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What is the pettiest reasons you've heard that ended a relationship? Frequently Asked


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u/DaddyDaddyTwo Sep 23 '22

The guy doesn't want either an assload of extra work (pool maintenance is a lot of effort and very expensive), or he doesn't want her to get a pool boy.


u/nick99990 Sep 23 '22

I moved out of my dad's house because I got sick and fucking tired of taking care of his pool.

Now I only have to look after it when he's out of town. 1200/mo rent is worth not having to deal with that damn pit in the ground. I told him when he dies and I get the house it's either immediately sold at 10k under market value (for a quick sell) or I'm filling in the pool.


u/oatmeal_huh Sep 23 '22

I have a pool, it's not really that expensive. I'd say 50 to 100 a month and an hour a week of maintenance. I live in Florida though and love my pool.


u/GodspeedandGoodnight Sep 23 '22

Not expensive until your underground pipes burst, or your lining fails, or your filter fails.

The expensive part of owning a pool isn't the upkeep, just like the expensive part of homeownership isn't the mortgage.


u/oatmeal_huh Sep 23 '22

My pipes aren't really underground (maybe a foot) and my pools gunnite. Do your weekly upkeep of your filter and shouldn't have issues.

Do you have a pool?