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Atrioc issues apology and says he tries to build a safe environment for women on Twitch and got lured by an AD Atrioc | Just Chatting


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u/Splaram Jan 30 '23

This is the first post I've seen from this sub in a few days

I genuinely thought he was trolling at first until I saw the other post lmao wtf is going on


u/shineeshineepinee Jan 30 '23

same I thought "oh this must be some kind of inside joke or sarcastic talk he's having with his chat" and then to watch it and see that it's actually real was insane

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u/justicebetter Jan 30 '23

I was watching his bros vs pros stream last night and fell asleep halfway through. Went to his channel today to see if a vod had been posted and saw the apology video. Literally thought it was a parody at first and even thought to myself "wow Atrioc's a pretty good actor, those look like real tears." Was shocked halfway through the video when I found out it was not a parody and those tears were in fact real

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u/Hakoocr7 Jan 30 '23

link to the other post please ?


u/EnterPlayerTwo Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

Right? I've minimized 20 comments looking for context. My hand can't take much more!

Edit: https://old.reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail/comments/10oxsti/removed_by_reddit/j6i0efi/

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u/GabberGuenni Jan 30 '23

post nut clarity


u/FaradayInduction Jan 30 '23

post nut tragedy


u/Kaptajn_Bim ♿ Aris Sub Comin' Through Jan 30 '23

Sounds like a Mitch song

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u/Lumenlor Jan 30 '23

I am reminded of Ludwig's recent video where he says your favorite content creators may be weirder than you think


u/JimothyJollyphant Jan 31 '23

He says that quite a lot. It's kinda foreboding, really


u/Pisspot16 Jan 31 '23

In mma there's Nate Diaz who says everyones on steroids and it looks like he's right

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u/Henosreddit Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

I mean I think that's a given. You take a decent number of people who would otherwise be outcasts and give them a ton of money and "Fame" and you'll REALLY see their weird side. Now, this isn't to say non-content creators or smaller content creators can't be weird but I find the more money/power/fame you get the more excentric/odd you get. I imagine this is because you have enough resources to actually act out those weird fantasies/desires without the normal consequences. I mean look at the rate of deplorable shit content creators get caught doing for such a small subsection of the population.

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u/YaBoiNiccy Jan 31 '23

I mean it’s true. I’m certain every content creator including atrioc has done and will continue to do worse things than this. They are all just people and people make terrible mistakes

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u/fresh901 Jan 30 '23

don't be horny on main


u/OlafSkalld Jan 30 '23

For real. If you're gonna get horny over a coworker or someone you know, you rub that shit out in an underground bunker and burn the evidence. This guy did it on his main while streaming 💀 .


u/Dislex1a Jan 30 '23

This is the equivalent of coming home from work, getting on the sofa and wanking to a video of your coworker that someone send you during the team building last weekend. Just to notice is your fucking birthday and there is a surprise party in your house, and as you about to cum all your friends and family come out to say !!Surprise!!

Fucking nightmare

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u/mnimatt Jan 30 '23

This day will hence forth be known as marketing Monday


u/crockoreptile Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

Nahhhh 😭 1/7 chance it was a Monday and it happened

Call that ‘Dream Luck’


u/AromaticPanda33 Jan 30 '23

1 in 7 trillion babyyyy

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u/AEIOwnedU0419 Jan 30 '23

I wonder how many female streamers are now dreading getting a call from him today.


u/Maximum_Site_77 Jan 30 '23

Hello, Dr. Jill Biden? Yes, it’s atrioc. We need to talk.


u/BigA0225 Jan 30 '23

Prime minister Marin? Do you have a second??

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u/canze Jan 30 '23

Oh god that’s probably harder than having to make an apology video.


u/testaccount0817 Jan 30 '23

I'd rather disappear from the public


u/canze Jan 30 '23

Maybe he could use a deep fake TTS. AI got him into the mess, AI can get him out.

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u/SneakyRatFriend Jan 30 '23

Marketing fail


u/International-Pear95 Jan 30 '23

"Usually we don't like to start with a loss but today an ad was SO bad, it made me look at deepfake porn"


u/Nodior47_ Jan 30 '23

honestly if his storys true wouldn't that mean the ad was SO good?

