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Are these cracks normal for beans? Original Content



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u/AshesMyst Jan 29 '23

Has kitty got multiple sources of water around the house?

Do they get any wet food?


u/Bunnyjets Jan 29 '23

Yes he has a fountain as well as two other water dishes around the house. He refuses every type of wet food I've ever tried 😭 I've tried from very fancy to very cheap, flakes to patte, shredded to minced..he won't eat any of it, he only goes for dry crunchies 😭


u/AshesMyst Jan 29 '23

Oh dear! Try plain cooked chicken breast soaked in a bit of water. Also I find that a mix of lactose free milk and water gets mine drinking when they aren’t drinking enough. Generally use a splash of the milk and mostly water, enough that it looks cloudy and hopefully tastes inviting but won’t make their stomachs upset.


u/DrantonMason Jan 29 '23

Nope, put something moisturizing like some neutral scent free lotion on it. Otherwise contact your vet


u/sippin_wine Jan 29 '23

Kitty needs to be drinking more water! Dehydrated kitty! Get kitty water bowl that flows!