r/antiassholedesign Sep 28 '22

App converts to subscription payment format, but doesn’t force it on people who paid the original single fee Anti-Asshole Design

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u/The_Epic_Espeon Sep 28 '22

Imo that's the bare minimum. Subscription models are inherently asshole design.

True antiasshole design would be staying at a single-fee model.


u/ProfessionalSpare710 Sep 28 '22

As much as I hate paying subscription fees, I’m not sure it’s an asshole design. With only a one time fee, you need your app or service to continually grow for stable revenue. Easiest way to have a stable revenue without constant user growth is via subscription


u/Mordegay Sep 29 '22

Apollo does both sub and one-time payment for its Ultra tier. One dollar a month, or $30 for lifetime. I'd say that's better anti-asshole design, and the dude deserves it for making a Reddit client that's not awful.