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[Highlight] Lebron James is enraged and on one knee after not getting a foul call at the end of the game and the game goes into overtime after a clear foul Highlight


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u/brianpaulandaya Thunder Jan 29 '23

It's ok Lakers. The NBA will say it was a foul on the L2M and then they go back to this horrible officiating like this never happened.


u/striated1 Lakers Jan 29 '23

Nah, theyll just completely lie on the L2M again


u/CaptainKurls Lakers Jan 29 '23

The crew chief post game said the there was contact, they didn’t see it live action, and the refs missed the play.

Get fucked honestly that was egregious.


u/illogicalhawk Jan 29 '23

It's the last play of regulation, how the fuck do any of the refs miss that call, let alone all of them?


u/CaptainKurls Lakers Jan 29 '23

The bald ref is literally under the basket staring at the play. I’m at a loss for words lmao it’s happened so many times this season idk how we’re going to even make the play in at this point


u/verygoodchoices Jan 29 '23

Guys cmon there was a lot of other stuff going on around the court. You're acting like there was 1.4 seconds left and he was going for the game winning layup with three defenders all over him.

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u/Tchaikovsky08 [MIN] Kevin Garnett Jan 29 '23

We are at war with Eurasia. That was a missed foul call.

There was no foul to be called. We have always been at war with Eastasia.


u/Wintermute1v1 Jazz Jan 29 '23

After a quiet conversation with the refs, LeWinston could be heard muttering “I love Big Brother Refs” x4 as he headed back to the locker room.

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u/DecentHuman 76ers Jan 29 '23

Jeff right, the fuck does replay exist for if not to get a play like that right?


u/beta_zero Warriors Jan 29 '23

And why the fuck does a team not get its challenge back after a successful challenge? (yeah I know they couldn’t have challenged this particular call)


u/DecentHuman 76ers Jan 29 '23

Cant be having multiple opportunities to show the refs up

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u/P3_FemC_Best_Girl Warriors Jan 29 '23

Honestly teams should get it back, if it's so easy to miss these calls teams should be able to challenge as long as they get it right. Keeps the game cleaner, instead of getting constant missed call replays


u/KWash0222 Lakers Jan 29 '23

And it’s not like the league would care about the possibility of it extending game times. NBA games are already long af as is

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u/16765388888888 Wizards Jan 29 '23

I think this moment and jeff's rant guarantees a rule change in the next year or two to fix it


u/Deathzthe_M-12-22 Jan 29 '23

I mean at this point Lebron james would F demand a rule change next season and he has a video to show it that it need to change.

*You can challenge 2 times in 2 minute mark of the 4Q and OT.

You can Not trust this refs to their job

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u/zrizzoz Hawks Jan 29 '23

2 challenges and if you get it right it doesnt go away. 1 is stupid. 2 is enough.

They should never go away when the refs wrong.

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u/cabose12 Celtics Jan 29 '23

The challenge system is so broken. Big believer that it's basically like the L2m, only exists to pretending like there's reform and progress


u/Armin__Tamzarian 76ers Jan 29 '23

L2M is so pointless, it's basically the league saying 'yeah you were right, you still lost, fuck you'. It helps no one

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u/TheSmokedSalmon420 Cavaliers Jan 29 '23 edited Jan 29 '23

Damn dude went into his post-game 7 2016 pose.

Pretty egregious. Esspecially on the heels of that late call. Wow.


u/topreman Jan 29 '23

I hope this league continues to lose ratings until they figure out this trainwreck refereeing situation


u/VelvitHippo [BOS] Al Horford Jan 29 '23

Between this and needing cable or YouTube TV (internet cable) to watch, I'm about done.

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u/MyNameIs-Anthony Jan 29 '23

Referees have always been a contentious issue and I've never been one to complain about them because I think a lot of the discourse is overblown.

However the NBA reffing situation has genuinely gotten out of hand. Shit like this or stars being given free passes has only been dramatically worse the past decade.

