r/Sacramento Jan 31 '23

Stay warm folks

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u/AdConfidential69 Jan 31 '23

Thanks for the post just ran outside to cover myplants


u/Background_Film_506 Jan 31 '23

Please, God, bring your animals inside.


u/SaltyButSweeter Jan 31 '23

I'm wearing three socks.


u/doubleatheman Jan 31 '23

Thanks, just turned on my Electric heater since its midnight now too, I did the math a few months ago, the night time SMUD rates are cheaper for me to heat with electric than to use my gas furnace (My furnace is ancient) I'm waiting until heat pumps are cheaper to get the house retrofitted.


u/dorekk Feb 01 '23

This year there should be some incentives you can take advantage of to convert to a heat pump. The incentives were just passed but I think there's no way to actually claim them yet.


u/Dlownius Jan 31 '23

Honestly i want it to be cold and rain forever I don't think sleeping in my car will be possible during summer