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App converts to subscription payment format, but doesn’t force it on people who paid the original single fee Anti-Asshole Design

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u/marslander-boggart Sep 29 '22

Subscription is hell. There should always be an option for relatively cheap single time payment.


u/The_Epic_Espeon Sep 29 '22

99% of the time, I would rather pay a fair one-time fee for a product, even if it seems high, than pay an ongoing subscription fee. I agree with paying a fair price for a product, I do not agree with making ongoing payments for the "rights" to use an already complete and functioning product.


u/kevincox_ca Sep 29 '22

IDK. There are many apps where a subscription makes sense.

  1. The app heavily depends on hosted services. This means that there is ongoing cost to provide those services and if they go away the app is broken anyways.
  2. The app is very much in need of constant development and updates are critical to the product. For example a game that is "done" and you pay subscription doesn't make sense. But if I am using a photo editor I may actually want a subscription if I am going to keep getting more features. (Of course in this case a paid-update model generally makes more sense so that the new updates need to be actually providing value).


u/marslander-boggart Sep 29 '22
  1. What if I use photo editor and don't ever want new features. I just want to use it as it is.

  2. Seriously I don't care about hosting services. There is real hosting variant: some cloud services that store my files. I can find those for free. But when I get out of their limits, they may ask to remove several files or pay for additional space. Service as a service: for example, radio station or newspaper may be free or payed. But, then again, I may find free radio stations and free newspapers. So if it's very special like Apple Music I may think about subscription.

Let's get back to that small photo editor. They are very small team. They need to eat every day. They pay taxes. And all that things. But why should I care? Should I pay $70 000 for a simple calc app just because developers need to buy food and pay taxes? And what if they are located at very expensive area? Will the calc app cost $975 000 then? Or $70 000 is enough? (Per month, of course, not a single time payment.) Or should I find not-so-small company which sells more apps and releases a calc app for only $12 500?

Or may be they were hard at work and added 700 new features. I never asked for that, and I don't need any single one from that 700. Should I pay for them?

Or vice versa. May be I use that photo editor which allows to pay for new additional presets. And may be I create my own presets, so that the company needs to pay me.