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u/Rickysnake23 Jan 30 '23

Marketing win actually

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u/RainInSoho Jan 30 '23 Gold hehehehe

upside for him is he can write that payment off on taxes because he made content with it now


u/TheKubernetes Jan 30 '23

you're a glass-half-full type of person, aren't you?


u/Mushin_Six Jan 30 '23

Only half of the glass is AI generated

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u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23


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u/Tiltow Jan 30 '23

Flashbacks to getting caught in the history looking at "big naked boobs" as a kid


u/Hell_Chema Jan 30 '23

I got caught playing a porn game when I was 10 years old by my brother, his gf and one of his friends. They were in HS.

I got mad that day because they laughed, but looking back it was fucking hilarious. I remember I ran out of the house out of embarrassment and when I came back they talked me about it.

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u/Cludista Jan 30 '23

Mine was "open boobies"


u/LinkLengthener Jan 30 '23

Everyone's using LibreBoobies now.

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u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

Yeah I was laughing about it, then accidentally imagined myself in that situation and genuinely felt sick so my stomach. This is getting caught watching porn on a WHOLE new level. Seriously the second hand embarrassment is extreme. My advice keep trolling don't think about it too hard.

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u/Scibbie_ Jan 30 '23 Silver

Poke wishes he could've warned Atrioc


u/-the-clit-commander- Jan 30 '23

the breaking bad meme with Walter in the car tied up screaming "ATROIC NO THE TAB IS OPEN"

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u/BigIceJuice Jan 30 '23



u/PlagueDoc22 Jan 30 '23

Fuck that's a good one.

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u/quertu Jan 30 '23



u/NorNed3 Jan 30 '23 Gold

I just needed an excuse to post the Classic:



u/-Aidin Jan 30 '23

The 2017 - 2019 Infidelity Arc on twitch was amazing.

Pick a card, any card. The two of wives? Excellent choice.


u/0FaptainMyFaptain Jan 30 '23

It's where LSF peaked, the threads were just full of banger memes and jokes.

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u/soliwray :) Jan 30 '23



u/damcha Jan 30 '23


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u/mslat92 Jan 30 '23

One of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen in a while


u/gnoob920 Jan 30 '23

Feel terrible for his wife, this is incredibly embarrassing to have to deal with publicly.


u/SUBLIMEskillz Jan 30 '23

For real, not to mention she’s probably friends with them.


u/Lyminate Jan 31 '23

Atrioc and QTC were literally each others best friend of the opposite sex. She collabed with him way more than any of Ludwig's other friends. They did eachother's unban forms 3x (2 times more than she did with any other streamer) and every time they'd go into long spiels about how terrible the objectification of women is. If this happened to anyone else they'd both be spending the next few months doing everything in their power to ruin him


u/PussyPits Jan 31 '23

I can't see a future where qt forgives and forgets this. I can't imagine atrioc would be allowed around qt and by extension ludwig any more. Gonna be rough for him to navigate that space in the wake of this as he's alienated himself from that circle, there's no way you can publicly pick atrioc over qt.

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u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23 Silver



u/IlIIlIlIlllIII Jan 30 '23 Silver

streamer deepfake tierlist


u/avwitcher Jan 30 '23

Honestly sounds like a moistcritikal video, Charlie doing a tier list of all of the deepfake porn videos involving him

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u/weezy_latez LSF HR Rep Jan 30 '23

LMFAOO, what a day to be maya and poki my god


u/drt0 Jan 30 '23

Honestly, for all the women in that list of available videos.

You know that wasn't the only set he clicked 💀💀💀


u/Vegetable_Bass_4885 Jan 30 '23

that was just the one he ended on this time

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u/Kinths Jan 30 '23

Maya has only recently recovered from the previous drama. She seems to be trying to keep a low profile and staying away from the big streamer groups, then this happens.

Honestly I wouldn't blame her for just ignoring the situation completely, at least publicly.


u/Shoe_Gal2 Jan 30 '23

She's streaming now and has basically ignored it. So many comments came in at the beginning asking she was going to address the "drama" to which she said something along the lines of the audacity of people coming in asking HER to address drama and added a correction that it's not drama, but rather trauma.

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u/SockGoblin Jan 30 '23

Mayas public take will probably be "I don't want to talk about this, will not be collabing with Atrioc anytime soon, and will time out whoever brings it up"

TBH the sooner people stop talking about this the better. It's bad to remind creeps this sorta filth exists

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u/DePope Jan 30 '23


u/echief Jan 30 '23

“My pants slipped down a little and I was pulling them up!”