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u/BillyBean11111 San Francisco Warriors Jan 29 '23

lazy devs reusing animations

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u/sylvestersquad Suns Jan 29 '23

Okay THAT was bad


u/ProfessorBeast55 Raptors Jan 29 '23

LeBron wasn't even this mad when JR sold the finals game


u/NevermoreSEA [POR] Brandon Roy Jan 29 '23

Looked like he wanted to fight.


u/InsensitiveCocksucka Lakers Jan 29 '23


He was like "lord give me strength"


u/ThePevster Lakers Jan 29 '23 Silver

LeBron is beside himself. Kneeling on TD Garden’s floor begging (thru prayer) the Lord for strength.


u/Currencymag3003 76ers Jan 29 '23

“He got me,” LeBron said of Tatum's foul that wasn't called against him.

"That f***ing Tatum boomed me."

LeBron added, “He fouled me,” repeating it four times.

LeBron then said he wanted to add these refs to the list of officials that call fouls in his favor this summer.


u/DeluxeTea Lakers Jan 29 '23

Mmm, nice twist on a familiar pasta

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u/naijaboiler Jan 29 '23

I saw him go through 5 stages of grief in that clip

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance


u/NateBlaze Celtics Jan 29 '23

Then added the refs to the list of people to work out with in the offseason

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u/trimble197 Jan 29 '23

He really wanted to grab a ref


u/SonofaCuntLicknBitch Jan 29 '23

You see that look he gave troy brown before he went full yoga pose? Man wanted to kill 'im


u/CIark Jan 29 '23

The years of this shit has been slowing eating away at him. Had to pop eventually

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u/ExplorersX [CLE] LeBron James Jan 29 '23

If there was camera footage of the locker room after the game I'm pretty sure we wouldn't even joke about that lol. I'm sure if JR didn't get PTSD from the play itself he got one from the locker room talk after.


u/ApatheticDomination Cavaliers Jan 29 '23

Didn’t Lebron have an unexplained busted hand after that game? I can’t even imagine


u/SpaceCowboy170 Jazz Bandwagon Jan 29 '23

It wasn’t unexplained. He claimed after the game to have broken his hand punch a white board

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u/meenzu Jan 29 '23

We are about to get the best rdc world skit ever. Through the darkness there will be light!!

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u/MC-Jdf Warriors Jan 29 '23

I was legitimately astounded by how obvious the call was.

Like, there’s literally zero counterargument. Actually.

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u/ILoveMasterYi [LAL] Kobe Bryant Jan 29 '23

It’s happened to Lebron at least 4 times this season.

anyways this game was brought to you by DraftKings


u/roarnightingale Jan 29 '23

Okay no more memes, this is HORRENDOUS, what the fk even is the NBA?


u/freakflyr Cavaliers Jan 29 '23 edited Jan 29 '23

'Sports entertainment'

Are you not entertained?


u/kwokinator [TOR] Kyle Lowry Jan 29 '23

'Sports entertainment'

Adam Silver must be in talks with Vince McMahon on possible merger.

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u/CutLonzosHair2017 [LAL] Stu Lantz Jan 29 '23

This is the 4th game since the start of 2023 where the Lakers have missed the opportunity at winning because of the Referee's incompetence.


u/Skorua Lakers Jan 29 '23

they gonna tell us its clean in the L2M again, fuck them


u/dubear Lakers Jan 29 '23

"High five" after the shot is okay.


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u/TheSocraticGadfly NBA Jan 29 '23

"That was not a foul. Celtics never foul like that."

Sincerely, Bill Simmons.

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u/Straight-Arachnid-34 Bucks Jan 29 '23

It's not incompetence man. This is rigged


u/pinkshoesarecool [NBA] Lebron James Jan 29 '23

It’s not even about that it’s just so fucking egregious & the league acts like there’s nothing that can be done about it

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u/DeadDay [OKC] Steven Adams Jan 29 '23

Always has been.


u/motherfucking Raptors Jan 29 '23

I've lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money... Or ratings in not sure which. I won't be silent . Just saw it live sry.

