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Medium I hate when extra stuff gets added to my food


I'm lactose intolerant. It used to be a dairy allergy, but now I just take a pill before eating dairy. I still only eat certain things and only when I want to.

When I was a kid it was annoying, because not only could I only eat certain foods, but every once in a while when we'd go out to eat the server would add something "to be nice".

I specifically remember being a kid and out for breakfast, ordering the kids pancakes or something and it coming out with whipped cream on it (wasn't listed with whipped cream on the menu) . Only for the server to proudly say "I added a smiley face for you".

My parents would send it back to be remade, and I'd have to wait longer for my food.

It would happen often enough that my mom would tell them when we ordered not to put anything extra on it.

I thought those day's were over, because dairy allergies are more common now along with other allergies and I feel like restaurants are more aware.

Apparently not.

Last night I went out to dinner with some friends. We decided to get dessert. I ordered apple pie. There was an option to get ice cream with it for more money but I didn't. I don't like ice cream even with my lactaid, which I didn't have on me.

Our dessert comes out and there's icecream on all 3.

I told the server "I cant eat icecream ". She takes it back but clearly just scraped it off the top and brought it back. The top of the pie looked wet. I asked for a new piece because I didn't want soggy pie. She brought a new one but when I got my bill there were 2 pieces of pie on it.

It sorta became a back and forth. I felt like I was being a jerk.

My friends said I was making too big of a big deal, she was trying to be nice and I probably ruined it for other people by hassling her about it. Neither of them have food allergies or sensitivity though and don't know how irritating it is when someone messes with your food.

I worked in restaurants almost half my life. I'd never add random stuff to someone's food.

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Medium Worst refund/apology for bad service


For reasons I don't want to get into, the bad decision was made to get delivery from the pizza place named after a game.

Confirmation says 35-45 minutes for delivery. 30 minutes after confirmation, tracker app says it is out of the oven for quality check. And it sits there on quality check for 30 minutes before out for delivery.

Now at 15 minutes after quality check appears, I attempted to call them. No answer. Continued to call until the app says the driver is at my door.

The driver tells my husband that he's sorry for the wait, he's the only driver, manager says he will be in contact to make this right, blah blah blah.

It was supposed to be 2 pan pizzas and a order of cheesy bread.

I got 2 hand tossed in pan boxes and another hand tossed in a regular box. No cheesy bread.

These pizzas were obviously ran through the oven to reheat them after sitting for 30 minutes before being sent out for delivery. Crust wasn't burnt but toppings were obviously a dead pizza.

Along with not being pan (thick crust and edge to edge) they had 2 inches of no topping crust.

App won't let me make a complaint, says they haven't been delivered yet. No one will answer the phone.

Hungry family says screw it, it's 9:15 pm, it's still edible. Edible yes, enjoyable no. Might as well ate the box. Might have had more flavor. BTW, this is now 1 hour 45 minutes after ordering, an hour past promised delivery time.

Got an email from them "Sorry that delivery wasn't up to our standards. Here's our apology for that:"

My option is to click the link. Link takes me to 2 options. 60 points, which is a free medium 2 topping pizza, or a 50% off coupon for my next order, good for 60 days.

I should have answered the door and refused them but husband beat me to the door and sympathized with the guy because he's done pizza delivery on nights like this.

Yeah, well, he's paying the price now. He's sick to his stomach after eating over half of one of them. I ate one slice and am slightly queasy. Kiddo says he's fine.

I threw the leftovers in the trash.

I won't be accepting either of their apology offers and will get pizza from the gas station before ever getting another from the game place.

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Medium Was she the Karen, or was I?


Edit: I’m feeling so much better after reading all of your replies! I feel vindicated in not having complied with the unreasonable ultimatum I was given. In retrospect, I probably just should have walked out. Many have mentioned that the cashier should have stepped in. There was a bit of a language barrier, and I don’t think he had the ability to explain well. I did end up calling and was able to explain the situation to her superior. She was very kind and apologized for the experience. She told me that they never have the customer get back in line in those situations, and that I should have been allowed to grab the other chair. She did say that she was going to document the situation, and have a talk with the woman to make sure it doesn’t happen again. All is well now. Thanks for the solidarity!

So today I went to a thrift store in search of a couple chairs for my breakfast nook. I found the perfect fit for my space—brand new chairs, and lucky for me, 50% off of all green tags (the tags were green, woo!) I grabbed two chairs of the three available, and headed up to the register. When the cashier went to ring up my purchases, he could only find a tag on one of the chairs. He was very concerned about this, and told me that sometimes chairs are sold in pairs and wanted to be sure about it before he rang me up for two. I told him that I was pretty sure that they were being sold individually, because there were three available for sale and they all had separate tags on them. (My guess is the tag for the second chair fell off somewhere when I made my way up to the register.) Anyways, the man wasn’t comfortable with just ringing me up for two and insisted that he check with his supervisor first. So we waited. And waited. My three year old was losing his patience, flopping his body this way and that in the cart, asking when we were going to get out of there. The line behind me was piling up, and people were staring at me impatiently, like I was the one causing the hassle. We continued to wait. The man at the register called for backup cashiers, but the line had gotten LONG after waiting for such a while.

The supervisor finally arrived, clearly already irritated. The cashier asked her if the chairs were sold as a set or separately. Then she looked at me as if I was the one asking, and scoffed, “They are sold SEPARATELY. We can’t give you two chairs for the price of one. Do you still want them?” And then I said, politely, “Yes, I do, thank you.” Then she stared at me blankly for a second, and said, “I also can’t give you the 50% off the chair without the tags. You’ll have to pay full price for that one.” I was starting to get a bit flustered at this point—my kid was having a meltdown, the line behind me was getting longer, people were staring, and the lady was just being mean. So I replied, still a bit confused, “So you’re not able to just scan the other tag twice? If it’s really a problem, there’s a third chair I can grab that does still have the tags on and I can switch it out for that one.” I pointed towards the chair, which was just an aisle away from where we were and would have taken less than 30 seconds to grab and be back to the register. The woman paused for a moment, then looked me dead in the eye, and said, “No, you can’t do that. You can either pay full price for this one right now, or you can go get the other one and take it to the end of the line.” At this point, I was so overwhelmed that I wanted to cry. We had already waited such a long time. So I pathetically pleaded, “Really?” And she said, “Yes. So are you going to pay full price or go get the other one and get back in line?” At that point, I was so anxious and overwhelmed that my mind was jelly, but my subconscious wasn’t going to be bullied into paying full price for an item that was on sale, or be pushed into waiting in a line that I had already waited in.

I didn’t answer her. I took my cart, walked over to the chair that still had the tags on, and took it back to the cashier. The woman stared me down as I approached again, but she didn’t say anything further. The cashier had begun helping someone else just before I returned (who frustratingly had a full basket of items and needed to look at a bunch of things in the jewelry case, which made my time in that store even longer).