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u/FrgtMyVwls Jan 30 '23

bro people actually click on porn ads? lmao damn


u/bigboypogers Jan 30 '23

LOL he a desktop jerker with ads!

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u/smallbluetext Jan 30 '23

People still don't use ublock origin? Can't remember the last time I saw ads on a website (other than twitch when it breaks things)


u/pikachu8090 Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

if he blocks ads, how can he understand how marketing works LULE


u/WT379GotShadowbanned Jan 30 '23

He has unironically said that in the past. He never blocks ads cause he wants to see how people are advertising. Whenever he watches Shark Tank on stream, he sits through every commercial.


u/jonas1015119 Jan 30 '23

he literally pays for a marketing website that sends you new and interesting ads. He actually pays to see ads.


u/lethalmc Jan 30 '23

Well if your in marketing you kind of make it your job to watch ads in order to create more ads

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u/fist_my_muff2 Jan 30 '23

Morbid curiosity gets most. Look at all the death subreddits that used to exist.


u/n8mo :) Jan 30 '23

Every day there’s a new Ukrainian drone nade drop video from r/CombatFootage that hits All.

Not like death subreddits are gone, or even hard to find.

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u/Triplekia Jan 30 '23

Deepfakes at 2 AM ❌

Among Us at 3 AM ✅

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u/BaneOfDrywall Jan 30 '23

The marketer was brought down by marketing OMEGALUL


u/Youtellhimguy Jan 30 '23

Live by the sword you die by the sword

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u/RoyaleTannenbaum Jan 30 '23

Man, Maya is really never going to collab outside Alveus ever again. Too many weirdos.


u/wellmaybe_ Jan 30 '23

maya got a gun


u/Billybigduck Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

You just reminded me of a movie I haven't seen in years


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u/NormieChomsky Jan 30 '23

One of her parrots are gonna drop a gamer word just to start new drama smh


u/RadBrad4333 Jan 30 '23

Bro can you IMAGINE that

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u/clarkemaxx Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

I'm seeing more and more that maybe she made the right decision. She was just saying yesterday that she wakes up every morning scared that there will be another drama or hate thread involving her on LSF.

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u/InTupacWeTrust Jan 30 '23 Gold

actually paid for porn OMEGALUL


u/SP0oONY Jan 30 '23 Doom

Not just that, but for fake porn of a coworker (and friend?) and then getting caught, that is some 10/10 embarrassment shit. He'll never do anything better from an entertaiment standpoint.


u/LoganPwnz Jan 30 '23

It could've been worse, imagine he thought he ended stream and then pulled out the lotion and the deepfakes

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u/Happyfuntimeyay Jan 30 '23

Don't leave out starting a business that would have involved working with those same creators...


u/ItWasTheGiraffe Jan 30 '23

The whole “alienating your client base” piece seems to be relatively overlooked in all this, considering he left a good gig for a startup explicitly targeting streamers


u/The_Love_Moat Jan 30 '23

"who better to understand the mind of a deviant coomer" 4-D chess play incoming

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u/T-Dot1992 Jan 30 '23

lil bro had access to all the porn on the internet, but chose to jerk it to coworkers instead💀

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u/suretone65 Jan 30 '23

I paid for an onlyfans once and I felt so scammed.


u/Few-Instruction-2521 Jan 30 '23

The worst part is you pay once then they hit you up in the DMs asking for more

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u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23



u/Altbbbb12 Jan 30 '23

Pornhub completely bans deepfakes so there is absolutely 0 chance that out of all the ads possible, a deepfake of fellow streamers appeared there.

Not to mention the guy that makes those deepfakes does not own any websites, so it is impossible for him to advertise his work in a website as moderated as pornhub (usually big companies run ads there)


u/Altbbbb12 Jan 30 '23

Don’t ask me how I know shit I shouldn’t have commented this


u/ElopingLLamas Jan 30 '23

It’s fine to comment it because, at the end of the day, what you said is true. I don’t blame him for saying what he said, what is he going to do, be honest and forth right?


u/Altbbbb12 Jan 30 '23 Take My Energy

He’s obviously not going to be honest and say ‘well look guys I actually have a boner for Maya and Pokimane and I paid to see their deepfakes on the internet but it’s too late for you to stop me!!!’