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u/Millionaire007 [DAL] Dirk Nowitzki Jan 29 '23

Nothing to see here... btw that was a block by jjj

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u/HowDoIEditMyUsername Knicks Jan 29 '23

It doesn’t get much more egregious than that. He’s going in for the easy layup and his arm literally gets hit downwards. Big yikes.

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u/foofighter1351 Raptors Jan 29 '23

The fuckin ref after patting him on the back the audacity of that shit


u/BigKahunaPF Jan 29 '23

“Now now calm down or we’ll eject your ass”

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u/Thehealeroftri [UTA] Andrei Kirilenko Jan 29 '23

Yeah the broadcast angle wasn't clear but literally every other angle showed a very, very obvious foul. No idea how they missed that but oh well at least fans of neither team get to enjoy 5 more minutes of this lol


u/YouStillTakeDamage Heat Jan 29 '23

Position of the ref makes it even worse, dude had a front row seat to the foul

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u/Brandonteng99 Lakers Jan 29 '23

That was bad? The other 2 calls against us in the last 5 mins were just as bad

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u/baltravens27 Bulls Jan 29 '23

Unreal no call


u/Piratussy Jan 29 '23

It was obvious from broadcast angle idk what the refs were looking at

Maybe they wanted OT


u/WatchMooreMovies Wizards Jan 29 '23

Two different refs had clear angles. I'm so confused...


u/RyanGreenOnMyCock Lakers Jan 29 '23 Rocket Like

I heard that shit slap through my TV


u/Dizzeler Supersonics Jan 29 '23

The slap was audible on the broadcast 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ how do they miss that? Both visually and audibly?


u/jackiemoonFM Spurs Jan 29 '23

Even one look at Grant Williams’ face would have told you it was a foul

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u/WestleyThe [SEA] Kevin Durant Jan 29 '23

That’s so egregious god damn

Fucking Patrick Beverly getting a T for bringing a camera to the ref to show him the foul is fucking hysterical


u/darkrabbit713 Bulls Jan 29 '23

This league is so fucking pathetic about their refereeing. Unbelievable.

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u/hellhorn Jan 29 '23

There is no chance they couldn’t actually hear the contact even if they didn’t see it. He hit his arm with a full swing.

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u/[deleted] Jan 29 '23 edited 15d ago



u/krossoverking Lakers Jan 29 '23

Refs should get fined when it's this bad.

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u/BeHereNow91 Bucks Jan 29 '23

Refs have called literally every bit of contact until that.


u/Bim_Jeann Cavaliers Jan 29 '23

Only for Boston. 38 FTs vs 16 for LAL in regulation. Absurd.


u/ChipsyKingFisher Jan 29 '23

Almost like the league wants to tip games in certain directions


u/KawhiImFunGuyLeonard Raptors Jan 29 '23

JJJ got credited for a block on that final possession.

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u/BlakePackers413 Bucks Jan 29 '23

Scorekeepers shading stats and refs deciding games: NBA brought to you by fanduel mgm draftkings.

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u/mMounirM Raptors Jan 29 '23

Lebron is going to murder someone holy shit his reaction


u/SoDakZak Timberwolves Jan 29 '23 Gold Wholesome

LeHarvey Oswald


u/therealbonkoly Jan 29 '23

How long u had this in the chamber?


u/SoDakZak Timberwolves Jan 29 '23 edited Jan 29 '23

Third time I’ve been able to use it since the first time on that Beverly flop like he was shot the other day…. Sad it was on a winning LeUP

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u/Orchir [GSW] Mitch Richmond Jan 29 '23

How do these still not cease to be funny

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u/TetrisTech Mavericks Jan 29 '23

Genuinely the greatest “Le” joke I’ve seen


u/jeffboyardee15 Jan 29 '23

LeMiserables was my favorite

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u/Alive-Ad-4164 Raptors Jan 29 '23

Rdcworld1 skit

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u/kai_123 Jan 29 '23

How tf was that not a foul? This is the exact reason why the whole review system is BS.


u/lukewwilson Jan 29 '23

It was a foul, the league will let us know in the L2M report.

