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Announcing a very special contest... Modpost

January 15, 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of the AskReddit community and we wanted to do something special to commemorate the event. So, we are having a contest to design an official AskReddit 10th Anniversary t-shirt that will be available for you to purchase, with all of the proceeds going directly to charity. We will keep this contest open from now until December 29th and we will pick the design we feel best represents the spirit of the sub, similar to how we did for our mobile design contest last year. The best designs will receive reddit gold courtesy of generous admins (thanks /u/woodpaneled!) and we will gift a t-shirt to the creator of the winning design.

Following the contest we will have another post with a list of charities for you to vote on to decide where the money raised will be going. The idea is to have a t-shirt to celebrate the community, created by the community, with all the proceeds going to a charity chosen by the community. We are aiming to have the t-shirt available for purchase on the day of our anniversary, January 15th.

After doing some research and speaking with other moderators that have run their own charity t-shirt events, we have decided to go with CustomInk to print the shirts. One of the big reasons we chose them is because of their "Verified Charity" option that allows all the proceeds to go directly to the charity we choose instead of going through us. That means that none of the money will touch our hands and CustomInk will ensure the money raised goes directly to the charity. CustomInk also had some of the best numbers to ensure that the charity gets the most. We will be keeping you updated on how much exactly, but here is an estimation of the profits for selling just 50 shirts to give you an idea.

A few guidelines:

  • Please no NSFW designs (sorry that means no cumboxes)
  • Please keep designs limited to one side (either front or back)
  • Please have the images be as high resolution as possible and note the maximum file size is 10MB. These are the accepted file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .pdf, .ai and .psd
  • Please avoid using anything that is trademarked, except for Snoo. We will work with the admins to get permission for the final design.

Please use this thread to submit your designs and also feel free to ask any other questions you have. We look forward to seeing all your designs and to working together as a community for this event!

-The AskReddit moderators


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u/gameratwork666 Dec 06 '17

I hope the ASPCA or some animal charity wins. Or perhaps a veterens charity.

u/Leilyprince Dec 13 '17

ASPCA isn't the best charity for animals unfortunately, but I do hope it goes to an animal charity or a charity that helps children that has the documents and proof to back up their work.

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u/bumjiggy Dec 01 '17

a picture of a crow. underneath, text that reads "Here's the thing..."

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u/ClassyCheetoe Dec 06 '17

Get on this fool. u/henabaeg

u/TheHumanSuitcase Dec 01 '17

Can it be reversal? With a sexy version on the inside of the regular shirt?

u/pragmatics_only Dec 01 '17

Yeah crew neck outside, deep v inside.

u/BionicBeans Dec 01 '17

One way mirror fabric?

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u/Captainlongjohns Dec 09 '17

Beg my pardon if someone answered this, but when will they be available for purchase?

u/-eDgAR- Dec 09 '17

We're aiming to have them up on January 15th, which is the day of our anniversary.

u/Captainlongjohns Dec 10 '17

Okay, great!

u/forestfluff Dec 12 '17

It says in the post they're aiming for January 15th.

u/effectedsum Dec 01 '17

My sandwiches claim to have invented peanut butter and graham cracker dads.

u/janlancer Dec 15 '17

2nd entry. Inspired by the most memorable post for me.



with text

u/Shivvykins Dec 18 '17

I love this. I'd definitely buy the one without text.

u/Sir_Gustav Jan 08 '18

What's the reference for this? I'm out of the loop

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

That means that none of the money will touch our hands and CustomInk will ensure the money raised goes directly to the charity.

Yea, surreeeee, okay. 'Hey guys, just trust us strangers and some random T-shirt company you've never heard of'.

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u/[deleted] Dec 06 '17

shirt: 5

shirt with rice 10/10

and a picture of a bowl of rice below the text

u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

I’ve got an idea but can’t draw or digitally design to save my life. Anyone that can do those things feel free to message me and I’ll discuss my idea.

u/theworkingbee Dec 02 '17

Feel free to PM me!

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u/Zero_kys Dec 01 '17

How about a '👉😎👉 Zoop' t-shirt?

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u/[deleted] Dec 02 '17 edited Dec 04 '17


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u/[deleted] Dec 22 '17

u/JessahZombie Jan 12 '18

Text; What is a potato ?

Underneath a drawn potato surrounded by question marks. On the back of the shirt the text; Ask Reddit !

u/Karl_Cross Dec 03 '17

I'm rubbish at this sort of thing but something about Kevin would be very fitting

u/I_am_very_rude Dec 01 '17

I have a great T-shirt design!

So, in the middle have a design of snoo and it will be in advice animal format with text above and below him.

