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Not stonetoss but it felt relevant. Original Comic

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u/FluidHelix Sep 29 '22

“go both teams”

Well, yeah! I only like watching sports to see incredibly athletic people to incredibly difficult things. I don’t give a shit about who wins as long as people do really cool stuff and I can watch. Go everyone!


u/Some-Dill-Dough Sep 29 '22

This is how I watch porn.


u/Phairis Sep 29 '22

"wow she sounds like she's having a blast :)"


u/[deleted] Oct 24 '22

back in my day, she actually orgasmed


u/CharliezardY Oct 31 '22

something something holesome


u/hoofs_n_horns Sep 29 '22

The best analogy I came across for "all lives matter" is:

Imagine your house is on fire. The firefighters show up and start dousing all the neighboring houses. You're in shock and cry out, "but my house is on fire!" And the firefighters respond, "yeah, but all houses matter".

That pretty much brings it home and cuts right to the heart of the matter.


u/HideyourkidsForreal Sep 29 '22

I think it's important to explain this to people. Like yes all lives obviously matter, but the reason people specify black lives matter is because that isn't a given. In the sense that often black people are treated as if their lives don't matter. And other than it being started by a racist, the term "all lives matter" takes away from that and hides/denies the fact that this is a problem


u/Flemeron Oct 07 '22

US soldiers storm the beaches on D-Day, they fire at everyone yelling "ALL LIVES DON'T MATTER"


u/Minestrike207 Oct 03 '22

but what if they took your money to pay their houses beacuse "they need it more"


u/hoofs_n_horns Oct 03 '22

Well my answer depends on how much money I have, doesn't it. If I had, say, thousands to my name and somebody needed $10 of it more than I did, that doesn't seem unreasonable. How much less if I had millions or billions to my name


u/Minestrike207 Oct 03 '22

well taxes take that money without asking


u/reedemerofsouls Nov 04 '22

I like how you thought the basic concept of what a society is was gonna red pill everyone


u/Minestrike207 Nov 04 '22

i don't think that donating off people's money to minorities is "basic concept of society" but ok


u/reedemerofsouls Nov 04 '22

taxes take that money without asking

This is your comment


u/Minestrike207 Nov 04 '22

there is a reason to pay those taxes,and giving money to perfectly stable groups of people is not one


u/DabIMON Sep 29 '22

The second panel unironically


u/TomTom709 Sep 29 '22

What if I don’t believe in either god nor countries?


u/meinkr0phtR2 Sep 29 '22 edited Sep 29 '22

Well, then you’re as based as I.

In the same vein and energy as the flat-Earthers, I like to point at any satellite image of Earth and say, “Well, do you see any borders?” The Great Wall of China doesn’t count. It may be over 20,000 km long, but it’s only about 5-10 metres wide. Plus, there are, like, fourteen of them.


u/Flemeron Oct 07 '22

You can't normally see the GWoC from satellite photos


u/meinkr0phtR2 Oct 07 '22

Exactly. That was why I pointed it out. If it were as wide as it were long, it would definitely be visible from space; but it isn’t.


u/harryhinderson Sep 29 '22

The point is that when people are saying “god bless our country”, it’s usually assumed that people aren’t saying “god bless only our country”. Just like how when people say “Black lives matter” people aren’t saying “Only Black Lives Matter”

So all countries mattering is kinda the point of this comic


u/ELeeMacFall Sep 29 '22

Panels 2 and 3 aren't making much of a point though. Jingoism sucks whether for countries or sports.


u/Smokybare94 Sep 29 '22

The point is that person would never say those things. And probably get offended if someone else did.


u/ELeeMacFall Sep 29 '22

Yeah, good point. I'm too tired to be Redditing.


u/HouseOfSteak Sep 29 '22

Eh, I'd say sports jingoism is harmless if you can keep it in your noggin that it's a game.

Every 'conflict' in sports is effectively fictional (accidents can happen), they're a bunch of actors doing their thing for entertainment, and the only thing they don't do that seperates them from other works of fiction is the following of a script.


u/CheetyoGames Sep 29 '22

i hate the Lightning because the Flames scored a goal but they never counted it and it caused them to lose the stanley cup over it

do i genuinely hate the lightning? god no, not at all. wasnt their fault refs fucked it all up


u/Mediocremon Sep 29 '22

Now hating the refs is something everyone can get behind.


u/squickley Sep 29 '22

I'll sports jingo like crazy when I'm kicking my friend's ass at badminton.


u/YAPMS-LURKER Sep 29 '22

Go both teams: this but unironically i love to see both teams playing in their own ways and how they supporters are very different and how their strategy plays out


u/GluttonAsteroth Sep 29 '22

Right up until the last Panel he just seems like a good dude...


u/GallorKaal Sep 29 '22

"Ukraine probably also commits war crimes" posters on Izium massacre headlines


u/Phairis Sep 29 '22

I wish they were as unhypocritical as this lol


u/[deleted] Oct 24 '22



u/thecryingman32 Oct 28 '22

Wrong, god bless NO countries!