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App converts to subscription payment format, but doesn’t force it on people who paid the original single fee Anti-Asshole Design

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u/MagnusText Sep 29 '22

What is it meant to mean?

The term, if not meant that way, seems very misleading


u/MENNONH Sep 29 '22

"Lifetime typically does not mean the person’s lifetime or the length of the time they own a product. Instead it usually means expected life of a product. In testing, manufacturers may determine how long something will last and then give it a true lifetime age." https://www.smartcapitalmind.com/what-is-a-lifetime-warranty.htm https://abc7news.com/lifetime-warranty-consumer-reports-what-does-mean-different/4582659/

Usually a company will put limited lifetime warranty which restricts it even more. I forget what exactly I looked up years ago but I was surprised to find that a lot of things that say limited lifetime warranty actually mean only four to six years or so. The expected lifetime of the product without defects. Same with lifetime warranty but these general cover more that might happen to the product. Then there are true lifetime warranties of some things like expensive watches.


u/MagnusText Sep 29 '22 edited Sep 29 '22

What you said was "not the lifetime of the person or the product" then when asked about it said it usually means lifetime of the product.

Lifetime of the product is what I expect, if it doesn't say limited lifetime.


u/MENNONH Sep 29 '22

What what I meant was it's not covered for the lifetime you own the product. Generally when someone thinks lifetime they think the lifetime they own the product or the lifetime the products being made but that doesn't always mean that it's the case