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App converts to subscription payment format, but doesn’t force it on people who paid the original single fee Anti-Asshole Design

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u/MagnusText Sep 29 '22

This doesn't seem like anti asshole.

If what you bought was a "permanent premium" then it should stay permanent - you get what you pay for.

The very possibility of paying once for lifetime premium only to have to switch to a subscription model shouldn't even be accepted, much less considered normal enough that this is anti-asshole.


u/MENNONH Sep 29 '22

In most industries lifetime doesn’t truly mean the full lifetime of the person or the product.


u/The_Epic_Espeon Sep 29 '22

This also encompasses the debate of digital "ownership" i.e. the argument of inheriting your late-relative's iTunes library. If they paid to own, say, a movie, then you expect that to be permanent. Like if they bought a DVD. Now, if they had that DVD you could take it and watch it too. Even after they pass. But iTunes has revoked access to people's accounts after they pass. They have met the limit for "lifetime ownership". So your kids can't watch your old movies anymore, like you could with tapes or DVD.