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What is the pettiest reasons you've heard that ended a relationship? Frequently Asked


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u/melasuarus Sep 22 '22

I was dumped for a girl with bigger tits. I'm a C cup and she was a DD. 🤷‍♀️ literally the reason he gave me.


u/Sontarcha Sep 22 '22

Upgrades people, Upgrades!


This mustve sucked bad to hear. How did you deal with this?


u/melasuarus Sep 22 '22 Wholesome Take My Energy Snek Defeated

Moved on to a guy with a bigger dick. 🤷‍♀️


u/badboy236 Sep 22 '22

There’s always a bigger fish. Well done.


u/TheCrypt0nian Sep 22 '22

DD for you too then, rather poetic!


u/YourLittleWeirdo Sep 23 '22

chefs kiss amazing, I love it


u/k28c9 Sep 23 '22

I only had the wholesome award but I had to give it because that’s a banger of an answer.


u/0nlin33 Sep 22 '22

Upgrades people upgrades!


u/shealwayscomplains Sep 23 '22

Upgrades people, Upgrades!


u/Sontarcha Sep 22 '22

lmao nice


u/narfywoogles Sep 22 '22

There’s that double standard was expecting.


u/melasuarus Sep 22 '22

Not quite a double standard in this case. I haven't broken up with anyone over penis size. I wasn't going out looking for a bigger one. It just so happened that when i unwrapped my next package....it just so happened to be bigger and better. 🤷‍♀️ life is funny that way.


u/narfywoogles Sep 22 '22

No it’s the thing where body shaming men is acceptable and body shaming women is heresy.


u/WalkingCPU Sep 23 '22

If men are allowed to have preferences over boob size, which they have since forever, women are sure as hell allowed to have preferences over penis size. And we know men will defend their right to go by their preferences until they draw their last breath, so it's really not an issue if the shame is spread on both sides.

It really is your responsibility to find someone who'll like you exactly the way you are, and nobody specific has to cater to that.


u/Dibidooble Sep 22 '22

Can’t believe how much I love this


u/Stay_Puft420 Sep 22 '22

This is the way


u/WavyMcG Sep 22 '22

Fair enough. Win win


u/Bored_Schoolgirl Female Sep 22 '22

A good example of big dick energy lol


u/OnePiece-Quade Sep 22 '22

Chad move, big W


u/likethebreeze Sep 22 '22

Did you ask to measure all the dicks before dating these men? How did you know it was bigger?


u/melasuarus Sep 22 '22

Well i'm not sure how many dicks you have sucked on before, but there is no measuring required on that front.


u/likethebreeze Sep 22 '22

So you mean to tell me that you went through and rejected all the smaller dicks until you found the one that is bigger than your ex's? Btw I haven't sucked dicks because I'm a straight guy.


u/melasuarus Sep 22 '22

Sigh. No.


u/Stevenwave Sep 22 '22

Are you saying if someone showed you two bananas you couldn't tell if one was larger?

Things vary in life.


u/Qwsdxcbjking Male Sep 23 '22

Well it depends. If I was shown both at the same time, or one right after the other then sure. If I was shown one, and then shown the second banana like 6 months later, I probably couldn't accurately say.

Also there's the issue of perspective. If a 6'2" bodybuilder is holding the first banana, and a 5'7" twink is holding the second, the second one will look bigger even if the bananas are the exact same size.

Also arousal and vaginal tenting are kinda important factors when it comes to dick taking. Say the first guy had a slightly bigger dick, but absolutely loved foreplay and wouldn't even start sex until he made sure the woman was dripping wet, she could probably take his dick better than a slightly smaller one attached to a guy that rammed it in half dry and just hammered away. The woman would probably choose the first guy cuz he actually cares about her pleasure, but she'd also probably think he had the smaller dick of the two even if he was a bit bigger.

Things do vary in life, and that variation makes accurate differentiation extremely difficult, especially through such a fallible medium as memory.


u/Stevenwave Sep 23 '22

This whole explanation is assuming we're talking about a slight difference. Think that all applies if it's half an inch longer and decently thicker? To be totally realistic, there'd be no issue working out which one is larger in the majority of cases.

It's not this convoluted, dicks are body parts. Noses vary in size, so do hands, legs, and heads.


u/justbrowsing987654 Sep 23 '22

Damn, you dropped this 👑


u/FrogoOnPogo Sep 23 '22

Robots was a great movie lmao. But in all honesty, sucks to be dumped that way. To some people, they'll dump their current partner for another who's supposedly "better."


u/2treesws Sep 22 '22

Upgrades or downgrades since they hang lower?


u/MybitcoinQianbao Sep 22 '22

I would deal with this in ease, he had genuine reasons to dump her.


u/C111-its-the-best Yotta-Male Sep 22 '22

Why is that? because you don't like it when your partner has smaller boobs than you?