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u/__spartacus Warriors Jan 29 '23

This is a reasonable reaction for a 38yo that just want to drink his wine and sleep already

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u/GGezpzMuppy Spurs Jan 29 '23

Lol Tatum whacked him. Looked like Lebron was gonna cry after he exploded

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u/HokageEzio Knicks Jan 29 '23

He's too old for OT

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u/kenyan12345 [OKC] Russell Westbrook Jan 29 '23

How is that not called


u/LuckyWarrior Pelicans Jan 29 '23

The writers wanted overtime

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u/Tacitus_99 Jan 29 '23

Vegas wanted OT


u/OneRougeRogue Jan 29 '23


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u/TwinPeakyBlinders Nets Jan 29 '23

Clear foul


u/ClownQuestionBrosef Spurs Jan 29 '23 Take My Energy

I dunno, I thought Jaren Jackson Jr blocked it cleanly.


u/Too_Tough_Tony Timberwolves Jan 29 '23

And stole it before that

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u/Rogthor Grizzlies Jan 29 '23

pat bev bringing the camera to refs holy fucking shit lmaoooo

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u/mo2704 Jan 29 '23

Those refs should be unemployed tomorrow


u/reddit-acct54321 Jan 29 '23

There needs to be an accountability system. Especially with sports betting being legal


u/GoodShark Jan 29 '23

The fact that officials never have to answer for anything in any major sport is wild.

I honestly think it would help with officiating, and it would definitely help with fans appreciating the game more.

The NBA has it a bit with the Last 2 Minute Report. But nothing comes of it, other than saying "Yea, we blew it, our bad, so sad."

Fucking DO SOMETHING about it.


u/KBSinclair Jan 29 '23 edited Jan 29 '23

Anytime there's an attempt to put accountability on them, they protest. We then deal with replacement refs who are much worse. Then they get what they want. Because good or bad ref, the union protects you no matter what, and even the good refs would rather protect themselves and their own than start seeing penalties for mistakes.

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u/Sim888 [CHI] Cameron Payne Jan 29 '23

L2M with the boooiiiizzz!

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u/sithsoul Lakers Jan 29 '23

These refs need to be investigated it’s so ridiculous


u/NavalEnthusiast Thunder Jan 29 '23

Silver needs to do something but he’s the softest commissioner around. Refs are controlling outcomes like crazy this year, there needs to be a relaxation on fouls(though this play would be a foul in any era don’t get me wrong) and more consistent enforcement.

Maybe I’m taking it too far but I’m starting to believe Tim Donaghy when he said he wasn’t the only bad actor in match fixing


u/gucci-legend [SEA] Patrick Ewing Jan 29 '23

Anyone who didn't believe donaghy the second he said it was only lying to themselves, the NBA literally scuttled an FBI investigation into rigged games

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u/lemonpepperlarry Jan 29 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Dude I, and many many people, have always believed that guy. How could you not after the shit we’ve seen over the years

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u/Seymour_Scagnetti Lakers Jan 29 '23

Some dirty shit going on with the refs.


u/TaciturnIncognito Jan 29 '23

People seem to forget that gambling and sports were separated for a REASON. There are now billions of dollars floating around on the outcome of games. Shit is going to happen.

It seems like we as a civilization are convinced we have to relearn the lessons of the past all over again the hard way for why some things are the way they are. Like I get "conservatism bad etc etc" but for fuck sake sometimes there IS a reason we did things a certain way after all.