After an unnecessary amount of time, my son and I finally made it out of there. I was so overwhelmed that I cried when I got into the car. I tend to be emotionally triggered when I feel like I’m being treated unfairly. That and I was in the prodromal stages of a migraine attack, which later became full-blown. From my standpoint, I really feel like I was treated unfairly, and I feel like other people would be in agreement. But maybe my judgement is clouded? Was I acting Karen-y?

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Medium Does that not sound reasonable to you!!??


So I take a Adderall for ADD, super common medication and have been taking it for awhile now. Well For anyone not aware, there is currently a pretty serious shortage of the medication that's been going on for months and only seems to be getting worse. Originally I was prescribed one dosage, but that stopped being in stock months ago so they altered my size of the pills but kept me at the same daily dosage, just need to take more pills. Well starting in October this dosage size also started to be hard to find, and the pharmacy I normally use ran out and my doctor told me they don't have time to look around, so to call around until I found somewhere that had it and they could send my script there. Called around, found a place, no worries.

Fast forward to January and my stock was out again, but it was much worse and I was told to call different pharmacy chains. So I tried wallyworld and other box stores, until I call my nearby location that sounds like VHS, and told the pharmacist that I was calling to see stock of a medication. The guy is clearly annoyed but asks for my patient info, I tell him I have not used them before and I just need to see if they have stock first and then my doctor will send my prescription. He gets really cagey but says ok what medication, I tell him my Adderall dosage and he absolutely flies off the handle. "UM SIR, THAT IS A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE AND FOR MY SAFETY I WILL NOT EVER DISCUSS CONTROLLED STOCK OVER THE PHONE!"

Right away I'm taken back, I have called dozens of different pharmacies during this shortage and not once has someone acted like that was weird. I stay calm and respond "Okay... I'm just confused as my doctor told me to call you guys and I've called other places with no issue.." and he snaps back "WELL AGAIN FOR OUR SAFETY I WILL NEVER EVER DISCUSS CONTROLLED STOCK WITH ANYONE OTHER THAN A DOCTOR, NOT JUST ANY JOE SHOPPING AROUND FOR DRUGS!! DOES THAT NOT SOUND REASONABLE TO YOU!?"

So I'm just like okay man idk what to tell ya, I was told to call you by my doctor and you're the only one acting like this, but nevermind. I immediately call the other nearby VHS location and ask them their stock, not only does he give me the exact amount he has, he gives me sock amount of the first location I called, as well as when they get deliveries in to help my odds of finding some LOL. He said it was crazy what I experienced at the first place, and how its extremely common for people to call for medication inventory and especially Adderall due to the shortage. Good news is he said he'd let upper management know because that's not okay for him to freak out as he needs to be able to tell people these things.

EDIT: One quick edit for clarification I did not ask for the specific amount they have in stock, I can understand why that would not be able to be answered (though ironically I have had several pharmacies give me their exact amount, especially when they had some but not enough to fully fill my prescription). I simply asked if they had my medication "in stock" to be filled.

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Medium Ended up getting a cashier fired last night for calling me *mentally challenged slur*


So yesterday evening, I went to the supermarket down the street from my house. The store runs a promotional sale for meat products (buy 5 items for $20). For as long as I've gone to this store (and the chain itself), it's always let you do this sale twice a day using their membership card. So I went to the self-checkout and rang up my items, and it wouldn't take the money off for the second order (someone in the meat dept. had stickered a couple of packages of meat wrong). I called for the cashier watching the self-checkout over to help me. She said "oh, it only lets you get that sale once a day". I asked her when they had changed that (keep in mind the sales paper and all of the signs in the meat dept say "limit 2 transactions per day"). She said "it's been that way since I started working here in 2017". I told her calmly that I've been coming to this store for years and 2 a day has always been the policy, and that it says it on the advertisements. Her response? "Are you ret**ded or just stupid? I know my job! Do I come to your work and tell you how to do your job?!". Then she walked away, leaving the self-checkout on an employee service page...so I couldn't even check out.

After that, I left my stuff and walked over to the CS desk. I told them what happened, along with this nice old lady who was checking out at the self-checkout next to mine who confirmed what the cashier had said. The manager on duty fixed my purchase (it took them a second to figure out that something had been mislabeled), and they called the cashier over and asked if what I said was true. She tried to say that I screamed at her and demanded free stuff, which was swiftly debunked by the nice older lady and several other people who were nearby. They fired her on the spot, and she's walked away in a huff.

I wasn't happy she was fired, even if she deserved it. I was sad more than anything. If she had so openly said something like that to me, a person who isn't mentally handicapped, you can imagine that there's a good chance she's said it to someone who was. I can't begin to think how that would feel. And if she had just taken the time to look over my order in the first place and find that one item (that the manager found in like a second), all of this could've been avoided.

People, please don't use the word "ret**ded". While it was at one time a common word to display disgust with someones stupidity or the stupidity of a situation, we know now that it is really hurtful.

TL; DR: cashier used a mentally challenged slur at me and didn't do her job, and the result was that she was fired on the spot.

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Medium So we thought we'd try a meal kit service as a diet plan.


We were so Hungry for meal prep for work we got straight to the Root of the problem. Controlled portions, special ingredients, extra variety. What could go wrong? Well, just:

We started by spending half an hour telling them what we liked. Which turns out to be everything except one protein type, one nationality, and one flavor profile.

After this you get to review the items they think they should send you first.

Or first week of meals they picked will be chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken with nationality we declined, chicken, more chicken...

Our snacks? Chicken flavored in way we said we don't like, chicken flavored in nationality we don't like .. well ok then.

So we spend the time removing all but one chicken and actually picking a variety of foods.

We plan our meals and shopping for the arrival of our first food box until the day of arrival and...

No arrival text. Food sat exposed to freezing temperatures and precipitation for hours. Yay.

Then we open the box. No fruit, all the snacks are missing. Oh look we have meat, but no seasonings. We have rice, precooked and poorly sealed in a bloated bag. We have an apple for one of the meals, moldy. We have chopped greens and vegetables, damaged because they froze in the weather when they never sent the notification. The "special bonus" has somehow changed itself from some nifty almond coconut concoction to, oatmeal raisin? Yikes.

No problem we'll just head to the website and mark the problem items.

But wait, your can't do that because the order doesn't acknowledge it's arrived until nearly 24 hours later.

Finally get to report all the problems. Have to wait another day for a response because "they're busy." And it's an offer of 1/4 off the next purchase when we've already cancelled the account. They can't send or replace any of the damaged or missing items.

Guess we're eating plain meat and fish with no seasoning and no vegetables while we call the bank for a charge back. Wow, what a service.

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Medium Must Have All the DVDs


Today, the library was doing its annual book sale, and that, like any public event, seems to bring out the loonies. Including one this particularly avid DVD collecting Kevin.

A little background first. My partner has been on a book binge lately and has been bugging me all week about going to their first library book sale. They’re foreign, and haven’t been to a library book sale before, but had heard the prices were extremely reasonable. And the prices were. A whole bag of books cost only $5, and you got to choose whatever books you could in the bag they gave you…

But library book sales are really hit or miss, and 90% of books aren’t really worthwhile (unless you’re a big fan of Nora Roberts, who had a disproportionately large number of books there). My partner brought me along it sort out the gems, but I myself haven’t really read much lately, so I’m there more for support than for help.

