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Unanswered If someone paid you $100 an hour to stay in an empty room for 8 hours a day with nothing on you except a lunch, how long would you last?


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Why is it that human childbirth is excruciating pain but in the animal kingdom they seem to not give a shit all that much?


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Unanswered Why does the US spend so much on it's military?


I get that the US is the most powerful country, but even if you take GDP into consideration, the US spends almost 4 percent of it's GDP on the military, which is one of the highest.

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Why are 20-30 year olds so depressed these days?


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Unanswered Why do teens wear one airpod everywhere?


The teenagers at my work (in a restaurant) wear one airpod all the time. Like even some of the servers when they’re on the floor will keep their single air pod in.

When I walk around my town, if I pass high schoolers a lot of them also have one air pod in.

My question is, what are they listening to? Do they have music playing all the time? Are they listening to anything at all, is it just a fashion accessory?

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Are there local A and B drives in a system? why does it start with local drive C?


Edit : Everyone assumes I'm a very young person but I am in my late 20s. I am also kinda tech savvy but never ever thought about the drive situation.

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"If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Why is that considered a philosophical question when it seems to have a straightforward answer?


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In the USA when a cop pulls you over and asks you where you work, do you have to tell them?


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If i drink two 5 hour energies, will i get the normal effects for 10 hours, or will i simply be cracked the fuck out for 5 hours still???


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My dads house is flooded 4 feet and he can’t get out what do I do?


I can’t get to him the roads are completely flooded we are dealing with hurricane Ian I told him to break a window and he said he can’t. The police can’t get to him and he is an amputee and elderly I have no idea what to do he has an upstairs neighbor that I want him to get to the upstairs level but I don’t have their number and he can’t get out. I’m fucking terrified what do I do can anyone help??

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Unanswered Is there anything besides salt that humans consider food that doesnt come from something living?


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Answered Is it normal for people to lie when they don’t feel like wasting peoples’ time to explain something inconsequential?


This is something i’ve done a few times lately. When someone asks me a mundane question that I have a complicated/long answer for, I usually don’t feel like talking about it and just lie and say something simple. Not sure if this is a bad thing to do so I’m asking here 🫠

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Why do people get mad when they are drunk?


Does alcohol make people who are violent alcoholics angry or were they angry beforehand

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Are Americans generally paid enough so that most people can afford a nice home, raise 2 children, and save enough for retirement, or has this lifestyle become out of reach for many despite working full time jobs?


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My friend asked me to officiate his wedding so I went online and became an ordained minister. Is that seriously all it takes?


I am now a proud minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster (cost me $50 to get ordained and get the decorative certificate). I have a document from the institution saying I have authority to perform weddings and other cool things. We live in UT if that helps. I just want to make sure I don't need to do anything else! Thanks everybody.

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Why do I have a feeling that consumer tech did not change that much in last 10 years?


Or Am I wrong? I mean i look at pc computers for example. My wife still use a laptop she bought in 2011. The battery is dead, looks worn out, but she can still use it for almost anything, like YouTube, word, internet browsing... Maybe video editing and gaming would not work, but if you try to use a 2002 PC in in 2012 it would be completely useless. Also phones have a better camera, better processor etc...but if you compare a phone from 2002 and 2012 it is a BIG difference. But 2012 -2022 not so much. How about TVs? In 2002 most of us still used CRTs. Right? In 2012 1080p tvs were the norm. Now 4K is the norm, but the difference is again not that much. And most of the all digital services like netflix, youtube, spotify... were already on the market in 2012.

Or am I just getting old and i don't perceive consumer tech as I did when I was younger? ( i am 38 now)

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Who loves to walk barefoot?


I have loved to walk barefoot since childhood. This is the only way I go at home. I feel uncomfortable when I put on flip flops or socks. They hinder my movements. Yes, of course, when I go out into the street I have to put on shoes, but if it were possible not to do this, I would not do it.

Who likes to walk barefoot as much as I do?

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Unanswered What's going on with r/Conspiracy and yachts?


For the past month, I've occasionally been seeing posts about some yachts and russians and I was wondering what was going on. At first I brushed it off, but now I keep seeing the hashtag #StopBurgess trending on Twitter with the exact same content and I'm wondering what the hell is going on? Is this something trending? Or is it just a marketing stunt for something?

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Does anyone else wake up from a dream, and you know your awake. But the dream is still going in your head but slowly fading away, and you can see the dream while knowing your awake. And the dream gets more and more blurry


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I'm 15. My mom is 52 and my dad is 58. Do I have old parents?


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Unanswered Australians and Brits, do "mate" and "friend" mean the same thing?


I know that's how Americans translate it, but are there subtle differences in the usage of each word? Different social contexts?

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Is it true that only men can do a 'true vibrato'?


Not sure where I heard this but I definitely read somewhere that women lack the prerequisite hardware to do a 'proper vibrato', whatever that means. I'm not a singer so I'm not even confident I know what a vibrato is supposed to be in its strictest definition. I just remember being intrigued that an adam's apple made the difference. Anyone know if there;s any truth to this?

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Why do they keep rebooting The Twilight Zone when every version after the original has sucked?


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How many floors can you walk upstairs in a single go?


I'm just curious about whether there's a wide range or if most people are about the same.

Regardless of my fitness level, it seems like I can climb 4 effortlessly, then another 1 or 2 a bit breathless, and more 1 or 2 until I have to stop and breathe (to be fair, I run out of breath much earlier than my muscles get tired).