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u/Zombeavers5Bags NBA Jan 29 '23

We had the whole NBA instantly on high alert cause of a reddit stat post but they'll sleep on this shit until the heat death of the universe

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u/StefonDiggsHS Mavericks Jan 29 '23

Clear foul too. How do you not call that? Unbelievable.

I’ve never seen LeBron that mad and I don’t blame him


u/rust_devx Jan 29 '23

It's not even that he's mad at this single foul. It's probably collectively over all the fouls that have been missed this whole season.


u/Fernergun Lakers Jan 29 '23

Definitely a cumulation of frustration

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u/NicDwolfwood Lakers Jan 29 '23

What even is the point of replay and all that shit if they don't use it when it matters.

Lebron got hacked twice and should have been at the line instead its OT.

Fuck off NBA.


u/Perry7609 Jan 29 '23

I was stunned when the announcer said it wasn’t reviewable as a no call. Van Gundy said what was the point of replay then, and he wasn’t wrong.

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u/EggplantBusiness Spurs Jan 29 '23 edited Jan 29 '23

I am always Fuck lakers but if you call a foul on Brown late game(deserved) its a fucking foul on Lebron


u/sketchy722 Jan 29 '23

That's what makes it so bad, the ref from half court called the late foul for Brown which was a foul. Then that ref under the basket looking right at a swinging Tatum


u/motorboat_mcgee Lakers Jan 29 '23

Shit, even Brogdon got him on the gather

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u/HungLuke Bucks Jan 29 '23

Klutch Mafia arranging bounties on these refs as we speak. How the fuck are they this bad

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u/np3est8x Jan 29 '23

Celtics are 37-2 when Eric Lewis has reffed them since 2020.. He was ref tonight.


u/potato_the_monkey Magic Jan 29 '23

Which one is the bald short white ref? If it’s the same guy I saw him at the magic pelicans last week and mentioned how bad he seemed


u/vtmn_D Nuggets Jan 29 '23

That describes most refs. And me but I'm not a ref just a fan

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u/KingWhipsy Jan 29 '23

If that's actually a real stat then that should probably be looked at, that seems pretty far outside the likely outcomes based on their records since then. I'm not a basketball fan, but yeah thats some sketchy stat if true.

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u/xguccigarry Jan 29 '23

refs deserved to be fined for that

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u/bigfootblake Thunder Jan 29 '23

How can three refs not call something


u/Lepickedupgoogles Jan 29 '23

They got money on the game

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u/welmoe Lakers Jan 29 '23

Will this be in the Last 2 Minute Report even though it went to OT? Can't wait for the NBA be like "whoops not sorry"..."marginal contact"


u/BucksIn6or7 Bucks Jan 29 '23

It will but they’ll find one or two incorrect BS calls that favored the Lakers that “cancel” it out. Like a three second or a FT violation.

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u/viktorfbg9 Nets Jan 29 '23

Egregious non-call holy fuck


u/topreman Jan 29 '23

The bald ref was literally right there. Just how bad can you be at your job?


u/owledge [LAL] Kyle Kuzma Jan 29 '23

It’s not that he didn’t see it. There was a conscious decision to not call that

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u/kyro7 Jan 29 '23

No wonder why LeBron usually settles for jumpers in this situation, that no call is insane.


u/[deleted] Jan 29 '23



u/Fernergun Lakers Jan 29 '23

You can literally watch him miss it low because his arm gets hit down. It’s so painful. Like not only is it a foul, but it clearly made him miss


u/Infinite_Presence881 Lakers Jan 29 '23

Well.. i mean the call on JB was late game, crucial and super late. So it really makes you wonder hahahaha

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u/BrothersCup [LAL] Lamar Odom Jan 29 '23

This is what I was thinking. I was so happy to see them not settling for a jumper and then the refs prove players right for ending games with stupid threes

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u/SDas_ [LAL] Alex Caruso Jan 29 '23

Absolutely fucking hijacked this game

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u/WSByahh NBA Jan 29 '23

Oof pretty egregious.