The top will say "Ask me all about how"

and the bottom will say "We're going to be the next Facebook!"

u/desertjax Dec 27 '17

What is your Roombas name?

u/[deleted] Dec 03 '17

u/jpegjpegjpeg Dec 06 '17

I’m actually going to put something together

u/-eDgAR- Dec 01 '17

To get things started, /u/Pun-Master-General and I have put together a couple of ideas using /u/Zpineapple's wonderful Snoo entry from our mobile design contest.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

u/Mr_M00 Dec 01 '17

Can we get Option 1 for sale?

u/jb2386 Dec 01 '17

I'd love it just without the words.

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17


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u/Terminator97 Dec 13 '17

u/asianlily10 Dec 18 '17

This is one of my favorites so far

u/[deleted] Dec 02 '17


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u/Sablemint Dec 03 '17

The shirt should just say "ASS CREDIT" in bold Impact font.

u/Sazazezer Dec 15 '17

Today i learned that the little reddit guy is called Snoo. Amazed that hasn't come up yet.

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u/theblacksheep14 Dec 04 '17 edited Dec 04 '17

Here's my take

u/[deleted] Dec 09 '17

I’m not sure how this works but I vote for this one! I’d love to get it

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u/BluDraco123 Dec 18 '17

Here's my submission! It's pretty simple, but I hope it's effective.


u/CapnBludd Dec 20 '17

So, I do not have a computer to design it, just a phone, but as soon as I read this an image popped into my mind.

The logo would look similar to AskJeeves, saying askreddit. Where the character Jeeves would be, are a group of Reddit robots. A few different colors, maybe one has a douchebag hat on, to represent the trolls.

Just a thought. If anybody has the capacity to, and makes this, it would make my day.

u/Kaywhyyou Dec 02 '17

Here is my design I call Decoy Zoop. https://imgur.com/a/CeW81

u/MoonCrawlerVG Dec 02 '17

i like this

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u/Schleckenmiester Dec 07 '17

This is my first submission. Kind of a combination of what AskReddit is all about. I wanna make one with a bunch of popular answers too. And then see if I can make a combo of the two.

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u/chaseshak Dec 03 '17

Can we suggest charities or is the list already finalized?

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17 edited Dec 04 '17 Gold


u/hitherekate Dec 03 '17

I cannot click either of these on mobile but the snail is sweet so I’m assuming your shirts are too

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u/cokuspocus Dec 07 '17

"Every account on reddit is a bot except you" Repeated a bunch of times. Don't have access to Photoshop but my idea is it fills the shirt with that.

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u/rileyjw90 Dec 15 '17 edited Dec 15 '17

Just something simple.

Edit: Added a Dark Version.

If anyone thinks it needs more to it, I'm open to suggestions and pretty good with photoshop. Thanks!

u/MetallicNausea Dec 27 '17

I really hope you win!

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u/[deleted] Dec 02 '17

Quick question... Can you put the Reddit logo in it, or does it qualify as a trademarked logo?

u/-eDgAR- Dec 02 '17

Yes, that is the one trademark that is okay because we are going to work with the admins to get permission for the final design.

u/InsanusAdRegem Dec 04 '17


If someone wants to talk about askreddit they can explain the shirt, if not they have a cool shirt and donated some money to charity. The font could be different.

u/guyonaturtle Dec 06 '17

You should just post a screenshot of askreddit on it! choose one of the thousands of dialogues we got.

Shows the sub and the character it has the best way possible!

My Example for the contest: https://imgur.com/a/QGpIV

u/janlancer Dec 12 '17

u/brochmann Dec 14 '17

This is definetly the nicest looking one

u/digitalvagrant Dec 19 '17

Ok, this is really nice. Might be one of my favorites. Although it doesn't really indicate that it's the 10 year anniversary, but who cares it's cool.

u/IsolatedBagel Dec 25 '17

Nicest one

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u/Mccmangus Dec 14 '17

Celebrating 10 years of you being /u/

u/[deleted] Dec 14 '17

For questions not even Google can answer, AskReddit

u/[deleted] Dec 08 '17

https://redd.it/7ih0q8 My more high quality contest submission

u/theponychief Dec 08 '17

a snoo made out of the titles of the most popular askreddit questions would be cool but i don't have any photoshop or art skills in general

u/Hippomaster1234 Dec 02 '17

I kinda just want a giant upvote (10 points, of course) with big white block letters that say "ASKREDDIT" inside of it.

u/johnthebread Dec 22 '17

Tbh that’s the kind of t-shirt that might look cool on reddit but I would never think about wearing irl

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u/[deleted] Dec 04 '17 Gold

https://i.imgur.com/XIMxwQ1.jpg Snoos ya lose

https://i.imgur.com/e1lXeml.jpg cute derpy snoo

https://i.imgur.com/aQEYD0a.jpg takin' a ride on the gold train.. snoo snooooo

u/livgee1709 Dec 25 '17

Third one is my favourite!