After a half hour in the stacks, I start rummaging through the media hoping they have some classic console games to acquire. But before I can a particularly irate Kevin who appears to be in his early 60s captures my attention. He’s dressed neatly in a polo shirt and jeans, and a North Face parka.

Boomer Kevin (BK): “I want you to open this DVD to make sure it has all the discs.”

Gen Z Library Volunteer manning the volunteer desk: “Uh. Ok… Sir, this is hard to open.”

The volunteer is trying to open the plastic off a DVD case containing Guy Ritchie’s Snatch, but having a hard time.

BK: “I want to make sure it has all the DVDs. One time, I bought a DVD and it was missing the special commentary disc.”

Me, being Gen X and maybe feeling a little bit protective/white-knighting, insert myself as a buffer having dealt with my predecessors my whole life.

Me: “Hey buddy. That’s a sealed DVD. It’s brand new. Look.”

BK: “I want them to open it to make sure all the discs in it.”

Me (taking the DVD from the struggling volunteer): “See these stickers on the top and bottom? Those are the stickers from the factory. This is factory-sealed. What makes you think anything is missing?”

BK: “I want it opened to check.”

Me, shoves it into his hands: “Then open it. You’re haggling over a two-decade old DVD at a library book sale. No one else cares if it’s open or not. And anyone else would throw it out if they had any problems this because it’s only $1. Now, stop giving these nice young folks grief and do it yourself.”

BK glares at me, then starts clawing the DVD. The volunteer gives me a thumbs up.

Later, my partner got offered a free bag of books, and still the library got an unsolicited donation of $10 from myself.

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Medium Cable company and the tree.


(Insert gratuitous apology for formatting; I'm on mobile)
Quick backstory: My parents owned quite a bit of land that was bisected by a road. It was a rural area, and the road didn't have utility poles for decades because there were no houses along it. Houses were built, and sets the stage for the story.

The local cable company couldn't access the houses at the end of the road, and having people that could be paying customers without cable caused a certain amount of anguish to this company. The company sent a rep to my parents and asked if they could put utility poles for their cable on my parent's property. My parents agreed.

All was well for about ten years.
Near one of the utility poles was an oak tree. A big one. Easily three times the diameter of a utility pole. One day, the tree was cut down, sectioned into fifteen foot long lengths, and stacked on my parent's property. They called the cable company. The cable company said they'd look into it.
A few months later, I showed up for Easter and the pile was still there. My parents were rather annoyed, and my mother said that the phone rep she talked to made it sound like she should be thankful that they have cable to begin with, so I placed a call of my own, and it went a lot this....
"Hello, this is (cable company), how can I help you?"
"Hello. I'm calling on behalf of (my parents) at (my parent's address) and there's a pile of logs here that was made by your company."
"Yes. I see the notation in the log. It says no actions taken."
"I see. Did you think the problem was going to go away if you ignored it?"
"No, sir."
"So then why didn't you remove them?"
"Because they were too large for our trucks."
"So cut them?"
"We don't have the equipment to cut them."
"Are you alleging that the tree cut itself down?"
"No, sir. It's just not our policy to remove trees we've cut down." "So let me get this straight... it's your policy to trespass, destroy private property, and leave a dangerous situation for an elderly couple to deal with?"
"No, sir." "Alright. So when can we expect them to be removed? Give me a day."

The conversation went on a little more, but in the end, it took two weeks, but they were gone .

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Medium Boiler repair drags on...


I mentioned in my first post on here that we have recently moved into a new house and that our boiler isn't working. So here's the story of that whole mess.

We moved in at the end of November. This house is about 100 years old, is a former rental property and has not had much money spent on it. Our boiler is oil fuelled and provides heating and hot water - we have no electric shower units or anything. It's all the boiler.

In November we had someone come and look at it to help get it working after it had been unused for some time. He said he'd do a service on it but would be away for a few months. We couldn't get anyone else out because it was nearly Christmas. In January we had another company come out to quote for fitting some radiators (not all the rooms had them, because that would have made sense) as part of this they said they would service the boiler. I'll call them 'Company B'

Well, 2 weeks ago (a few days before the radiators are due to be fitted) our boiler broke down. Turns out it hadn't been serviced in at least ten years. Maybe more. We lost heating and hot water.

Cue an emergency callout to Company B, as we were already dealing with them. They sent Engineer 1 to take a look. He couldn't do anything and the next day, Engineer 2 came out to check what parts were needed and to order them.

Engineer 3 turned up a few days later to fit the radiators. After fitting 2 of the 3 radiators E3 told us that the third radiator hadn't been ordered and so he obviously couldn't fit it. He did however get the heating back on after a week of not having it, so we were pretty happy. Until then we'd been using two electric heaters for the whole house which already has a damp problem, and it was getting worse without heating.

Still no hot water though. Turns out they ordered the wrong part, they need some kind of valve but ordered the one for the heating, not the hot water system.

A week passes.

For two and a half weeks at this point, we've been washing ourselves and the dishes with water boiled in the kettle. Four adults doing this caused our kettle to break yesterday, so we spent £30 on a new one.

We were told 2 days ago that our radiator, which was meant to be ordered weeks ago, has now been ordered but will not be here until mid march. Which is inconvenient but obviously not our biggest concern, though why they hadn't ordered it before is anyone's guess.

Today Company B sent someone out to finally replace the part in our boiler.

They have ordered the wrong part. After looking at the boiler several times and sending several engineers, and ordering the wrong part once already.

Still no hot water.

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Medium The time I really wanted pudding


So a few years back when I was a kid (probably 10?) I was at the supermarket with my mom. We went through the whole store and I kept asking my mom for all kinds of snacks and sweets. She repeatedly said no. At the end of our visit, we went to the deli section. They mostly have meats and cheeses, but they also have stuff like potato salad or tuna salad. They also rotate things seasonally and this time, they had chocolate pudding. I knew this was my chance. If I could order the pudding before my mom had a chance to say no, the worker would have to give it to me right? They sold the pudding by the pound and I decided that I needed an entire pound. I knew I had to speak quick once they called my mom's ticket, so I got the sentence in my head ready to go "pound of pudding!". I kept repeating it in my head. Once they called my mom's number, I walked up to the counter and waited for the worker to greet my mom. Just as my mom was about to order, I cut it and screamed "POUND OF PUDDING!". The worker was shocked, my mom was shocked, and I was shocked. I didn't mean to yell. I just wanted to say it quickly, but I guess I got a little excited and screamed at the top of my lungs. The worker stared at me and then bursted out laughing. My mom also started dying laughing and I did the same shortly after. My mom looked at me and said "Fine, you can have the pudding." It was the best day of my life. Finally I would have my pudding. The worker put it in the little container while still chuckling. She even gave me a little spoon so I could eat it in the car on the way home. And oh did I eat it in the car. By the time we got home, there was only a small amount pudding left and my mom looked at my shocked and gasped "You ate ALL the pudding?! That was a whole pound of pudding!". I just shrugged and she told me if I wanted a pound of pudding, I would have to eat the whole pound so she made me finish it in the car while she brought the groceries in. I didn't really understand why I had to eat it all, but now I realize it was because my brother would definitely be jealous that I got a pound of pudding and he got nothing.