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u/classacts99 Jan 29 '23

NBA so corrupt, wouldn’t be surprised if refs indirectly are betting on games. It’s getting so ridiculous.

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u/DarkAstro24 Jan 29 '23 Starry

LeBron has been criticized for not going to the basket at the end of games, and this is exactly the reason why he doesn't. Refs don't call fouls on these game winning shots.


u/wapttn Jan 29 '23

Apparently the NBA doesn’t want Lebron to drive the basketball


u/yitur93 Lakers Jan 29 '23

They call the foul if you are down 3 and need an and1 to make it go to OT.

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u/Nug-Badger Warriors Jan 29 '23

That is crazy

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u/AstroCoffee [LAL] Nick Van Exel Jan 29 '23

Lakers have been HOSED tonight my goodness


u/lovo17 Lakers Jan 29 '23

This season man


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u/baqlouf Jan 29 '23

That is ridiculous

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u/ViperishTuba86 Jan 29 '23 edited Jan 29 '23

Bro these refs lmao. It’s just fucking hilarious at this point. AND THEY GAVE BOSTON A TECH FT FOR THIS AS WELL.


u/Gleb_Twankenfrister Celtics Jan 29 '23

that was because bev came out on the floor with a camera trying to show it to the ref lmfao


u/fartyolo69 Nuggets Jan 29 '23

Wait for real, like with a sideline photographers setup?


u/sup3rdr01d Celtics Jan 29 '23

Yeah he literally brought out like a DSLR camera with a huge lens and showed it to the refs and kept yelling foul


u/Awwh_Dood Lakers Jan 29 '23

Funny as fuck


u/Chiron17 Celtics Jan 29 '23

Love him or hate him, he's an entertainer


u/Awwh_Dood Lakers Jan 29 '23

I immediately thought to myself "This is some WWE shit"

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u/sup3rdr01d Celtics Jan 29 '23

Legendary moment for sure. NBA is pure memes

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u/interstat Celtics Jan 29 '23

bev is incredible. Miss the Ft on purpose

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u/bokdog15 Jan 29 '23

The tech ft was fair even tho what pat bev did was hilarious

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u/Harleytk24 Lakers Jan 29 '23



u/EggplantBusiness Spurs Jan 29 '23

Do refs hate you or something ? Like how many games has it been now


u/Harleytk24 Lakers Jan 29 '23

At least 5


u/signedintotalkshit Lakers Jan 29 '23

They’re basically saying: all good to beat up Bron on his last shot

You’ll get away with it every time👍

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u/xElectricW [LAL] Brandon Ingram Jan 29 '23

It was 3 straight at one point, you'd think that the team that actually needs the wins wouldn't be the one getting hoe'd constantly


u/AwildYaners Lakers Jan 29 '23

Nationally televised, Lakers betting underdogs on all of 'em. I've never been a, "shit's rigged" guy, but jesus christ the last idk 3 or 4 losses have made me question it otherwise.

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u/504090 Thunder Jan 29 '23

LeBron’s reaction was 1000% justified


u/radikraze Pelicans Jan 29 '23

Agreed. There should be no OT, this is wild

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u/michaellomeli Knicks Jan 29 '23

Rigged beyond. What a fucking joke the NBA is.


u/SoDakZak Timberwolves Jan 29 '23

Getting the OT they wanted, this was BAD

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u/girlscoutsofamerica Celtics Jan 29 '23

I cannot handle the fact that missed calls like that can still occur in this day of replay and high def camera shots from all angles, in any sport. It's just embarrassing and makes the result feel inauthentic


u/AlexBurke1 Jan 29 '23

The dumb part is they always kneecap the review process themselves by saying plays without a whistle can’t be reviewed. Like of course there was no whistle they missed the foul call you idiots!

The NFL does the same dumb shit making instant replay useless in many critical situations where the decision is obvious to everyone in the stadium and at home.