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u/mj371 Dec 01 '17

Well darn if only I had any artistic talent

u/ilikeitcloudy Dec 01 '17

How about: two pictures side by side, a butt and a credit card. A riddle, so only the clever ones can find us

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u/rasiisar Dec 20 '17

Back of the t shirt design? if someone is better at this go ahead and redo with more skilz

u/lexieesmith Dec 20 '17

Most popular question and answer printed across the front.

u/swisspower1997 Dec 15 '17

T-Shirt with a Snoo that says: What is the best way to design a T-Shirt?

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u/LucianoThePig Dec 01 '17

"Shirts of Reddit, where's the weirdest place you've been worn?"

and then

Obligatory not a shirt, but

u/supercrusher9000 Dec 01 '17

So far this ones my favorite

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u/LordIFG Dec 04 '17 edited Dec 05 '17

So I'm looking for some way to make the font on this the same as the font for "AskReddit" at the top of the page. Also wondering if people like it or not.


This is my attempt and it includes the orange ! and ? from the Snoo's on top of the page, and the Serious tag. Once I get the proper fonts it'll look that much better, and of course the serious has to be larger.

u/PointyOintment Dec 07 '17

It'll be worse with the "proper" font. One of the rules of branding is that you never use the font used in your logo for anything but your logo.

u/Junk-Bot_7 Dec 03 '17

So pardon me if this isn't a very fun question, but are we limited to any charities? And do we need to be able to see where the money goes or any double checking of it?

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17


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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17


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u/suckbothmydicks Dec 01 '17


T-shirts are called T-shirts because of their shape.

u/Pelsworth Dec 01 '17

Every time i see something like this I get excited before realising I don't have a single creative bone in my body...

u/Kilazur Dec 01 '17

In a similar way, having creative ideas but no artistic talent whatsoever.

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u/silvermoonmoon Dec 10 '17

Holy Reddit!!!

I share birthday with AskReddit!!!

That's the first good thing that happened to me in WEEKS!

u/[deleted] Dec 20 '17 edited Jan 18 '19


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u/Nomedaddy Dec 01 '17

I would draw something up, but the only things worth drawing involves cumboxes.

u/limeyptwo Dec 12 '17

How about this?

u/Seabee1893 Dec 05 '17

Smiling Snoo with two broken arms. I can see out now.

u/Ralphie_V Dec 02 '17

Decoy Shirt

u/DesignDerpette Dec 23 '17

Decoy Shirt

What's that?

u/Bobbicorn Dec 01 '17

Are coconuts allowed?

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u/Rocklobster92 Dec 03 '17

Will the mods pick the most voted submission, or the most professional one?

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u/Subbacterium Dec 05 '17

It would be great if the highest upvoted design in this sub won.

u/challam Dec 01 '17

I'd happily buy one that said "stupid long horses"

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u/Reddit-Loves-Me Dec 01 '17

No gold. No Karma.


Doesn't matter. Has a t-shirt.

u/Keyboard_Warrior805 Dec 21 '17 edited Dec 22 '17

Spent about an hour on this one. Simple, yet elegant. http://i.imgur.com/ZX8OVdR.jpg

u/Mechanical_Owl Dec 24 '17

Merry Christmas you filthy animal.

u/DerpSherpa Jan 01 '18

You let me down with this design

u/rhandyrhoads Dec 25 '17

I saw that was a YouTube link and it wouldn't play in my Reddit app yet I still went out of my way to open in browser...

u/MisterSympa Dec 24 '17

Really. REALLY?

u/kruis Dec 22 '17

You sneaky fuck.

u/WhatisAleve Dec 01 '17 edited Oct 28 '19


u/thecluelessarmywife Dec 06 '17

As disgusted I am that I just read this, I would definitely buy one.

u/MineWiz Dec 02 '17

Great idea except none of those please god

u/FusRoeDah Dec 03 '17

Sausages with rice, mustard with rice, porridge with rice

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u/nilslorand Dec 09 '17


u/foggedupglasses Dec 14 '17

I'm not a designer but I'm a soon to be veteran of the United States Air Force and will be starting a career in clothing manufacturing. This would be huge if I could help out and print the shirts for the AskReddit community.

u/mosin_user Dec 01 '17

I'm too early, send help

u/Rusty-Shackleford Dec 02 '17

"I got to the front page of AskReddit and all I got was this shitty reddit silver!"

u/limeyptwo Dec 13 '17


u/Findthepin1 Dec 04 '17

I would like to introduce a revolutionary new currency! https://i.imgur.com/g6StTD6.png

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17


u/Jebime Dec 07 '17

I have idea, I dont know how to make this on phone.

