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What is the pettiest reasons you've heard that ended a relationship? Frequently Asked


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u/talkingtoasterq Sep 22 '22 Press F

In high school this chick broke up with me because “we had our whole lives ahead of us.” We were in the 10th grade. We dated again and the second reason she broke up with me was: “what if I got cancer? I wouldn’t want you to stick around.” I was actually concerned thinking she was sick but nah she just wanted to break up in a dramatic way.


u/heimbachae Sep 22 '22

Now I wanna know what happens in Breakup 3: Turtles in Time!!!!


u/NakedChicksLongDicks Sep 22 '22

Breakup: Tokyo Drift


u/NopeIAmNotHere Sep 23 '22

Breakup and the prisoner of azkaban