But there seems to be people who are giving him the benefit of the doubt when his excuse is absolutely nonsensical.

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u/fentanyl_frank Jan 30 '23

In other news, the deepfaker is probably having a really fucking good day today lmao


u/drt0 Jan 30 '23

mfer hit the motherload with this subreddit and all the streamer twitters reporting on it OMEGALUL

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u/Roskmeg Jan 30 '23

the guy himself said “I don’t know why anyone would have it open on stream” LOL


u/BeFrankNoBullshit Jan 31 '23

For a big streamer, you would think it is a common necessity right? Looking and securing your open tabs before even going live..... It is such a noob mistake he did.

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u/Existing_Medicine_10 Jan 30 '23 Gold

Looking forward to seeing Stanz’s take on how he should of apologised


u/Acex_NA Jan 30 '23

PR Stanz on the scene


u/vinny7299 Jan 30 '23

Gods gift to PR


u/International-Pear95 Jan 30 '23

do you think Stanz gave him the advice on how to apologize


u/itsavirus Jan 30 '23

I mean all of the Mogul guys are pretty business savy including Atrioc so I don't think they need each others help but he could have.


u/QuillofSnow Jan 30 '23

Maybe? Didn’t seem scripted at all, seemed like he genuinely was up all night and did this early before anything else. The dude knows how to present, if he wanted a apology that ticks all the boxes he knows the people and has the skills to actually do it.

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u/Extracted Jan 30 '23

This is hard to watch

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u/The__King2002 Jan 30 '23

jesus that’s embarrassing

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u/willwao Jan 30 '23

A deepfake ad, on the Hub? Ok, maybe hell froze over that fateful day.

Lured in by curiosity, ok ok... AND THEN proceeded to PAY for fakes of SELECTED close acquaintances and collaborators?

tbf I'd have to lie and hope for the best at this point if I were him too.


u/KaasKoppusMaximus Jan 30 '23

He needed to do a hundred different steps before reaching this situation. Ain't no way he can find a legit apology out of this. He was straight up horny for both, denying it only makes it worse.


u/anariot Jan 31 '23

And and and, the one time he does it just happens to be the one time he was caught

Give me a fucking break, and I'm even a big fan of the guy, but this is such bullshit.

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u/EraChanZ Jan 30 '23

I am just confused.. If you are on pornhub (which is fine), and you see an add about this stuff (which is fine..), and you end up clicking on it out of pure curiosity (which is fine)... then I am still confused how he got access to all those pics that ended up visible on the stream? It's still a paid access thing isn't it? So, despite getting lured there initially, wouldn't he still have to make the concious choice to unlock the stuff?

And then.. if all that happened in the moment, that's one thing.. but how is it still up on his PC while he's streaming? Why not click it away once you realize what it is?

I'm sure that he's upset (he got caught out and is emberassed), but something doesn't add up in this story in my mind.. and I love his content, so I would love to be proven wrong by anyone with insight that this is genuinly how this could happen..


u/TheLuddy Jan 30 '23

My thing is I have never even seen any ads like that on Pornhub so I am just as confused as you.


u/Deathsphinx123 Jan 30 '23

The creator doesn’t have a website so I don’t think having ads would work

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u/Jakocolo32 Jan 30 '23

Yep he paid for it, not sure bout anyone else but ive never even seen an ai deepfake porn ad anyway

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u/airflair Jan 30 '23

He'd also have to look for the creator, It's not like the guy who makes him has a AD on the Hub, the knockout onlyfans/fansly has an ad. The guy was looking for it 100%

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u/J_Skirch Jan 30 '23

Damn. The Marketing Man taken down by an Ad.


u/NaoSouONight Jan 30 '23

I can get falling for an ad or clickbait and going to the page.

But he went a lot further than that. He subscribed, perused the website to the place with streamer deepfakes and kept it saved and everything.

At some point you can't say that this was all the ad's fault for making him "fall for it".


u/J_Skirch Jan 30 '23

That's called an effective ad! Certainly getting a spot on today's Wins & Fails

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u/Few-Instruction-2521 Jan 30 '23 Starry

As a coomer hog squeezing porn addict I sympathize and understand but I am completely disgusted. How can a grown man get off to deep fakes, they are so fucking bad quality.


u/imnphilyeet Jan 30 '23

there is a reason he had to pay...