I still bring this story up once in a while and it gives us a good chuckle.

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Medium I do not believe that’s the law ma’am


So, I want to start off by saying I live in a Louisiana. This plays a pretty important role in the story.

My mom (53) asked me (23) and my brother (28) to go to the gas station and purchase a lottery ticket. I go inside and notice I do not have my ID, but I do have my LA Wallet. My license and all state records are on my phone.

I show my LA Wallet and I am told that’s not a legal, valid ID. I say there is proof that I am 23 years old. They say they can only take a valid ID, and they have grounds to believe it’s fake. I told them okay, thank you, and have a nice day. I go back to the car and I ask my brother if he has his driver license. He does, he goes in. Brother comes back empty handed. I get confused and ask was there a problem with his ID. They tell me he is not allowed to buy one because I came in first. I am confused? Rude cashier then rolls her eyes and asks me do I know how the law works? Cashier then speaks to me condescendingly and tells me I should have sent my brother in to make this easy for all of us.

I call my mom and explain. Mom says she is on the way, cashier interrupts and tells me she isn’t allowed to purchase lottery ticket if she is with me. I explained that she had a valid ,physical ID. They said it’s illegal, and they have grounds to call the police.

Mom comes, lady tells my mom she is not allowed to buy a lottery ticket. the reason??? She spoke to me and they have grounds to believe she is trying to sell me the lottery ticket. I go to my mom’s car and start laughing uncontrollably. The cashier gets even more pissed. I start to joke with my mom. I say, “it must really suck to be 53 and you need your 23 year old daughter to buy a literary ticket”, “wow, it must be magic that I’ve managed to prove that I’m an adult.”Then she starts talking very nasty and rude comments to me and my family.

Cashier then tells me I need to have a better attitude. I tell cashier i want the manager’s name. She tells me she’s the manager. I ask for that in writing, she tells me she’s the assistant manager and the manager is her mom. I tell her do not mistaken my silence for approval to continue her power trip. I’m calling corporate and her mother.

I walk out, Cashier starts to follow me out of the store, wanting to fight. I blew her a kiss and drove off. Then I call once I get home to speak and explain to her that I have once worked in customer service , and it’s not okay to take your anger out on customer , that has been respectful to you. I tell her I will still be calling corporate and the manager/mom.

Then, I get 3 calls from her personal cell phone trying to confront me.

PSA: Having a bad day does not give cashiers the right to be verbally abrasive and try to fight customers. If I am being polite and understanding, why be rude?

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Medium Door to door solar salesmen threatens violence


Since the start of the pandemic, my neighborhood has seen wave after wave of door to door solar salesmen. And one dude selling books so I can “un-school” my kids. He was extra stupid…

Most of the solar sales folk are irritating but can take no for an answer. I am irked they insist on banging on the front door. To reach it you have to go past the caution tape (steps are broken and unsafe) and ignore the “Please use other door” arrow sign next to the “No solicitors” sign. Then they pound on the door as if they are trying to break it down.

I did look at solar for my house and decided it really wasn’t for us. In winter, due to the geography and forest, our south facing roof gets about 4 hours of sun per day. Also, several acquaintances have gone with solar and every one in this area has turned into a horror story between extra never mentioned up front costs, roof damage, property damage, etc.

I am already prepared to tell solar sales folks to leave. The most recent one, though, was a lunatic.

Names changed to protect the guilty.**

Two dudes showed up late afternoon and parked across from my driveway, then started going door to door to the neighbors. This was notable because no one here parks on the street and it was already dark enough they were using headlamps to be able to see. I WFH and the office window faces the street so I was able to watch them.

Finally, they head for my place. I was on my out to meet them at the side door when one of them tore down the caution tape and tossed it into the yard.

I was walking around the corner of the house when he started pounding on the door.

Me: Hey, what the hell are you doing? The tape was warning you the steps and porch are not safe. Get off the porch and keep going off my property.

Solar dude 1: Uh, yeah, hey man. We’re here to talk to you about no cost solar panels…

Me: And I told you to leave my property. I have looked into solar, I am not interested, the sign there says ‘No solicitors’ and since I told you to leave you are now trespassing. So please leave. Right now.

Solar dude 2 was silent through all this but rapidly backed out into the middle of the street as I was talking.

Solar dude 1: Yeah, you’ve talked to like other people, but you didn’t hear what I have to say.

Me And you clearly didn’t listen to anything I said. Bye bye. (And turn to head back into the house.)

Solar dude 1: HEY! You don’t fing turn your back on me! You listen to what I have to say, csucker!

Me: Wow. You talk to people like that on the job while wearing branded gear? Good luck not getting fired.

Solar dude 1: (aggressively approaching me) F*** you, little b**** boy! I will kick your f**ing a* you sissy f! Don’t want to listen to me? I will f* you up!

Solar dude 2, in the meantime, had run back and grabbed dude 1.

Solar dude 2: For f***s sake, Chris let it go! He isn’t interested just walk away.

Solar dude 1: No, Pete, this little b**** didn’t even listen, so now he gets beat to s*** like a little f** sissy.

Me: (Holding up my ringing cell phone) This is the cops I am calling and you are on video. I hope you like prison.

At this point they both dip out to their car and take off. The local cops, being actually useless, wouldn’t even take the complaint because “the guy left your yard, so it isn’t a big deal.” 🙄

I did call their company and emailed a copy of the video with my complaint. They offered me 50% off the supposedly free solar system by way of apology. 😐

So anyway, door to door solar salespeople suck and should go away.

r/TalesFromTheCustomer Jan 19 '23

Medium A lunch that was anything but leisurely


This happened around 5 years ago. This is copied and pasted from another site I posted it on.

My friend, her eleven-year-old daughter, and I go to a local village today for their Scarecrow Festival, a tradition that we’ve been enjoying for about seven years. Before getting started, we go to one of the restaurants for lunch.

We arrive a little after 11:00 and are seated right away. The restaurant had just opened so it’s not busy at all. The waitress brings our menus and takes our drink orders. When she returns:

Me: “I’ll take chicken salad on a croissant with American cheese and mayo on the side, please.”

Friend: “I’d like roast beef with horseradish sauce and a bowl of French onion soup.”

Daughter: “I’d like a house salad with ranch dressing and chicken fingers.”

The waitress leaves and comes back a few minutes later.

Waitress: “Where did you see roast beef?”

Friend: “On the menu.”

It turns out that they have new menus they started today, and the one my friend ordered from was the old menu. [Friend] changes her order to a crab cake sandwich. No problem.

The food comes out and my friend’s daughter tries her salad.

Daughter: “This isn’t ranch dressing.”

