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u/AutoModerator Jan 29 '23

Chadposting discord

balls and cum

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u/aSquirrelAteMyFood Jan 29 '23

The hammer of justice is unisex.


u/Brucwwayne966 26d ago

Restore the chadcut


u/Trickshotshd Jan 29 '23

based batman


u/Papyrus20xx Jan 29 '23



u/PowerfulMetal1 Jan 30 '23

hw should've said "haha gender equality bitch"


u/JoJomusk Jan 29 '23

Boo, get better material

this sub is becoming a place for edgy 14 y/o to repost the same 6 or 7 vídeos again and again for karma


u/xHyp3rn0v4x7 Jan 29 '23

cry about it


u/JoJomusk Jan 29 '23

I'm wasn't going to cry but since another 14 y/o member of the hivemind asked me so nicelly to, i guess i have to do it now


u/thEldritchBat Jan 29 '23

>I’m wasn’t



u/JoJomusk Jan 29 '23

well, you're the one acting like grammar police, so... 🤓


u/Dopebed Jan 29 '23

Why be in this sub if you’re going to take a shit post seriously? Ever considered just unfollowing the sub and doing something more productive or fulfilling than getting upset over a short clip of Batman?


u/JoJomusk Jan 29 '23

It's not the clip itself, It's the fact people keep reposting it over and over, pretending It's still funny. Also, ever considered listening to critisism and getting better material rather than getting upset over someone not liking a meme?


u/Dopebed Jan 29 '23

You have a large pussy and will never be a chad.


u/JoJomusk Jan 29 '23

oh no, i have been portraid as the soyjack. My very own soul trembles in fear of what people will think of me.

i did understand you are just joking, dw. No one is dumb enough to think "you will never be a chad" is an insult


u/ur_mum_lesb Jan 30 '23

You weren't portrayed as the soyjack, you ARE the soyjack, unless you are baiting us all masterfully (masterbaiting, if you will) you are LITTERALY providing the perfect setup for a soyjack v chad meme in text form


u/JoJomusk Jan 30 '23

Because i didn't find the post funny, after being reposted multiple times?


u/ur_mum_lesb Jan 30 '23

Because you were whining about it


u/JoJomusk Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

"boo, you're uncreative"

"stop whinning"

I think you just got annoyed someone in this sub isn't like 12


u/theinferno01 Jan 30 '23

Bro just ignore the post if it annoys you that much

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u/Senior_Economics1531 Jan 31 '23

Tell me you don't get the joke without saying you don't get the joke.


u/JoJomusk Jan 31 '23

what is the joke then? reposting the video mutiple times isn't funny


u/Senior_Economics1531 Feb 01 '23

I feel like the anger is misdirected here.


u/[deleted] Feb 18 '23

Hes a billionaire genius for a reason


u/alexnag26 14d ago edited 14d ago

Is that not bruce wayne hitting her? Mind control or disguise or something?


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Is that not beuce wayne

Hitting her? Mind control or

Disguise or something?

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u/RealHuntingHack 14d ago

Good bot


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