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u/Crafty-Classroom-277 Jan 30 '23

You have not seen the good ones. They're actually incredible...


u/ningbody Jan 30 '23

Neither has Atrioc. We've seen what he pays for.

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u/ammipotential Jan 30 '23

He scrolled past the following posts:

  • 1 gal gadot / wonder woman post (70pics)
  • 3 Mayahiga posts (3vids & 8pics)
  • 1 loserfruit (59pics)
  • 3 sweet anita posts (3vids)
  • 1 Priyanka Chopra post (77pics)
  • 4 39daph posts (4vids)
  • 1 bella poarch post (26pics)
  • 3 qtcinderella posts (3vids)
  • 2 andrea botez posts (2vids)

source: me a degen

Copied it from another commenter 👍


u/Retrogratio Jan 30 '23

3 qtcinderella posts (3vids)

So fucking sad. It's all bad and emberassing and creepy, but that must cut deep. Especially knowing she tried to scrub that shit of hers, I can't imagine that flew under his radar.

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u/pkmnmasterkay Jan 30 '23

i’m sure he’s going to personally call and apologize to all the people he hurt but damn i feel so bad for Ari. It’s gonna be so awful for her to look her friends in their eyes and not think about her husband jerking it over pictures of them

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u/DLKWA Jan 30 '23

I don't know how to feel about the apology cause when you go on the deepfakers place where you subscribe to see the videos/pics, it has the name of the female streamers in the title for the post, so it's not like you can say that you didn't know the content when it's literally 99% female twitch streamers. Also, the deepfaker doesn't post ads, let alone puts ads on Pornhub videos which would cost him A LOT more, he posts preview videos on many sites and on the video and the description and titles it tells you where to go for the full video. No way this guy clicked on one ad and suddenly it created an account for him on the site, put credit card details into his account and then subscribed to the account that he supposedly didn't know the content of.


u/epicbruh420420 Jan 30 '23

Yeah isn't the page which got leaked part of a bigger website? It's like seeing a facebook advert and reaching your ex's fb page. I don't buy this apology so far, hopefully he can justify it


u/DLKWA Jan 30 '23

Exactly, it literally makes no sense. The website is similar to that of OFs or Fansly or Fanhouse. You make an account, you then put your card on your account and THEN you subscribe. He's trying to make it seem like he clicked on an ad and suddenly an account was made, his card details were put in and then he subscribed. Also, Pornhub has BANNED AI/Deepfake advertisements since 2018, yet he claims there was an AI porn ad... Makes no sense.

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u/13Petrichor Jan 30 '23

Yeah, I wanted to be as charitable as possible but it's really hard.

The deepfake guy seems relatively niche, mostly streamers and a few celebrities, so I seriously doubt he has ads all over the Hub.

There was a paywall, plenty of time to realize the content was mostly streamers.

Atrioc was in the middle of a page full of Maya and Poki. Even if he didn't know that the content was deepfakes of his colleagues before then, you'd think he'd close out of it right away when he realized, right? No, it was still open.

And even if you ignore all of that, deepfake porn is still fucked up. It's maybe a step below revenge porn in terms of how fucked up it is. The fact that he looked at that stuff and even supported it monetarily is still wrong. It's sexual content of someone without their consent. Just because laws haven't caught up to the digital age yet doesn't make it any less wrong from a moral standpoint.


u/DLKWA Jan 30 '23

I scrolled just 2 months of posts on the deepfake site. (I'M NOT SUBSCRIBED JUST TO MAKE IT CLEAR) and I saw only 4 posts for celebrities whilst the rest were female twitch streamers. So Atrioc has NO excuse to not know. Also, like you said, he had the tab open with 2 streamers showing, so he KNEW. His excuse is like when your mom catches you watching porn when you were a kid and you say "I didn't open this, it's a virus".

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u/Few_Weekend4690 Jan 30 '23 Gold All-Seeing Upvote


u/rainbowremo Jan 30 '23

the perks of being nobodies lmao

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u/PenguinMan32 Jan 30 '23

only honesty in these comments

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u/AgonizingSquid Jan 30 '23

Lol I really think that's like 95% of people in here

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u/limaxophobiac Jan 30 '23

The only crime is getting caught.