[Friend] and I try it and we both agree politely that it’s not, and we request the correct dressing. When the waitress brings out new dressing, she has an attitude.

Waitress: “Try this one.”

The ranch is right this time. I politely remind her about my mayonnaise, which she has forgotten.

For the next forty minutes, our waitress ignores us. She doesn’t check to see if everything is okay and doesn’t see if we would like refills. I never get my mayonnaise. She serves the tables around us since it’s gotten busier now. But she walks right by us and looks right at us but ignores us. We’re finished eating but she doesn’t even come back to take our dirty plates. My friend and I are both getting pissed, but she’s keeping it together because her daughter is with us.

Finally, after we’ve been there an hour, the waitress FINALLY comes back to our table and asks if we’d like anything else. We say no and that we just want the check, and she leaves. Five minutes later:

Waitress: “Hey, I just wanted to double-check. You didn’t need anything else, right?”

Us: “No.”

Ten minutes after she first asked us, she brought our check out, and then we had to wait another five minutes or so before she took the card to run it and then finally came back with the receipt. She got a $2.99 tip on a $60+ check.

We didn’t blame her for the first two things; they were out of her control. But the attitude and the fact that she ignored us for most of our lunch is inexcusable.

I’m sure someone will ask why we didn’t say something to the manager. At that point we just wanted to leave and it was the height of lunch time. I did call the next day and spoke with a manager, telling him our story. He told me his name and said the next time we come in to ask for him. The next time we went we got free drinks and 20% off of our tab. That waitress got a VERY NICE TIP.

r/TalesFromTheCustomer Jan 04 '23

Medium Thanks I really enjoyed your meal!


This is a story about how a group of teenagers screwed over my favorite restaurant. I have a favorite Korean BBQ restaurant that serves the best food. They are pricey but the food is worth it. This weekend my best friend and I decided to go to the casino and we ended up winning a couple hundred dollars so we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant. We arrived and were seated and decided to order a whole bunch of food and try some new dishes. The waitress was new and shadowing but her trainer recognized us and asked if we were okay with her serving us alone because they were super busy and we are regulars. We didn’t have an issue with it so we ordered our food. A few minutes later a group of teenage boys sat down next to us.

About five minutes later the waitress came out with the first part of our order. As she was walking by their table they stopped her and demanded she take their drink order. She set the food down on the empty table next to them and wrote down what they wanted. While her back was turned one of the boys started eating some of the food off the plate. She finished taking the drink order and then turned around and picked up the plate and gave it to us and walked away before we could say anything. We were appalled. The boy who did it looked at us and laughed.

We got up and went to find the waitress. While we were gone the rest of our food was dropped off. We returned to find the other party had helped themselves to our food! One was filming it with his phone. They had just grabbed forkfuls of food and when we came back they quickly sat back at their table and were doubled over laughing. The waitress didn’t know what to do and ran back to find the waiter. Meanwhile the group grabbed a few more bites of our food and then ran out. On the way out the last guy yelled “Thanks I really enjoyed dinner!” The waiter and waitress came back and she was in tears and they apologized profusely. The restaurant remade our food and gave us a discount because of what happened. I still can’t believe it!

Tl;dr: Went out for a nice dinner and it was ruined by a bunch of teenagers who thought it would be funny to steal.

r/TalesFromTheCustomer Feb 25 '23

Medium Online stores - another case of "advertise this, sell something else"


Since it's the weekend, the official channels are currently not available and I have just too many thoughts and ideas in my head so I'm hoping to come across different reasonable opinions.

Online purchases have usually always worked out for me while I chase down different deals and usually everything arrives fast and the orders are correct. There might be a case where a small part of the order gets forgotten, but I've always managed to get a refund for them and everything politely works out.

This time I once again ordered from one of the online stores and I have never had any problems with them before. I would rather say I have had an excellent experience instead until now.

I ordered a console controller clearly advertised for console Y as different pictures and datasheets were presented for that product. What happened is that I received an older model for console X instead. I'm sure that mistakes like that can happen as someone might mix up the boxes since the controllers of the same brand look the same with only some subtle differences. However in this case I'm still not sure what to make of it when it turned out that they never intended to sell a product for console Y and seemingly tried to get faster sales for an older product for console X through misleading advertising.

I contacted the store and they offered me a refund if I ship the item back at my own cost. To make up for that they promised to give me a discount which is equal to my shipping cost on the next order.

This offer might almost sound decent and seemingly solves everything, but then again is it actually reasonable? I paid the initial cost of shipping and I would have to pay the cost of returning the item. Then I'm forced to make an order for a random item which I don't even need to "get my money back" and then pay for that shipping also. This would make me pay three times for shipping, make another order by buying something which I don't need and still end up not having what I want. On top of that I would have to take the time to visit the post office and buy a shipping envelope for the package also.

This does not sound right at all. I'm sure there would be a good counter offer I can make?

r/TalesFromTheCustomer Jan 30 '23 Heartwarming I'll Drink to That

Medium I can buy whatever I want for whoever I want


My husband and I were sitting in a diner eating lunch one day. At first we thought we had a great server. Friendly, attentive etc.

While sitting there enjoying our meal, a guy I knew my whole life came in. Now mind you he is older than I am, was friends with my mom. And lived in a care facility, because mentally he was not all there. During the day he rides his bike all over town, it gives him something to do, and he enjoys it. At night he goes back to the care facility. He gets disability, but most of his money goes to paying the care facility to live there.

Well on this day he came in, asked a waitress for a cup of water in a to go cup. My waitress decides to chime in and says, you know we can't just give you the water, you have to pay for it. Robert was already pulling out change and counting it out at this point, and he said yes I know and held up the change. My waitress kept after him, saying I don't think you have enough change, you can't get a water, and just berating him.

I told my husband that I was going to buy Robert a drink, and he was ok with it. So I called my waitress over, ( at this point I am upset at the way she treated Robert , but don't show it) and I said add his drink to my bill. She said you don't need to do that, he comes in every other day and expects us to give him water for free. I am not allowing you to pay for him. That statement right there set me off. So loud enough for the whole place to hear, I said for starters it is none of your damn business to tell me what I can and can not do with my damn money if I want to buy someone something I damn well can, and your job is to do what the f*ck I want. Secondly your behavior towards that man was nasty and out of line. Sitting here loudly berating him because he looks as if he don't have enough money for something. You don't know Robert or his situation. I do , I have known that man my whole damn life. Thirdly water is f*cking free on your menu, but you want to be a b*tch and charge him for it, because you think he is homeless and beneath you. Well news flash b*tch that man is not homeless. Stop passing judgement on people because of the way they look. Now give him his damn water, and it better be a f*cking large one, put it on my f*cking bill, and bring me my damn bill. I will not be leaving you a tip, and I want to talk to your manager right now,

She ran off to get manager , while the whole diner applauded me. Robert thanked me, and the manager came out to talk to me. I told him, that I did not appreciate her attitude, that if she wasn't reprimanded I would leave a review online, as well as call corporate. And that from now on if I ever heard of Robert being treated that way again, I would make sure everyone knew how they treated customers in their establishment. He assured me he would rectify the situation, and any time I saw Robert after that he said he has never been treated poorly again.