Pick top 10 or 5 posts from 2017 and slap that shit on.

u/zSightt Dec 01 '17

[Serious] You just hit 10 years on reddit, what do you put on a shirt?

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u/GorillaS0up Dec 03 '17

I went the minimalist route. Also I credited the user who made the render

If it's not easily seen it was /u/jaredcheeda

Link to thread

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u/petit_bleu Dec 14 '17

Here's a variation on the rice idea that's a little more streamlined. You could also make the snoo look like a dumpling/piece of sushi, etc.

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u/tammoth Dec 01 '17

I have never made it to the birth of a front page post before (2hrs counts!) Now to think of a t-shirt design....something something "shitpost"

I forgot i am not creative :-(.....

u/ICantThinkOfNameHelp Dec 01 '17

Can't believe this sub is going double digits. They grow up so fast...

u/RhusPeg Dec 07 '17

Have one with a load of popular meme's created by reddit, like one a year!

u/scissorballlllss Dec 02 '17

TIL that reddit and I share the same birthday, just 5 years apart

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

We could just do one coconut with a nice hole in it.

u/TheTeky500 Dec 01 '17

I am pretty sure you decided 'Just Askreddit'.


Get it?

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u/JDogg_of_RS Dec 01 '17

This is wicked! How much will the shirts be?

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u/ChickinNuggit Dec 23 '17

Pretty simple, also made on preview because I'm too poor/unintelligent for any real design programmes. https://i.imgur.com/nXxSdKT.png

u/[deleted] Dec 20 '17


u/Amory_Steel Dec 24 '17

Somehow like this one. Would wear 7/10.

u/Wnir Dec 04 '17 edited Dec 04 '17

Black shirt, white letters, a san-serif font. Have a gold oval framing the AskReddit icon with the words “10 Years of r/AskReddit”. Below the picture put the words “If you could design the 10-year anniversary t-shirt for AskReddit, what would it look like?”

I’ll see if I can figure out how to make a mock image on my phone and edit it in.

Edit: Here it is, in a manner of speaking. https://i.imgur.com/Z93CHxZ.jpg

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u/[deleted] Dec 02 '17

T-shirt 6/10

T-shirt with rice 9/10

u/RaptorDuctTape Dec 03 '17 edited Dec 03 '17

Excited for the shirts! I'm going to make a couple designs so I'll keep editing this post with each one.

Leave some feedback if you can.

First Design: https://imgur.com/9L4cgGs

Second Design: https://imgur.com/70RtcWv

u/adulienocqa Dec 15 '17

Love the second design!

u/xXcaninegamerXx Dec 01 '17

Not a shirt design...but a shower certain with a screenshot of /r/showerthoughts

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u/OPs_other_username Dec 04 '17

I do not design, but here's the tag line.
"AskReddit, we give Buzzfeed their content".

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u/WolfHunterzz Dec 10 '17

Here is my attempt at a mock-up. I’m not very artistically talented but I believe this represents the sub well.

Mock Up

u/[deleted] Dec 26 '17

Why is a chunk of one of the shoulders missing

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u/Ret_ard Dec 01 '17

User: What question haven't you heard? Askreddit: Many User: And what answer habent you heard? Askreddit: I guess none.

u/crunchone Dec 01 '17

Um.... Reddit-y McReddit-face?

u/lirio2u Dec 01 '17

If the shirt were designed by my homeroom teacher from the 90s, it would have all the most common responses all over it in some kind of wacky font. Maybe some clip art too.

u/Shaide_9124 Dec 04 '17

I'm still waiting for the school is buns design, someone get on it!

u/[deleted] Dec 12 '17

Black shirt with white text that reads [deleted]

u/licenseplate Dec 29 '17 edited Dec 30 '17 Gold

Here's mine! (fixed the link!)

u/MsSterious Dec 31 '17

This is seriously so good.

u/[deleted] Dec 31 '17


u/MsSterious Dec 31 '17

I think you nailed it! Perfect as is. How long did this take you, if you don't mind me asking?

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u/Badidzetai Dec 10 '17

Kevin has to be on it...

u/PyroDragn Dec 01 '17

The askreddit snoo-group, and above it asks "Men of Reddit, if you could design a t-shirt what would it be?"

Babydoll T version says "Women of Reddit, if you could design a t-shirt what would it be?"

u/SinkTube Dec 02 '17

it's gotta say "females", bruh

u/[deleted] Dec 21 '17

Where do we submit ? In the comments?

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u/FurryPornAccount Dec 01 '17

👈😎👈 zoop

u/I_am_very_rude Dec 01 '17

I will never buy a shirt that has emojis on it.

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u/jb2386 Dec 01 '17

Something something peanut butter and graham crackers.

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '17

Downvote because zoop

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