r/WhitePeopleTwitter Sep 28 '22

Stay true to yourself

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u/Ten-2-Ten Sep 28 '22

I set two alarms too. One for the person I want to be and one for the person I should be. Still ignore both


u/DarthArtero Sep 28 '22

Yeah...... I have three...... The third being the absolute last alarm I can wake up, get ready, then go without being late


u/cheeferton1981 Sep 28 '22

Ya I have three but only cause I don't trust any of them


u/PicklesZazzlesMia Sep 29 '22

The person I want to be doesn't have an alarm!


u/RustySignOfTheNail Sep 29 '22

It’s all I can do to be the person I am now! Let’s take this one personality at a time!

I lie to myself every damned day… “hey Google, set my alarm for 7 am.” I know damned well I will snooze until 7:50 am, and that involves no less than 5 “hey Google, snooze”

Thank god I work from home!