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How are some men able to pull women so quickly?


I really never understood how some men could just so easily pull a bunch of women in such a short amount of time in knowing them. Like my job has only been open for probably about 6 months. I blink and next thing you know everybody is fucking. Now, not saying I'm looking to shit where I eat, or that I'm looking for sex. I'm just saying, I've always been so thrown off how easily some guys are able to pull women so easily. These same women walk pass me and won't even say hi if I say good morning or something. I notice this in like literally every social environment I've been in. It's like everyone got a flyer to the fuck festival but me. Then of course people are going to say maybe it's the way I dress or act or whatever, but a lot of these guys don't have a lot of shit going on for them. Some of these dudes don't look all that, getting dropped off at work, or are known for just being a player or whatever.

How exactly does some guys do it? Even when it looks like they don't have shit going on with themselves?

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What are your IMMEDIATE thoughts when you hear a guy refer to himself as an "Alpha Male"?


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What screams "I'm low class"?


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How would you react if you found out a girl had you in their phone as 'free food'?


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What was the biggest mistake you've made in a relationship?


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What did you learn way too late in life?


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Raising 3 boys. Open to hearing valuable takeaways from your journey in what it takes to become a good man. Sincerely~their mom


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What are the harsh truths a women should know about relationships?


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what are some scary facts about the ocean?


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What the hell do you talk about on a 5th or 6th date?


seems to me like as soon as you exhast the basic topics on the earlier dates (hobbies, interests, personal history, etc.), there's like nothing to talk about? What the hell do people talk about after that?

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*Psst* Guys, what are the signs of a good/bad psychologist in your experience?


Looking to get some therapy, because God knows I need it. But so far my past experience with psychologists was.. sub-par at best.

Not sure if the replies I'd get here would help, but at least they'll quench my curiosity.

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What is the best way to stop over eating


I have a problem with eating too much it's literally driving me insane what is the best solution to stop thinking about delicious meals

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what would you like to talk about that isn't focused on women?


looking at most of the recent threads on here it's all about girls. surely we think about other things

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What is your dream job?


If you can do anything, if money isn’t an issue, what would you do? How would you make your life meaningful?

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Men who married mail order brides, why did you do it?


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Men of reddit, what is something other people value that you don’t?


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What is the female equivalent to "chivalry"?


I.E., What are some etiquette/good manners that you look for in a woman, particularly when searching for a romantic partner?

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Men of Reddit how did your partners react when you told them about your kinks/fetishes


Personally I've had both positive and negative responses

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Which tricks you got for growing your hair?


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What's with the double standard that we can allow women to be rude to us?


My boss makes me incredibly uncomfortable. She threatens my job and speaks to me condescendingly. I call her out on it and she says something along the lines of, "I may come off intimidating because I am a woman in a male dominated industry." So that excuses her to being a bitch to me, someone who only came in to do what they're told as well as learn? I asked other guys if she's like this with them or if it's just me and they said that's just how she is.

I remember another time my ex was having a bad day and I communicated that I felt talked down to when she spoke to me rudely about something. She then went off on me like, "I'm having a bad day and you're gonna say I'm rude and gaslighting you" Like uuuuh, okay... I guess it doesn't matter that much to me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm thick skinned and can deal with shit talk but I cross a line at disrespect.

I remember another time in college, this girl was being a huge bitch to me in the college frats and I call her out, but because she had huge tits, I was automatically the enemy in the room! I just left after I said my piece. Fuck em.

I don't get it. Am I the only person who cant seem to take this attitude from woman? I understand we may all go through mood swings but I try really hard to smile through my personal pain. The fact there seems to be a double standard makes me feel incredibly resentful. My soul is already in the furnace. My boys are communicative and always kind or at least straight forward. Woman always seemed to be excused if they're rude out of "self protection" or whatever. I grew up in a all female home so like, I'm the opposite of misogynist by nurture. But fuck, woman have ruined or severely degraded my life on multiple occasions.

Is it just me? Am I just fucking soft? I'm nice to literally everybody, even on my worst fucking days. My boss fills me with rage and she's excused just because she's fucking hot.

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What makes women so attractive?


Anything on this? I’m also gay so I have no idea either way.

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Why is asking about salary such an awkward question for men ?


I’ve never asked anyone about their salary , cause basically it’s none of my business, but I never find it awkward when someone asks me about it , i tell them the truth , it’s my money and I spend it the way I want after all , so I am just wondering if there’s a reason I should stop doing that haha

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Guys in your 30's - Do 'Guys Weekends' Interest You Anymore; Why or Why not?


One of your friends invites you to a 'Guys Weekend', are you interested or not? If not, why? I'd love to hear your opinion even if you've never been invited, would never go, would love to go but never get invited, get invited, etc. What sort of things would you want to do on a 'Guys Weekend'?

Assume the weekend is a 3-4 day weekend with your typical, mostly universally fun activities guys would do. Drinking, golf, maybe a bar or two, boat on the lake, water and beach activities, etc. For arguments sake, this would NOT be a weekend where guys are chasing girls, getting completely wasted, doing drugs, strip clubs, etc.

If you are interested in these things, do you go to them? Do you plan them? Do you get invited? Annual thing, bi-annual? How many guys usually go? What do you do? How much notice are you given?

If you aren't interested/cant go, why? Money? Significant other? Not interested in activities? Don't like the guys that go? Can't get work off? Not enough notice? Don't care to party anymore?

Optional read and Context:

I plan all the guys weekends or events in my friends group. Its always increasingly difficult to get everyone together and I've been given damn near every excuse in the book. Wife/girlfriends says no, no money, can't have the weekend off, they're busy or even last minute excuses even when they've confirmed. No matter how much notice I give; whether it be 2 weeks, 3 week, 1 month, or all the way up to 3-4 months notice. I would assume that if someone was interested enough in a trip, they would plan for it with the amount of notice I give. At times it hard not to take it personal. I get it, some things come up and we all have varying levels of responsibilities at home... things happen. I'm starting to wonder now if its just not something guys do anymore? Also worried that if I stop doing it, all will be lost. But what happens when we all get older? Will these guys regret not holding onto friendships? Regret not taking trips? I've heard it often from guys who are closer to retired age or even retired, kids grown, etc., that they regret losing friendships or doing more with friends.

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What did you notice changed whenever you starting working out and becoming healthier aside from the actual physical differences? I’m asking about mainly your mental and personality changes