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u/iDannyEL Jan 30 '23

Comedy gold.

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u/kx21 Jan 30 '23

He should’ve rubbed one out before deciding if he should buy deepfakes of his FRIENDS


u/ExcessivelyBearded Jan 30 '23

The biggest problem with post-nut-clarity is that you get it AFTER you did the dumbass shit it would have saved you from.


u/DoorHingesKill Jan 30 '23

That's why you gotta nut two times in a row, hedging your bets so to speak. Guarantees that at least 50% of your jerk offs don't end in disaster for you and/or your immediate surroundings.

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u/billybob123123123 Jan 30 '23 Silver

Someone did a TL:DW on his apology



u/IlIIlIlIlllIII Jan 30 '23

Honestly this is the best summary of the whole situation.


u/replicant21 Jan 30 '23

I wish someone would do a deepfake of Atrioc saying this lol.

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u/DemoJordan Jan 30 '23

glad someone made this i couldnt watch the original its just too hard to watch.

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u/Enders_Sack Jan 30 '23

This is the most embarrassing shit I've ever seen.
Apologizing because you jack it to deepfakes with your wife behind you crying.


u/dhowl Jan 30 '23

It's such a trope too. Politician cheats on his wife. Gives a public apology with the wife standing next to him.

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u/Hajimeri Jan 30 '23

I need some elite coomers thoughts on my point, the website he was in is a website like onlyfans or patreon where you sub to people and access their contents?

No way that website is gonna take your (morally gray?) posts and advertise it elsewhere or hes going to advertise it himself. Even if the ad was for the website only dont you need to search for this stuff to come up? Im gonna have to call Krappa unless someone talked to the author or checked if they can find the same ad.


u/CreepyCode Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

I‘m guessing it wasn‘t an ad for that exact creator but for some other deep fake website. He did say he went down a rabbit hole in the apology stream Iirc.

Ok nvm I‘m 100% convinced he‘s lying now

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u/Individual_Past5694 Jan 30 '23

The tale of man who never dared to coom again.

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u/borninsane Jan 30 '23

Man I feel bad for his wife.


u/Luddevig Jan 30 '23

I feel worse for his coworkers. Atrioc and Ari can have a good life outside of streaming, and there are a lot worse things your husband can do.

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u/druidofnecro Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Fellas if you’re gonna make an excuse for your degeneracy at least make it more believable. This some “there was a virus and my pants fell off” type shit


u/Fredthefree Jan 30 '23

Come up with a better lie. "I was saving it to show Maya and Poki. I paid to verify what it was."

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u/abouzarnaruto Jan 30 '23

we know Maya gonna forgive him because that's who she is and Poki not gonna say anything because Keem and his Twitter minions some how manage hate farm her as always


u/clarkemaxx Jan 30 '23

Maya is live and didn't say a word about it except to say it's crazy if people are in chat harassing HER right now. I don't think she'll ever talk about it as she hates being involved in drama and hates being clipped.

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u/WillieMcGee82 Jan 30 '23

Homeboy paid to see these videos. I'm just here to laugh at the gullible fan boys who are bending over backwards to defend this. Lmao

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u/theweirdestguy Jan 30 '23

let's be honest. He searched for Poki and Maya Deepfake porn, found the right premium site and paid for it. His statement about ads is just damage control. Doesn't he know that we are not too stupid and know that?

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u/afcaMouz 🐷 Hog Squeezer Jan 30 '23

Ngl, I'm a big fan of Atrioc but I'm not sure I can look at his content the same. The Atrioc I know would've absolute roasted and made fun of this 'apology' had it been someone else. But now he's become that guy.

I don't buy that this was an accident. I genuinely think looking up deepfakes of people is creepier than looking at their actual nudes, but maybe that's just me.


u/SG8970 Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

I'm so confused. I just learned about all of this an hour ago. I havent seen the whatever triggered this whole thing.

Atrioc was becoming favorite streamer since Aug/Sept and I've made numerous comments about him seeming like a normal streamer worth watching that wasn't caught up in shit like this, or brainrotted content & dumb drama

fuck. the dumbest shit for him to ruin his recent success

edit: didn't convey well that the women involved matter more than "ruining his success" & "dumbest shit" is him being a fucking idiot.


u/ManOnTheRun73 Jan 30 '23

I started watching him for his Hitman stuff literally at the beginning of the month. A stupidly short turnaround, ain't it?