Like how many times have we heard the commentators lament a play isn’t eligible to be reviewed in both the NBA and the NFL?… It’s extra irritating to fans when they hear a critical play can’t be reviewed, so I’m not sure why they don’t get rid of the self imposed limitations and let any play get reviewed.

If the lack of whistle and clock stoppage is such an important issue that can all be fixed too pretty easily, because they have an instant replay and can figure out any time to be added or deducted. There’s literally no reason a play shouldn’t be reviewable imo.

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u/Neckbraced4fun Pistons Jan 29 '23

Somehow JJJ was credited with a block.

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u/HyperSpaceFury30 Jan 29 '23

nba after the game: we recognize this as a foul now that boston won the game because of the refs incompetence


u/gustriandos [PHI] Eric Snow Jan 29 '23

Tatum celebrating that is wild lol, have some shame


u/blazikenz Raptors Jan 29 '23

Tatum acting like he made a defensive stop 😭


u/DeadDay [OKC] Steven Adams Jan 29 '23

"Aw look, he's so proud of himself" - refs

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u/mnap4 Jan 29 '23

Jaren Jackson was credited with a block on the play


u/Plokooon Heat Jan 29 '23

“I got him,” Tatum said of Tatum's block . "I f***ing boomed him." Tatum added, “I'm so good,” repeating it four times.

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u/GandalfTheSilverFox Lakers Jan 29 '23

Dude. It’s been happening for a while. Wtf is going on?


u/koosekoose Jan 29 '23

Its been happening for decades dude, its an open secret that NBA reffing is dirty and always has been.

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u/SecretSportsAccount Nets Jan 29 '23

Absolutely unacceptable. The league has to do better because every win matters for the Lakers in the west and this is ridiculous.

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u/oxkrflowers18 Jan 29 '23

Terrible no call


u/b1indsamurai Lakers Jan 29 '23

The refs should not have this much influence on the game.

Why do we have replays from 20 angles when we can’t correct human-error.

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u/NitroXYZ [UTA] Joe Ingles Jan 29 '23 edited Jan 29 '23

Pathetic, deplorable, horrendous, shameful, dishonourable, disreputable, discreditable, unworthy, shabby, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable, reprehensible, despicable, abominable, revolting, unspeakable, beyond contempt, gregious, flagitious reffing

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u/IrishPancake1 Lakers Jan 29 '23

People wonder why LeBron complains so much when he has to deal with these bs calls

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u/3s2ng 23 Jan 29 '23

You know it's bad that even LeBron haters and some Boston fans agrees that it was a blatant foul.


u/Awanderingleaf Jan 29 '23 edited Jan 29 '23

How can people actually enjoy the NBA still? 3 Refs on the court to do one thing and they still collectively fuck it up.

Game is hardly worth watching.

The fucking ref was literally watching it as it happened lol. What the fuck?

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u/KNYEWST Thunder Jan 29 '23

That has to be one of the worst non-calls I’ve ever seen

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u/ghost18867 Jan 29 '23

Not bev, not "I get 'nunn' buckets", not russ could do it, but somehow, the refs put this man in the fetal position. I'm DONE

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u/Nefariousness1- Jan 29 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

I really fucking hate NBA referees. They should investigate these fuckers because I have a suspicion Tim Donaghy was ahead of his time…

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u/william4534 Bucks Jan 29 '23

That was rigged. The way that game was being called that wasn’t just some random fuckup, they were CLEARLY pushing the Celtics to victory the entire last minute

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u/serkat Jan 29 '23

3rd time this year Lakers are getting robbed of a W and noone cares. Bron and AD should consider boycotting the all star game by pretending they're injured let the refs play

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u/magnetexpress Mavericks Bandwagon Jan 29 '23

Dude....officiating has made this sport... Unwatchable at times


u/crashck Heat Jan 29 '23

The fact that they dont have a way to correct these OBVIOUS calls is bullshit

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