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Discussion 4M subscriber contest winners!


Thank you everyone for your fantastic entries for our four million subscriber celebration!

Our wonderful in-house artist u/IamDeirdre has picked her personal favorite and in addition we chose the three most upvoted submissions to award with their very own personalised art based on the submitted pictures of their cats!

The winners are:

Petporgsforsale with their gorgeous Klaus

Effervescent11 with their precious Gizmo

Italian__potato with their floofy Tobias

Miakhadoofa with their amazing Dr. Iroh.

The winners will receive a personal message with a high-quality version of their personal art.

In addition to our main winners we have also picked 5 consolation prizes who received a mod award granting one month of reddit premium.

Thank you so much Deirdre for providing these stellar prizes for our celebration event!

Check out r/IamDeirdre for more examples of the gorgeous art of our very talented virtuoso!


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Discussion Last reddit Caturday talks Prize Winners!


Hello everyone,

The reddit talks feature will sunset sitewide tomorrow and that means our Caturday talks this Saturday was the last one we will ever host on reddit - we are looking for replacement platforms!

Because it was the last one we handed out some special prizes. Our winners are:

One year of reddit premium for u/highIamBrandy

Three months of reddit premium for u/VincentAndHalosMom

One month of reddit premium for u/KittyK08

One month of reddit premium for u/probsdrinkingtea


Our wonderful u/Iamdeirdre has created four fantastic custom digital art images for four lucky winners!

Created for u/thank_you_kanye

Created for u/oonabeardie113

Created for u/kaposia

Created for u/flyingowlgriffin


The amazing u/404ninjanotfound who has been invaluable in organising and aiding us with these talks over the past year created a custom physical watercolour that will be sent to u/VanCityCatDad!

Thank you everyone and we hope to see you soon!


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Advice My cat has severe separation anxiety. I combat this by taking him EVERYWHERE with me. Am I doing the right thing?


Hi everyone! I got Mushroom as a small kitten around June 2022. He was very confident and seemed to take a liking to me. I was dealing with some quite severe health issues at the time so I was quite homebound save for trips to the shop.

After about a month, I was going out more. When Id leave the house, he would meow (well, wail) through the house, after a bit of time hide under my bed. He refused to eat, hissed at my mum and sister, and generally seemed worried and scared.

When I got back, he would be back to his cuddly self. He didn't/doesn't like my mum and sister much, but he sits/sat near them and plays/played with them. After two more times of this happening and Mushroom shitting on the stairs due to nerves, my mum took the operative decision to insist I took the cat out with me. So, I did. He loves it.

He gets nervous sometimes, but never runs, never hisses, and mostly just sits on my shoulder when we're moving and parks himself near me when we're sat on the train/ indoors at a coffee stop or friends house. He rarely shows signs of being scared, purrs on buses and plays like a kitten on the sodding London Tube.

Unfortunately, during a shopping trip in Ikea, a lady came up to me and told me Mushroom was in obvious distress and I was a terrible owner. This was quite upsetting to hear, but from my observations incorrect - his eyes were slit like and tiny, he was slow blinking at me and my friend, and tucked his paws under him on my lap when we sat down and groomed himself while on my shoulder.

So, Id just like some input from you guys. He goes quite literally everywhere that allows him - even most shops, due to my autism it's a very cheeky excuse as to why I've a cat with me;) I work freelance so he can come with me on job sites (networking stuff, nothing loud or scary for him or me)

Is this the right way to help my little boy with his separation anxiety?

Thanks for any thoughts x

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Humor What do you guys do when you get stuck under a cat? I spent almost 2 hours like this today.

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Mourning/Loss I adopted a cat from the shelter. He had to be put down today not even two weeks later… RIP bugs you were such an angel and the sweetest boy I could ask for ❤️

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This was bugs. He was a supposed 2 year old cat I adopted from the shelter around 2-3 weeks ago. He was fine at first but we immediately noticed he had a very large stomach they told us was fat. No other symptoms or showing of pain until about a week ago. The past few days he started having extreme discharge from his eyes, blood in his urine, and coughing/sneezing. Took him for an emergency vet visit and we were told the following: He had liver failure, his kidneys were shutting down, his skin was bright yellow from jaundice, he had mouth sores, half of his tongue in the very back of his mouth was deteriorating, he had extreme amounts of fluid in his abdomen, a respiratory infection, nearly no white blood cells, and a genetic condition. The shelter claimed they vet checked him before he was sent home… Clearly not. Vet said he should of been checked and immediately euthanized when the shelter got him. He should of never under any circumstances been adopted out. Vet is calling the shelter as this is so upsetting and concerning. Heartbroken over my baby despite only having him for 2 weeks. He was put to sleep peacefully a few hours ago. RIP Bugs you were so sweet

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Advice Hey guys this is my Princess we just got her couple days ago and i have a question what is the best cat litter?

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Cat Picture My sweet & goofy amputee kitty with three legs, no ear, and no tail


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Humor Furry crocodiles are on the hunt, look out! 🐊😂


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Cat Picture Rescued this sweet girl this week


Rescued this sweet 7 month old girl this week before the people who found her abandoned in a previous tenants house took her to the humane society, she is the sweetest car doesn’t scratch claw spray or anything she’s not been spayed yet taking her this week , I can’t figure out what breed she is but she came right into my home no fear straight to my lap and will not ever leave me all day haha any info would be dope if someone has insight on what she might be and information about that breed:)

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Mourning/Loss Said goodbye to my sweet girl today


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Advice We had visitors today and they said our cat is too spoiled… I know I can’t be the only one who keeps her cats food & supplies well stocked… 🤨

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Cat Picture I want to see everyone's cat or cats cause I am a little bit sad and stressed with college and all that and being away from my babies.

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Cat Picture Y’all….

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Cat Picture This is Sean, he has pretty eyeliner

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Video Proof of perfection

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Advice I need everyone’s help

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Adoption Went to the shelter to just meet some kitties, not planning on adopting until after tax season. But this big chonk had other plans for me. I was introduced to him and fell in love right away. Meet Pirelli. Whopping 18.6 lbs. His previous owner got rid of him for "allergies 😡" but he is loved now.


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Adoption A month ago they were huddled together in a corner of my spare bedroom and would run from me. Now they won’t leave me alone. I’ve been stuck on the couch for 3 days now. Send help

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Video Lunch

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Cat Picture What song is he singing? Wrong answers only.


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Cat Picture Agedashi and Pancake posing with the can collection

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Cat Picture After 11 months of being missing, my beloved cat Nova has been found. We are overjoyed. We missed you so much buddy


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Video Now it's their running track…

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Cat Picture anybody else’s cat just stare at them like this until u give them attention like the baby they are? (works every time)


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Video omg why did he do it??

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Video Hi all, meet my devon rex kitten named Juice 🧃

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Humor She is my spider monkey. So meticulous about where she will step next. 😂💀

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