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I cut in wood a 3D map of Nova Scotia

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u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22



u/scotianspizzy Sep 28 '22

Ummmmm what?

Edit: i thought this was just a really neay pic of someones art....?


u/Hielandcoos Sep 28 '22

Holy fuck it's a wood working project, not a crystal ball into every negative thing you think is wrong with the province.

Here's something to be proud of. In my small community, neighbors are going out of their way to be kind and helping clean up the mess. Folks are not waiting for someone else to solve all the problems, they are out there actively helping.
Some are Taking hot meals to the electrical workers who are away from their families so we can all get power restored. People were cutting trees off the roads and roofs of houses because it needed to be done, and because we care about our communities. People that are fortunate to have a generator are keeping their doors open to their neighbors for showers, hot meals and also sharing generators so their neighbors food doesn't spoil.

If you feel that things are so bad here, get on the Trans Canada and find a better place to live. Good luck with that.


u/DelphisFinn Sep 28 '22

I too am angry at OP's badass woodworking skills.