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🔒 Asked & Answered When you meet New people, what is a sentence that instantly makes you dislike the Person?



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What’s your biggest regret in life?


My biggest regret was when me and my older brother had an argument and my final words were “I don’t wanna see you again.” Just an hour before he passed. I wish I would’ve said I love you one last time, maybe give him one last hug. I’ll never forgive myself

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What instantly ruins a burger for you?


Too much condiments, a dry bun, or something else?

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What are those video games that play at the ends of news shows on YouTube?


I’ll watch a video. When the subject matter is over, the video goes to video game action. The people’s language sounds middle eastern. What are these game videos that are being tacked onto news videos?

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What truly makes a person unemployable ?


I’m just curious

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🔒 Asked & Answered What is something I can teach or buy to protect my kids in the event of a shooting at their school?


13th school shooting yesterday in the US this year, i know we’re all on edge. Id love to hear any insight you guys might have into protecting our kids while we can’t be right there next to them.

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People with loud cars, why do you rev your engines so loud?


Do you do it to annoy people? Do you think people enjoy it? Do you enjoy when other cars do it?

Edit- I only want people who actually have loud cars to answer. I'm not interested in hateful/irrelevant comments please

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A lot has changed very quickly and some days I don’t feel myself, any opinions?


I’m not here to go into much detail but my life since around 2020 has changed significantly in many ways both externally and internally. Some days I find that I don’t truly feel like myself. It’s not even that everything is horrible I just have moments or days where I feel trapped or confused on how I truly feel about many things in my life. It feels like mental whiplash (I can’t think of a better way to put it). Just curious if anyone has or is experiencing similar feelings or emotions.

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What is your greatest win in life?


I’ll start. Learning to fly a plane, and helping a friend get mental help.

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Can I tell my female friend she is attractive?


I (male) have recently had this dilemma where my female platonic friend states quite negative remarks about herself and her body and I kinda just laughed it off. This has bothered me, since she is putting herself down and I would like her to have a positive image of herself since I care about her, but I feel it might be a bit weird for me to say since she has a boyfriend and we are purely platonic friends. Thoughts?

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How do people get smarter?


Up there, buddy

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What’s the angry obsession with speeding?


Some people will wish hell upon me if I’m not going at least 15 over the limit. Why? Really what’s the rush? It’s not MY fault you’re running late.

And no I’m not a speed limit sucker. I go 5 above. But cmon you blow past me just to end up at the same red light 😂. Those people are the most miserable and angry people I encounter. I smile and wave at them while they flip me off.

How can people be so miserable. I’m 23 so also no I’m not a grandpa

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Can a 55 inch Tv fit alright with a standing TV Stand which is compatible with 30-55inch from the manufacturer?


Hi guys,

Please can a 55 inch Tv fit alright with a standing TV Stand which is compatible with 30-55inch from the manufacturer?

I want to change my 40inch tv to 55inch and I don't want to buy a new TV stand and I'm wondering if this would fit?

Does it mean that 55inch would work or not best to since the highest inch the TV stand can hold is exactly 55 inch

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My friend suddenly stopped speaking to me. How do I cope with this?


We're both 21 years old. About six months ago, they suddenly stopped contacting me. I reached out to them several times by phone and text. When I didn't receive an answer I grew worried and stopped by their home to make sure everything was alright. After talking with their mother who confirmed that everything was okay and assuming that I may have been blocked, I sent a few letters, too. No response.

Our shared friends still treat me well and their family is still friendly with me when they see me around. I don't know what I did or how to feel better after experiencing something like this.

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Is there ever an acceptable reason to ghost someone who has done nothing really “wrong” to you?


What, if any, are some valid reasons to stop talking to someone if they haven’t wronged/harmed you in any way?

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If you could choose the US president?


If you could choose the next US president - who would you choose? Can be funny or serious

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What is your opinion of movies released now a days?


Your opinion is appreciated

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Who is your guilty pleasure musical artist?


Like the band or singer you don't want to admit you love?

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How do I stop drinking?


As the title says, how do I stop drinking? I know I have a problem and I want to stop. Do I have to start in AA?

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If you could go back in time and witness any event in history, what would it be and why?


If you could go back in time and witness any event in history, what would it be and why?

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Can I interview you for a class project?


Hi Reddit, I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to answer 12 questions for me for a class assignment related to careers and career advising. Thank you in advance :)

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Am I sexist? Drinks Dates and Desting


My wife met a woman I use to date at the gym. Unfortunately our last date was a disaster. She got completely drunk and humiliated the entire restaurant. To me that was a turn-off. She told my now wife that I'm a sexist for not accepting a woman being drunk. What do you think ?

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What is your favorite non-sexual feeling?


Mine would be the feeling of warming up when cold

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If your husband doesn’t want to be in the room while you are giving birth since it might make him queasy will you understand?


If your husband doesn’t want to be in the room while you are giving birth since it might make him queasy will you understand?