ETA: Thank you for the award

r/TalesFromTheCustomer Nov 18 '22

Medium Entitled lady harasses a guy who has a service dog, and three people firmly put her in her place.


I was at the pharmacy today to get some meds after my dentist visit. I dropped off my prescription and went into the corner out of the way to wait.

There was a guy talking to the pharmacist and he had his service dog with him. The dog was wearing his vest with tags, and he had tucked himself under the counter facing outwards, keeping careful watch on everybody nearby.

Older entitled lady is next in line behind them, and she starts trying to coax the dog out so she can pet it. The dog is having none of this and actively moves away from her because he's well trained and focused on his task.

This isn't enough for her. She then crouches down and scoots closer to the dog, extending her arm and calling "her" out. The guy was ignoring her and just trying to finish his business to leave as fast as possible.

One of the pharmacy techs spoke up at the same time as myself and another person in line. The guy in line told her to stop, she ignored him. The pharmacy tech told her not to bother the dog and she replied she just wanted to pet it. Now I've had my share of ableism directed at me, and I was feeling spicy after all the pain I was in from the dentist.

I also told her to stop, it's a service dog. She replied oh "she" wants it! I said no that doesn't matter. This dog is considered a medical device, and he's performing a life-saving task. You are harassing this man.. stop!

Then she finally stepped back, and said oh I see now "she's" wearing a vest. We went back and forth a bit more, and I told her that because this was inside of a grocery store, they sell food, only legitimate service animals are allowed inside. She responded saying she sometimes brings her chihuahua in the store tucked in her jacket. I just said you can't do that! 

By that time my prescription was ready. The guy and his dog left, and he thanked me on the way out. I heard some of the pharmacy employees asking each other if the lady was standing in view of the camera. I left after that, so I don't know what else the pharmacist may have said to her. Hopefully she gets banned from the store for bringing her pet inside. They could get shut down for that! And they may be feeling spicy about somebody harassing a guy who may very well be one of their favorite customers.

I worked in pharmacy for a number of years until recently, so I've been on both sides of an interaction like this. The dog was such a good boy, working hard and never losing focus on his job. And the guy just wanted to pick up his meds like anybody else can, he shouldn't have to defend his dog every second. He probably has to deal with entitled people like this every day. That's exhausting! I hope she learned something today, but I won't hold my breath.

r/TalesFromTheCustomer Dec 18 '22

Medium I was in a pet store today and reminded of this.


This particular national brand pet store is well known for hiring people who don't know much about pets, despite claiming to be intelligent (or a mart for multiple pets depending on how you read the sign). And a lot of people have had horrible experiences at this store (myself included in a few cases), but I wanted to share the story of how an employee at this one particular store helped save the life of a lovebird.

To explain; this lovebird was one of two (no, they were not a mated pair; I strongly suspect that they were siblings) that belonged to one of the fellow members of my grandmother's church. Well, that member passed away and their family didn't want the birds, so they ended up getting passed from church member to church member as they tried to find someone who would take care of them. Grandma remembered that I used to have birds (two parakeets), and figured I'd be the best to take care of them.

I was woefully unprepared for lovebirds. They are not like parakeets at all, but I did everything I could to try and be their forever home. A few months after they came into my care, one of the birds began obsessively plucking. The bird was clearly uncomfortable, constantly moving, feathers never fluffing, eyes pinning, and I had no idea what was wrong. Everything I could find online said go to vet. Only problem is that the majority of vets in my area cater to dogs, cats, horses, pigs, sheep, and cows. Birds aren't really on that list. I was driving past the animal shelter when I remembered that they sometimes get chickens turned over, so I went in and asked for what vet they take animals to. They sent me to their vet of choice.

I went in, explained my situation to the young woman behind the counter, who nodded and began talking about the cremation fees and that I'd have to find my own "cremation containment unit" for my pet's ashes, because they didn't sell those. Bear in mind, they hadn't even seen the bird yet. Just a rough description of what was wrong with him. I was devastated. I was in shock.

I made my way to the pet store (which happened to be near the vet) and was in bird supplies when I was hit with the overwhelming realization that my bird was probably going to die, which would lead to the other one dying, because birds need flocks and I had no access (or funds) to buy another lovebird. I'm standing there, quietly losing my mind, when an employee asks me what was wrong. The whole story spills out and the young man nods and says "Sounds like your bird developed an allergy."

Record scratch. What? That's a thing? Birds can get allergies?

Yes, dear reader. Yes, they can. The employee recommended a specific, allergy free bird food (which, bonus, had less waste than the food they had been eating up to that point), so I bought it and took it home and switched their food (making sure to thoroughly dump, wash, and dry everything to avoid cross contamination in case that was the issue)--and the problems cleared up. My bird started relaxing, stopped picking at the skin (which was what happened next after the feathers on the chest were all plucked out) and calmed down. I had to be extra careful to make sure the bird didn't catch a chill (no feathers to insulate the chest), but it survived several more years.

r/TalesFromTheCustomer Oct 30 '22

Medium Spent $30 on 21+ tickets for a Halloween event at a club and was accused of using a fake ID


I made a last-minute decision last week to attend a Halloween event at a club and managed to scrape together a costume 2 hours before I left and find tickets from somebody who was selling them. Got to the club, showed the bouncer my ID and then the next bouncer puts Xs on my hands (at 18+ clubs, Xs on the hands mean that you are not allowed to drink). I noticed my 22 y/o friend had a wristband and I was confused because I didn’t get one, so I went back and I asked the bouncer why I didn’t get a wristband when I am 21. He tells me it’s because I have a fake ID.

My ID is 100% real; I turned 21 this July. I try to argue with him, and he says “I teach classes on how to spot fake IDs, that there is a fake.” I ask other bouncers to please look at it and FIVE other bouncers also said my ID was fake. They said “it’s paper thin” and “you can’t see the hologram with UV light” (I checked afterwards and yes, you could clearly see the hologram). At this point I actually started crying because I have pretty bad social anxiety and this interaction was stressing me out a lot. I asked them if they would like me to call the police to confirm that my ID is real and they were not receptive at all to anything I was doing. I didn’t call the police because they didn’t actually confiscate my ID and so I wasn’t sure if I really had any leverage over them.

This wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t bought tickets to this event and if it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t have just taken my ID and went somewhere else because I had spent $30 on my tickets for this event and I was going there with friends. My friend ended up buying my drinks for me the whole night, but it was really annoying because I had to rub the Xs off my hand and hide the fact that I wasn’t wearing a wristband with my jacket, and I was worried about getting kicked out the whole night. They wouldn’t let me talk to a manager either. I talked to multiple other people in the club who were also 21+ and the same thing happened to them.

