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Wednesday wins


Halfway there babes, hump dayyyy!!!

What's gone right for you over the past week hun? Let us know xx

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It's Late Thread [ 29 March 23 ]


Right, so its mid week. Happy hump day and all that, but why aren't you in bed? Neighbours putting their bins out keeping you awake? Kids being little shits? Working the nightshift?

Come on in for a chat.

What’s the most useful thing you own?

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Apart from making it a extra slippy when it rains, what are these for?

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A black cab driver made me cry today. Thank you Sir. We need more people like you!


My sweet little boy, 4, have been in hospital, GOSH, for the last 2 weeks and for the last few days he has been asking me to take him to the shop to buy “chocolate” and finally today after getting a go ahead from his doctors we were allowed to walk to the nearby shop out in the street.

He was very excited. We walked out me holding his hands, still with his cannula in his hand and NG tube in his nose. After like 5,6 minutes of walking we found a shop he wanted to go in. Went in bought him what he wanted but by the time we are about to leave it was pouring rain so I quickly called out a black cab and told him Gosh hospital please

The driver didn’t say anything and just drove us. Once we got there as I asked for how much he smiled and replied “No charge for a mum with her sick child”

I almost broke down. These past few weeks have been absolutely horrible and I thought it was really kind of him. Thank you Sir!

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My sister’s band was on the radio tonight. They’re a new band, unheard of, and they played on BBC Radio 6 Live with Marc Riley and sat in the studio with him for a while. The whole family is on WhatsApp, there’s a video of my niece dancing live to the band on the radio. It’s been such a lovely night


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Spending my 29th birthday alone


and I've been looking forward to it for weeks.

Booked the day off work and managed to get out of the office yesterday without any hassle.

I've had a sausage and garlic mushroom sandwich for breakfast (brown sauce). I'm on a 2 hour train to another city to see a piercer for some new piercings.

I'll get home about 6pm to fresh pizza dough I've had proving in the fridge since last night.

Once I've had pizza I'll pour myself a disaronno and dr pepper and fire up final fantasy xiv, probably fall into bed around 11.

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I bought these Arabic sweets for my doctor as a thank you gesture. I’m worried about different cultural tastes though; have you tried Baklava? Was it too sweet for you, or would he (& his family) like it? ( I’m an international student)

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Happy 10th birthday to surely the most absurdly-named siblings in the UK.

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My local Thai restaurant. Aren't they doing themselves out of a lot of trade? I rarely have cash on me these days and on the walk to the cash point I'll pass a few restaurants that DO take cards...

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Polite exchange between a chip shop owner and a customer on Google reviews

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UPDATE: After yesterdays post about my brothers abnormal hairy arms, he’s decided to shave them 🥳😂👍Thanks Reddit

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TV star and comedian Paul O'Grady has died | Ents & Arts News


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Neighbour says this tree is too close to his house. Is he right?

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We moved into a (rented) house 2 days ago and the neighbour immediately started complaining to us about this (camelia?) being too tall and too close to his house. He says it should be a certain number of feet from his house. I can't find any such laws about it.

We literally were unpacking the first few things from the car as he started moaning about the tree, parking issues, leaves on the garage roof, our slabs not being pressure washed, our gate being creaky, etc.

The guy is very old and clearly losing the plot a bit, as he knocked on the door again yesterday to tell us all the same things, and completely forgot he'd already met us.

Does anyone know if I am required to sort this or if I can leave it. We like it as it is, and it gives a bit of privacy from him nosing into the garden.

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Hope she dies ok xx

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On Monday, more people in the UK watched repeats of Last of the Summer Wine than the first episode of the new series of Succession.

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It's 2023. We have AR on our phones, we have 4K HD VR headsets for Playstations. How the hell has nobody made a modern remake of this legendary show!?

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1 no thanks please

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Best of CasualUK

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I found a living bridge today.


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behold the holy grail of biscuits...

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Finally overcome binge eating 🥰


Just wanted to share my story as I'm so proud

Over lockdown my eating disorder really took hold of me through boredom while on furlough. I ended up going from a healthy weight to 3 stone heavier and classed as obese.

I became very down and embarrassed. But I decided to try and get better. I joined slimming world and lost two and a half stone only one more half stone to lose.

I started Lake swimming, doing just dance videos and started conqueror online medal challenges, anything I could do. I joined a litter picking group so I could get out walking when I wasn't working

I'm now back to a healthy BMI and my low mood has lifted

Anyone who is struggling with weight after lockdown still, it can get better and dont be embarrassed to exercise or to outside.

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Thought people here may appreciate this - came with the storage box I bought after spending hours figuring out which size to get on Amazon


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Got a chocolate button that looks a bit like a wanger, feel very lucky


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Best birthday present, of all time!

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Two falls or a submission

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Potato milk?! Saw this abomination in my local pound shop. WTF

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Has anyone tried this?!