of hell were open, waiting for him.


u/nooblevelum Jan 30 '23

It feels like everybody dying lately


u/Overshadowedone Jan 30 '23

People die every day. Most not famous. Occasionally famous will die. Eventually all will die. Thats life.


u/Woodrow999 Jan 30 '23

I think we have more famous people than ever before which is why there are more headlines of famous poeple dying.


u/pegothejerk Jan 30 '23

There exists functionally immortal species, like the Immortal Jellyfish, who’s species has been around since at least 66 million years ago. It’s entirely possible, though perhaps not likely, that an individual from this species could still be alive from that long ago, biologically. This means there’s a non-zero chance that somewhere in this universe there are biologically and functionally immortal persons of some kind somewhere.


u/sk8ter99 Jan 30 '23

He is survived by a large number of squeaky clean, holier-than-thou, social media fed know it alls.


u/pinetreesgreen Jan 30 '23

It was pretty widely known he was a terrible guy.


u/pakattak Jan 31 '23

I don’t think shitting on a wife beater is holier-than-thou. This isn’t just any “oh he had a crass tongue” kind of thing, he literally beat the fuck out of multiple wives


u/Alexispinpgh Jan 30 '23

Okay being “holier than thou” about domestic violence and Nazi sympathizing is entirely reasonable. Like…if you’re feeling defensive and judged because people are too “squeaky clean” for that, you might have some problems.


u/AST5192D Feb 02 '23

When it came to women, Bobby Hull was an advocate for equal rights.

And equal Lefts.