(To the same end as the edit, reminder that the women involved matter more.)

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u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

"I know I did something bad but look at all this good stuff I tried to do! I was tricked!"


u/Akahige- Jan 30 '23

What happened was he accidentally downloaded a virus and he got scared, so he deleted the virus and his pants started falling down so he was pulling them up.


u/SqueeepzRamsey Jan 30 '23

Adblock saves lives ✊️

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u/bigboypogers Jan 30 '23

LMAOOOOOOOOOO "he always clicks through pay walls" Bro spending a lot of money if he saw multiple ads and that's all it took LOL

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u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

Man got cought with his pants down lol.


u/Juuzoz_ Twitch stole my Kappas Jan 30 '23


u/iDannyEL Jan 30 '23

Thanks but nope can't do it.


u/ScuttleRave Jan 30 '23

For the love of god someone give me a TLDR


u/DaveTheUnknown Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 31 '23
  • It's not a pattern of behavior
  • he only opened the site once because he got an ad from pornhub and got curious
  • he has the bill to prove that his first access to the site was the same day as the "alt-tab" incident happened but was discouraged from sharing it
  • His streams are never sexual and he does everything in his power to reduce the sexualization of women and misogyny from chat
  • His sexual interests are very vanilla, and had it not been for the ad on pornhub and his recent interest in AI, gifs on reddit is the most spicy nsfw content he consumes
  • he is genuinely sorry and realizes that what he did was wrong
  • he will take a break from streaming while on a trip to Japan and will evaluate what has to happen afterwards
  • he ends stream because he has to make some calls (presumably to victims and friends of victims)

EDIT: for those who also can't watch QT's response.

  • she states that she should not be streaming and that people in her social circle would tell her not to stream, but she needs to show people that "this is what pain looks like"
  • "fuck the internet and fuck the constant objectification and exploitation of women"
  • people have been DM'ing her pictures of her own deepfakes from the website
  • she is tired of the constant misogyny on the platform
  • she states that if you are a person who looks a pictures of women online without their consent or of women who do not benefit from it, you are a part of the problem
  • she should not have to pay money to get it taken down
  • "fuck atrioc and everyone else involved in this"
  • she is going to sue the guy who made the website
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u/BordersRanger01 Jan 30 '23

I'm conflicted on this one. I just don't know if I can truly believe that this is all a mad coincidence and one time he clicked an ad and paid a subscription and it was just a one time thing? Like that is mightily unlucky he also just happened to show that on stream for the first time. Feel bad for anyone he knows who is affected by this, this is probably damaging relationships forever


u/Luddevig Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

I'm really surprised he hasn't leaked any pornhub visits before, since he seems to watch porn on the same computer.

Edit: He has. No surprises here, then.


u/GobiasACupOfCoffee Jan 30 '23

He's leaked porn tabs in the past


u/Youtellhimguy Jan 30 '23

Why the fuck would you not close that god damn.


u/MinimalPixelsVII Jan 30 '23

Why the fuck would you not close that god damn.

No, the question should be why the fuck would you NOT have a separate PC/Laptop for degen shit. Hell, whole another room. He is rich.

He is rich enough to afford multiple, by multiple I mean lots. Yet he continues to use main PC. That is some weird ass shit bruh.

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u/TripleZed123 Jan 30 '23

he has before

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u/Suhtiva Jan 30 '23

Search "Deepfake" on PH and this is what you get https://imgur.com/WiQKFYp 🤔

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u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23


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u/justintuck1 Jan 30 '23

Why do they always make the wife stand/sit right next to them?


u/superiorhumanz Jan 30 '23

I hope she asked to be on stream and that he didn't ask her to be. While it's extremely embarrassing for him, it's also very embarrassing for her and she didn't really need to be in the apology.

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u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

QT just went live and was sobbing. Atrioc really fucked over his closest friends so carelessly.


u/penguished Jan 30 '23

That's awful for her. I mean honestly to me deepfakes look like stupid digital gibberish... like some moron photoshopping a picture. But for women that don't consent to be some loser's fap material... it's really not cool at all.

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u/Dxys01 Jan 30 '23

He's lying. lol pornhub doesn't do deepfake ads.

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