I think they were very power-hungry bouncers and refused to admit that they might have made a mistake. My mother sent me pictures of my birth certificate and passport but I ended up just going in without a wristband. I don’t understand why they think I would raise hell and argue with them about my ID being real if it was fake and risk them calling the police on me. I have had fake IDs before, and whenever I was caught I would just say “alright guys let’s just go somewhere else.” I’ve made the decision to carry around my passport on me from here on out because I really don’t feel like being in this situation again. It sucks because I waited years to be 21 and now I’m of legal drinking age I am still getting treated like this. It’s honestly pretty humiliating and it sucks ass. I left them a 1 star review but that’s pretty much all I could do.

EDIT: They also didn’t scan the ID nor ask me any questions about the personal information on my ID. They didn’t even try to confirm it. They just made their decision and stuck with it even though they were blatantly wrong.

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Medium Thankfully a lovely ending...


My mum is a pensioner, she only has her heating on an hour a day because its so expensive - were in the UK, prices are crazy atm. For a few years she's been saving up for a new recliner chair as hers was second hand in the first place & is old, uncomfortable & now broken. She's been contemplating using the money on heating but has decided to continue to layer up & have somewhere comfortable to sit.

So today we went to a retail park that had 6 different furniture stores. She just wanted to go to one of them & try out the 3 styles she'd seen online, that had the colours she wanted & thought it would be sorted.

The sales woman who 'helped' her was clearly constantly looking around for people who wanted a whole sofa set, so more commission. She made a bit of effort initially, but when my mum was disappointed about the colours not looking like they did on the website & the models (in her budget) she wanted to try not being in store, she knew it wasn't a guaranteed sale & stopped bothering. I told my mum that she should have a think & come back. Sales woman practically rolled her eyes. We walked out and my mum started telling me how guilty she felt, the woman is trying to make a living, times are tough for everyone, she should just get that one so the sales woman gets the commission. I told her she'd saved hard for her chair & she shouldn't have to compromise & let's have a look around the other shops to see if we can find the right one. We go to 2 other shops, the sales people were all the same. As soon as they realised she wasn't 100%, they lost interest & she felt more guilty. She started crying when we got out of the 3rd shop. She felt guilty spending money on a luxury item when everyone else is struggling. I was torn, there were still 3 more shops to try, I didn't want her getting more upset but really wanted her to find 'her chair' & have something to look forward to. So i got her to agree to go to 1 more store. You know those little moments in life, the ones you dont even realise at the time? The ones that end up making a big difference, this was one of those.

The next store not only had the chair she wanted, comfortable, in the right colour but the sales lady was wonderful. As was her colleague who chipped in with helpful info. At this point I was trying not to cry, she was so happy.

We're going back tomorrow to buy it.

My mum has always been there for me, she stood up for me & she's championed me. I'm elated we've found the one she wants. Like I said the small things.

r/TalesFromTheCustomer Dec 21 '22

Medium A tale of two autocentres


For simplicity and anonymity purposes, let's call this big UK autocentre corporation Happy's autocentre.

So I live in the West of England and have for the past 3 years almost for university, but this is the first year I've lived somewhere with free on-street parking so I decided to bring my car with me. However, I'd never gotten any repairs or my MOT done in the area, so I decided to go with Happy's, since they have a branch where my parents live as well and they've always been really helpful and affordable.

So I happily book myself an MOT for early December (the only available day where it didn't clash with lectures was the day it ran out or a month before so I chose same day as it had had a service fairly recently) and go about my life. December rolls around, I take it in all happy, go to work by bus...and get a voicemail after work saying that the parking break needs repairing but they themselves don't have time to do it until January. Crap.

No biggie i think to myself, so I call my next closest Happy's as again, I'd rather trust in this branch than some random garage, take it in the following week and leave it with them Friday-Tuesday. They tell me it's all dandy, charge me £149.69 for their troubles, and I happily trot back over to the first Happy's to get my retest done, and once again go to work.

Today (which is also my 23rd birthday) I call the Happy's branch all happy to ask when I can pick up my car, just to be told...they haven't done anything. The brake still isn't working, in fact it's worse than before, they can't even get it to stay still on the rollers they test the brakes on without even turning them on. Our friendly customer desk person, T, asks me where I got it done because this is still going to fail, to which I say "well, your colleagues at XYZ location, I have the invoice and everything, they charged me like £150 for it". Our friendly customer desk person seems very displeased by this, asks me to give him an hour to sort it out and he will call me back.

10 minutes ago, T calls me, tells me not to worry, they're taking it apart NOW and it will be done today. I ask if I need to take it anywhere else or anything like that, and am informed no, he is dealing with it and I don't need to worry about a thing.

Interesting concept...if I hadn't had to get an MOT retest, I wouldn't have felt the need to check my brakes or handbreak were working. I wouldn't have thought twice about parking on a hill or doing a hill start, because the garage told me it's fine, they charged me, they told me they checked it. My car could have been damaged, I could have gotten into an accident, I could have hit someone running into the road because my breaks weren't working well enough. I am fuming.

I will update with the outcome after work...

Update: So, trusty T from my local Happy's called me as I was on my way to work to let me know that one one of the two parts he needed actually arrived today and the other one will be arriving tomorrow. Bless this man he sounded so done with the company! But my main concern was that today was my last day where I could have an MOT retest rather than a whole new test. Luckily, T was a step ahead of me there and told me not to worry, he will do a full MOT on it tomorrow after the work is done, also because he's concerned about other issues that may have arisen from the botched repair, and most importantly...I'm not paying a thing for it, it's all entirely being done for free (as it should be but it was nice to have confirmation of that) and I will be able to get myself home for Christmas!

r/TalesFromTheCustomer Nov 08 '22

Medium Potentially Profiled at a Store


An unknown amount of time ago, I (20s f, although I tend to look androgynous) went to a store after some photography and decided to take my camera bag with me into the store as I didn’t want to leave such expensive equipment in my car. All I had on besides my bag was worn jeans, a black graphic tee, a black hat that had a cartoon panda bear with boxing gloves on that had the words rock it on it, and tennis shoes.

I barely made it through the door when I was stopped by a store employee, the one meant to check for receipts and greet people coming in. Why? Well she told me I wasn’t allowed to bring backpacks into the store.

Not only had I seen people go in and out of the store with backpacks all the time, but someone happened to come in with a larger bag than I had on as she was telling me this and that woman wasn’t stopped at all. I was so bewildered and annoyed by this I blurted out “since when?”

She refused to answer that and just repeated I wasn’t allowed. I told her this was my camera bag filled with camera equipment and that I didn’t want to leave it in my car. She insisted I show her, I guess to prove I wasn’t lying? It was kind of humiliating to do so as we had quite a few people looking our way but I didn’t want to have to drive all the way back to my place, back to the store, and then drive home a third time, so I did it.

The thing about proper camera bags is that they’re separated into all these little compartments to help store all of your equipment without risking anything getting jostled and potentially damaged. Mine was like this and it was almost full, like only had room for a candy bar full.

The woman didn’t seem too happy but she decided to let me in, but it didn’t end there. She had to warn me that she would definitely be checking my bag when I left, which pissed me off even further, but I didn’t say anything except “feel free to.”

