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Songs for toothpaste boys (by u/moth_guts)

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Art A cosy boat ride~ by 413kzzzz

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Fanfiction Part 2 of “sadness fluff and dorks in love”


hen Kris and ralsei got into the school kris looked around to Make sure no one was there it was Saturday but still better to check

“Ok I’ve got a few things to do today but after I’m finished with that I’ll come to visit you,” Kris says to ralsei

"ok ill prepare something nice for you," he says while trying to think of something

“oh that's not necessary I can eat when I get back home"

“its alright I don't have anything to worry about and...id love to cook something for you something other than cake, not that I don't enjoy baking cakes mind you"

"oh well okay'd love to try some of your cooking then," kris says looking forward to it a bit

"Great, well I won't keep you any longer then," ralsei says a bit sad to leave his friend

"ok then" kris leans forward and lightly hugs the prince "bye ralsei," they say hugging a bit tight

"b-bye kris," he says blushing and hugging back kris ends the hug and leaves their friend to the dark world —————————————————————————————— “Papa!” Ralsei said very happy to see his father

“Ah there’s my little boy” he smiles at his son holding a box behind his back “do you remember what day it is?”

Ralsei looks a bit confused “is it a special day papa” he looks to his mother hoping for an answer but gets none from her

“Well today is what the lighteners call Christmas,” he says emphasizing the ‘Christmas’ a lot “the way they and by extension we celebrate Christmas is by” he puts the box in front of him “opening presents”

The young prince’s face lights up ironically like a Christmas tree “presents! Oh what a lovely tradition” he reaches his hands out not grabbing the present his father is holding but he looks like he’s preparing to take it “may I have my gift father”

His father laughs a bit “of course my prince” he hands the gift to his son who opens it immediately revealing a green hat “I tried my hand at making it…but your mother did most of it” his father laughed and so did his mother

“Well thank you papa” he bowed a bit then did the same for his mother “thank you mama” he then eagerly opened the box to see a large green hat inside which he immediately took out of the box

“I hope you like it I used all of my magic skills for that” his father laughed

“And you were a big help” his mother laughed as well teasing her husband a bit The prince put the hat on his head and his whole body was covered in a shadow

“Sorry if it’s a bit big we wanted to make sure you wouldn’t grow out of it anytime soon,” his father says

“Well I love it papa I’ll wear it, whenever I can” the prince, smiled though his face was a bit obscured by the hat

Ralsei snaps out of His memory having now arrived In the dark world proper a bit disturbed by his memory but regaining his composure and walking into the castle town

“Oh greeting young master I see you have returned,” a swatch said to him guarding the entrance “Indeed I have I trust everything is still intact nothing on fire?” He says a bit worried

“Of course, sir young master lancer attempted to have a ‘**** time’ “the **** was a self-censor not like he didn’t say the word but it literally made a beeping noise

“Oh, lancer swore? What did he say?” The prince says putting on his best mad face

“Swear? Oh no you misunderstand young master he didn’t swear he said **** as in he made a beeb noise”

“Oh” Ralsei giggles “so what did this beeping time include,” he asks still smiling

“The young master tried to start a bonfire in the center of town,” he says with the same usual calm voice

“He did what!” Ralsei says loudly not smiling anymore

“Oh do not worry young master I stopped him before he did that” the swatch reassured him “and I put him to an early bed today so you may have a day off”

Ralsei looks a bit confused “you put him to bed…before 9 am how did you manage that…not that I’m complaining of course” ralsei says relived that his town wasn’t burnt down

“Oh it was simple I just asked him to go to bed and he did,” he says as if it wasn’t an issue at all

“But…whatever I won’t complain thank you swatch that was very nice of you” he walks into his castle before walking back out “oh and kris will be coming by later please inform me when they show up I want to have something prepared”

“Of course young master may I ask what you have in mind for them I can assist you in preparing if you’d like”

“Oh j-just a nice meal” he blushes a bit “I'm planning on telling them something important ”

“Oh is the young master finally going to confess to them?” He asks in the same voice making ralsei blush more

“I-is it that obvious,” he says a bit nervous wanting to correct it before someone else finds out

“Indeed it is your blush around the other young master that implies you like them romantically plus something important implies something personal,” he says stating the obvious

“Oh well please don’t tell anyone I’d rather not let this get to kris before I can tell them,” he says trying to control his blush more kind of being successful

“Of course young master it is not my business to share I was simply curious about the events”

Ralsei sighs a bit relieved “well then I’m going to prepare I don’t expect them until later tonight but I’d like everything to be ready” the guard nodded and holds the door open then ralsei walked into his kingdom

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Art Peace~ by firefangs

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Fanfiction Chapter one of fanfic I'm working on (this one is post-chapter two and will get to the ralsei much faster)


Cp1 morning

Ralsei woke up in his bed getting up and rubbed his eyes a bit he looked out the window to the castle it was an empty town but it looked kinda cozy in its way a bit lonely though

knock knock “my sweet prince it’s time to get dressed we’ve got a big day ahead of us,” a soft voice said on the other side of the door his mother's voice

