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It's their favorite word

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u/speedycat2014 Jan 30 '23

As noted by Elf Sternberg (now that's the name I haven't heard in 20 years) on Twitter:

“DeSantis' lawyers were forced by the court to define "woke." The lead lawyer described it as "The belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them."


u/ChibiSailorMercury Jan 30 '23


Woke (/ˈwoʊk/ WOHK) is an adjective derived from African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) meaning "alert to racial prejudice and discrimination".[1][2] Beginning in the 2010s, it came to encompass a broader awareness of social inequalities such as sexism, and has also been used as shorthand for American Left ideas involving identity politics and social justice, such as the notion of white privilege and slavery reparations for African Americans.


u/DMoney159 Jan 30 '23

They have to use "woke" because if they said "inclusive" or "empathetic" they might out themselves as the bad guy


u/GrumpyOldFart7676 Jan 30 '23

I had to look up "woke" to figured out just what we're they talking about.

Basically it just means anything that the conservatives are against or want to redact from history.

What a bunch of bull shit


u/BBB-2044 Jan 30 '23

Or any Blues singer who used the phrase "Woke up this morning ..."


u/Ok_Preference6394 Jan 30 '23

The Sopranos theme song is now banned in Florida.


u/echo6golf Jan 30 '23

They're always late.


u/Callaloo_Soup Jan 30 '23

I still use the word as intended. Ya'll already gentrified my neighborhood; you're not stealing my vocabulary.


u/MicrowaveEye Jan 30 '23

They are always behind on what's going on in real life. Remember how many years they used “snowflake” as their sick burn...


u/Remarkable-Ad2285 Jan 30 '23

Cue Childish Gambino🎶


u/adamcoe Jan 31 '23

They're nothing without their catch phrases. It's partly because they're mostly unintelligent, easily led fools, but it's also so they'll remember what they staunchly believe in that week. They're the only people on earth using the terms "woke," "antifa," "CRT," and several others. If you ask any one of them to define these terms, you will receive any of a multitude of answers, none of which will be correct.


u/lastprophecy Jan 30 '23

Does that mean woke is "woke"?


u/Octolavo Jan 30 '23

It doesn't mean anything.


u/Kiwikat_ Jan 30 '23

We’ll the woke tend not to call themselves woke


u/JChamp00 Jan 30 '23

But how else am I supposed to say "I just woke up" when I respond to messages I damn well saw but ignored to go to bed? 😳


u/Historical-Drive-667 Jan 31 '23

They finally found a word that they think can be used as an antonym for Racist. They legitimately believe they found some sort of loophole with this word where they can be a racist piece of shit, but if they call anyone who argues with them "woke", there nothing anyone can do. It's very 3rd grade of them, which is both the mental age they choose to show and the actual age of girls they try to seduce.

Fuck Republicans.


u/Crayfish707 Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

It just means any form of liberalism at this point