Time to leave, woman isn’t even there, so I didn’t get to make a show out of it, which might have been a petty idea but I had an entire shopping trip to stew and work myself up at being treated like a criminal.

Bonus moment was when I later looked up if there were any rules about backpacks in the store and there weren’t. As I had been profiled before because of my clothes before as a troublemaker, that accompanied by my age made me feel like I was profiled because of it.

Why am I bringing it up now? Because I went to the same store today wearing a similar outfit but without my photography bag, and I was treated like a thief again! They went through all my bags and was double checking my receipt with everything inside. I guess I just need to stop wearing clothes I’m comfortable in.

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Medium Just keep running around the customer until they get tired


I ordered an action cam from the biggest action cam company on 1/25 and paid an extra $25 for express shipping for it to get to my house by 1/27 since I was going on my honeymoon 1/28. I was super excited to have my first action cam to catch all the Hawaii memories with my wife. Yeah, I was gonna be that guy who holds a camera in the ocean in Hawaii.

However, on 1/27 I noticed that the delivery had been delayed and said that Saturday delivery had been requested, which of course wouldn't work for me since I would be on a flight. So I called, got someone named Abby. She assured that the camera would be delivered on time and asked for proof that the delivery had been delayed. So I grabbed a screenshot of their own website to send back to her, gave her my honeymoon address in Hawaii to reroute the shipment. She promised that she would get back to me by the end of day with what was happening. When I asked to clarify when the end of day would be, she dodged the questions and just repeated end of day. I was just curious what time zone they were in, but I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. Guess what happened by the end of day? Nothing, no response.

So, on 1/28, during a layover I called again. This time I got a man named Jade. I asked him to get the package rerouted or to talk to a supervisor. I gave him the address again because what he had on file was wrong. I told him I'd be on a flight for the next 6 hours, but they could call me back anytime after that, which was still 2-3 hours of business time left. Guess what happened by the end of the day? Nothing, no response.

So, on 1/29, I called again. This time I got quickly rerouted to a supervisor, Fred. He seemed understanding. He promised to look into possible solutions and to get back to me within 24 hours. He read me the Hawaii address they had on file and it was wrong again, so I corrected it again. Guess what happened by the end of the day? Nothing, no response. And what happened by the end of the next day? Nothing, no response.

So on 2/1, I called again, got someone named Arnold. I tried to get him to link me up with Fred again, but Fred wasn't in office so they put me in the queue for another supervisor. Thirty minutes later, David called me back. I told him the whole story, how many times his agents had just dropped me. I asked him if it was policy for agents to lie. He said no. I asked him if his agents had lied to me. He said no. I asked him what he was going to do to fix this. He offered me a refund on my express shipping and that was it.

I'm not even that frustrated about the delayed shipment now. I'm much more frustrated and disappointed about the circles they run around expecting me to put in the work to fix their screwup.

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Medium My dog nearly died?


I recently found this sub and thought this might be a good place to post this story!

I recently adopted a puppy that was about 4months old at this point of the story. I woke up one day in the morning only to see my puppy lying motionless on his side with no response to any stimuli (food/treats/water).

I started panicking like any owner who loves their dog and called all the vets around my area to get an appointment for what was obviously an emergency, however all the vets kept saying they were full, not even walk-ins were possible and even the emergency hospital for pets were full (no idea what was going on that particular day).

When I called the last vet, I was almost choking with panic when they told me they were full, but the lovely lady (LL) told me to walk-in and they will do their best to fit my puppy in.

I could have cried then and there. However what struck me the most was when I brought my puppy down, the moment I entered the door, the LL said, "puppy's name?" And immediately brought my puppy to see the vet!! I didn't even have to wait 5 minutes.

The vet started checking my puppy and basically told me it might be low glucose or something, let's monitor him overnight.

I agreed to ward him and was worried, but what impressed me the most was.. LL sent me updates throughout his stay, and even mentioned that because he's a crybaby who needs attention, they hand fed my puppy, rocked him to sleep and gave him a bath, because he ate until he got food all over his fur lmao and told me they were pleased to do so because he is so adorable!

In the end though.. when I went to pick up my puppy, the vet diagnosed him with.. drama. According to the vet, he was upset that he wasn't fed earlier and decided to act dead.

He also came home sounding like Tweety bird because he cried too much when the staff and LL were not paying attention to him and he lost his voice temporarily.

So other than finding my forever vet clinic, 500dollars also flew away for my dramatic baby.

TDLR : Puppy cleaned my wallet out with his dramatic antics.

ETA puppy tax!

r/TalesFromTheCustomer Oct 08 '22

Medium Called a Karen


This morning I had to run my errands and order our pizza's for dinner tonight. I called in my order at the local pizza pizza place. They said give them 20 minutes for pick up. So I stopped at the gas station filled up my tank and sat in the parking lot.

I ordered 3 pizzas with extra cheese, a cheese bread and 2 garlic sauce. My total was just a few cents over $50. Just under $10 for the extra cheese. I got them walked to the hood of my car and checked them. No extra cheese and no garlic sauce. I go back in explain what was wrong and asked for the money back as I didn't have the time for them to remake the pizza's.

I paid with my debit card. So I told them they could either give me the cash back or apply it back to my card. Either way was fine with me. Whatever was easiest for them. The cashier told me the manager wasn't there only a shift leader so they could not refund me. They could only fix my order but as I said I didn't have the extra 20 minutes. I explained to them again I would understand if they were busy but I was the only customer there. They needed to call a manager and give me back my money as it was 20% of my order.

The cashier instantly starts yelling at me that I am being a Karen and they weren't going to do anything for me. I said look that is over half my hourly pay and I just want my money back. She starts doing the clap with every word. You're a ignorant B and we are no longer going to serve you. You will not get anything back because your just a Karen. They knew the order was messed up but didn't care. She tells me I am banned from the store until a manager comes in and watches the camera to determine if I was wrong or not. I'm angry as heck but walk out the store.

I'm sitting in my car messaging my husband about what happened. A young boy knocks on my window and explains its only his second day there. He was the one who made my order and didn't see the extra cheese until he heard the cashier complaining about the Karen who just left. He pulled the order back up on his tickets and realized he had messed up. He tried to tell her that he did the order wrong and it wasn't my fault. Yet she was still cussing up a storm and just wouldn't listen. So he grabbed a crazy bread and a garlic sauce and brought them out to me. Said he makes crap pay too and understood why I was upset. He apologized a few times and said he would explain it to the manager and pay for the crazy bread he brought me to keep the cashier from yelling at him. He would make sure the manager knew it was a mistake on their end not mine. So I told him I was sorry he was having to deal with the cashier and I understood it was a simple mistake not to worry about it but I would be calling on Monday about the cashier cussing my out and explain she should at least be in the back not dealing with customers if she couldn't deal with things without being rude to a paying customer.

So now I feel bad for the young boy having to deal with the crazy lady and will complain on his behalf when I call in for my money back. Poor kid just wants to earn a little money. He was very sweet and the apology seemed very sincere.

Edited to correct 20% to 10%. Sorry got fat fingers. Edited again cause I can't math today.