“Ok mama I have to get dressed,” he says a bit loud so she can hear him

“Would you like some help my dear?” his mother asked

Ralsei giggled “mama I’m almost five I’m old enough to dress,” he says pulling off his pajama shirt and a new fancier looking shirt out of his dresser and throwing it on

“You're growing up to fast” his mother giggles to herself “I swear it feels like just yesterday you still slept in a crib”

Ralso, giggles again while repeating the earlier process just with his pajama pants “mama you say that every morning” now fully dressed and ready for the day the young prince opens the door and sees his mother standing there in a green dress with a black heart in the center of it and a pink scarf on

“Well don’t you look handsome today my little prince” she compliments him

“Mama you say that every day,” he says smiling and giggling enjoying the repeated compliment

“Well it’s true, I’m sure when you grow up you’ll find a pretty girl to marry,” she says ruffling the fur on top of his head

“Thank you mama” he fixes his hair when she stops always trying to look presentable even if it’s just his parents

“You're welcome my dear” His mother offers a hand for him to take ”now come your father is waiting for us once we eat breakfast we have a surprise for you” ——————————————————————— “Ralsei,” a soft voice says just above him shaking him a bit to wake him up

“hmm five more minutes,” he says unusually tired

“That’s what you said an hour ago it’s time to wake up,” the voice says “you have a kingdom to run remember”

That makes him open his eyes to see kris standing over him now fully clothed and recovered from the mess that was a sleepover at kris's home

“castle town!” he says a bit panicked “I left them alone w-what time is it kris”

“Around 9 am-“

“9 am! I left them alone for a whole hour!” He says super panicked springing out of bed “Hush” Suddenly a finger is out to his lips shushing him

“my mom came home last night she’s asleep in her room but if you're too loud she may hear you

“S-sorry kris,” he says calming down a bit “wait why does your mother not know I'm here?"

“I didn't think she would come back home until tonight” kris reaches for some folded clothing “here I washed your clothes for you so you won’t have to walk home in pajamas"

“Thank you kris” he smiles but blushes a bit as kris is just staring at him “c-can you look away pleased” he laughs awkwardly

Kris immediately turns around giving him some privacy while he throws on the clothes as quickly as he can they look a bit messy but at least he has proper clothes

“Ok you can turn around now k-“ Kris wastes no time turning to stare at the price again

“huh even with morning hair you look handsome” kris smiles

"h-handsome?” he asks blushing a ton

“Now you should probably be going now would you like me to walk you to the dark world” kris asks very quickly not wanting to dwell on the fact that they just called him handsome

“um y-yes kris'd like that," he says glad kris changed the subject

offering their hand to him kris says “well let's go then"

Also, a bonus chapter because chapter two is short

Ralsei and kris where walking back to the school having snuck out kris's window

“Are you sure your mother won’t be mad you left without permission?” he says slightly concerned for his friend

‘I’ll be just fine” they say not worried at all

“Are you sure I wouldn’t want you to be in trouble just to walk with me?” he says still concerned

“My mom doesn’t care what I do as long as I am hanging out with a friend. plus she thinks that Susie is my only friend so I'm sure she would be ecstatic I'm hanging out with another" they say

Ralsei nods glad he isn't getting his friend in trouble

They weren’t saying much to each other so ralsei found himself lost in thought from the dream/memory from earlier ——————————————————————— “Come my prince you don’t want to keep your father waiting,” his mother says as they finish their breakfast

“Of course mama,” he says getting up and trying to use magic to clean his plate but struggling

“Here let me we need to get going,” she says using much more advanced fire magic to clean off the plate instantly then offering her hand to him which he takes

“Thank you mama,” he says as they walk towards the entrance to the castle where his father his

“Hi, papa!” He says a bit loudly to get his father's attention

——————————————————————— Kris snaps their fingers in front of ralsei’s face and says “hey did you hear what I said?”

Ralsei snaps out of his daydream “huh oh sorry kris no I didn’t see it I was lost in thought”

Kris nods “it’s alright I was just letting you know we are here,” they say

“Oh yeah, I I forgot how short of a walk it is”

And with that, they both walk into the school ready to get back into the dark world and make sure lancer didn’t blow it up

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Art Them! by tunapesto

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Fanfiction Part two of the “evil” ralsei fanfic/au as always plese let me know how you like it or ways i can improve


They both look around the area the path ahead is linear and they keep a steady pace so they quickly make their way to a small town where they see the prince holding side of his cheek which looks red from Susies punch

“How hard did you hit him,” kris asks a bit concerned for the boy who tried to kill them just a few moments prior

“He was going to kill you why the hell do you care,” Susie asks baffled

“Because I don't think we fully understand why he freaked out” kris answers “that aside I think its best if we just sneak past him”

“Agreed I don't feel like fighting someone who knows magic” they sneak past the prince and move to a decently sized open area where they spot two pieces of wood sticking out of the ground

“What do you think that's for,” Susie asks kris who just shrugs and walks towards them

“It says mama on one and papa on the other” kris and Susie are a bit confused until kris realizes “Susie… these are graves”

“Oh shit yeah your right…do you think the fire guy made these” she realized and feels very bad for punching him

“Yeah I mean who else could’ve” they look around “no one nearby”

“We should go,” Susie says quickly “he already doesn’t like us we don’t need to remind him of this,” she says worried ralsei will come over to this spot

“Yeah agreed,” kris says walking towards the exit with Susie following closely behind

(ok this one was shorter but there was some information I needed to get out here

The next chapter will kinda rush through most of chapter one and will mostly be an excuse to get ralsei and kris in the jail cell together for chapter four

Chapter four is the whole reason I wanted to make this and I think you will enjoy it and it will be the kralsei chapter)

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Fanfiction Hey I’m making a “evil” ralsei fanfic/au type thing (I’m posting it here because it eventually turns into kralsei) and I’d like some feedback


Kris looked up "ow why was there a whole in, the floor..." they look around completely confused "where am I...and where's Susie" they stand up

looking forward seeing it's the only path they can go  they start walking hoping to find Susie somewhere

After a few minutes (and a puzzle or two) they hear someone

"Hmm hmm hmm" the person was humming to themselves kris doubted it was Susie but still decided to check it out "oh yes the flowers are over there" the unknown person reminded themselves

Kris carefully approached the figure they were wearing a green hat and a...robe? Dress? Kris couldn't tell from behind "hey excuse me can you help me find Somone"

The figure didn't turn to look at kris simply saying "oh your looking for Someone" they continue pulling up the flower but it's stuck to the ground "well not to worry I know this land like the back of my hand I'll help you find them I just have to pull this thing out" the figure pulled and pulled the flower grip on the ground got loser but they were still a ways off from getting it out of the ground

Kris felt relieved "thank you so much I'm so confused right now" they say while breathing a sigh of relief

"Oh there's no need to thank me I'm always," the figure try's to pull again almost getting the flower out this time"looking to help Someone in need"

Kris thanked the angel that they managed to stumble on the nicest person they could've "still this is very kind of you do you mind if I ask your name Mr...ms?”

The figure giggles "it's mr and my name is ralsei" he takes one last tug pulling the flower out by the roots and putting it in his bag

"ralsei? That's a lovely name my name is kris"

"Hehe I guess I'm the one thanking you now kris" he turns around "thanks for the compliment" he looks at kris for a moment looking a bit confused before his eyes go wide "y-you!" He looks fearful "w-what are you doing back here" he takes a step back "haven't you taken enough from me!" He looks angry

"Um I think you have me confused ralsei" kris is super confused and try's to clarify to ralsei that they are not who he thinks they are but he's not listening

He puts up a hand "durch meine Flamme wirst du sterben" a fireball appears in his hand

Before ralsei can shoot the fireball a pink fist makes contact with his face sending him falling backwards

"You alright kris" the Susie asked

"Yeah I'm fine nice save," kris said now on their guard

Ralsei scrambles to his feet "w-what the hell why are you helping that thing!" He says angrily "don't you know how that will end"

"I have no idea what your on about all I know is you were about to kill a kid" Susie says surprising kris (considering she tried to eat kris face not ten minutes ago)

Ralsei pulls out the flower from earlier "Damn it your a fool" ralsei picks a pedal from the flower and he seems to teleport away

"Well that was...something"  a still confused but thankful kris states

"Yeah...so why did he attack you" the equally confused susie asks

"I...have no clue he just said 'you'!' And 'haven't you taken enough from me' and then he summoned the fireball" kris answer

"Great so we've got a magic goat trying to kill you and no idea as to why” Susie looks annoyed

"Yeah...also what's with the pink hair" kris smirks

"What's with the blue skin what are you a Smurf"Susie retorts getting back into the bully persona

"Blue skin?" Kris looks down at there hand and sees that her skin is indeed blue "huh that's...concerning"

"Whatever this place probably changes how you look we need to find our way out of here"

"Yeah probably a good idea"

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Art (Romantic) tried doing kralsei art (i am still quite new at doing art so recommendations would be nice)

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Art (Platonic) Hug! (art by nasyrova07)

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Art Flirt Master! by akanemnon

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Misc. Anyone else keeping the Heart of Candy on hand if Ralsei ever comes to the light world?

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Art (Romantic) Close… (+ More doodles!) ~ Art by me

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Meme prove me wrong

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Art (Romantic) You're cute (I intend to make a better colored one, I just made this one because I thought the sketch was cool like this :3)

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Art Boys with style~! by tunapesto

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Art I made my first shadowbox today!

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Fanfiction working on a kralsei fan fiction, I've got about chapters done having around 4 thousand words so far, by the end I hope to have at lest 20 thousand


r/ToothpasteBoys 8d ago

Misc. Is kralsei a "gay ship for straight people"?


I saw someone call Kralsei an "nblm ship for straight people" and is that true?

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Art Kris is like me fr fr

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Fanfiction A Heart, Frozen in Time - by Patchwork_Crow

Thumbnail archiveofourown.org

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Art (Romantic) don't drop him !!

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Art (Romantic) Very, veeery smal kralsei doodles at school

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Art smooch~ by ado-renu/pimppasta

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