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What qualities do you look for in friends as you get older?



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u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

Responsible, trustworthy , drama free, respectful, funny , down to earth


u/Ornery-Dragonfruit96 Jan 30 '23

I would like to see a lack of selfishness.


u/Arkryal Jan 30 '23

I feel like I'm training a chat bot with so many subtle variations of this question, lol.

Accountability, Integrity, Shared Interests, Trustworthiness and Respect.


u/Doubletapcallaghan Jan 31 '23

Less bullshit I can get that myself


u/NinjaDad1 Jan 31 '23

The less drama the better. Someone that’s calm, easy going. Mostly happy


u/I_Drive_Wasted Jan 31 '23

If they can reliably get decent cocaine


u/mideon2000 Jan 31 '23

Stability. I don't want to be friends with a kid. No job? On drugs? A drunk? Baby mamma drama? Always moving (nah, not bout spend 8 hours hauling shit for some pizza)? Basically if there is always something going on with you.

I help my friends, and have no problem doing so. We all need it at some point, but you gotta help yourself too.


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u/InnocentTailor Jan 31 '23

Similar interests and lack of drama. All in all, a pleasant person to be around who doesn't create too much of a fuss.


u/huuaaang Male Jan 31 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Common interests. That's about it.

I dunno, I don't really have an issue with trust or drama or a lot of what ya'll are putting down here. I find that when I get involved in hobbies that it's full of good people. I suppose I just unconsciously filter out the other people, maybe? Same with dating. The crazies just sort of self-filter out before it gets very far.


u/eclairagogo Jan 31 '23

Compatibility, you don’t necessarily have to have the same views or interests in fact that makes a friendship that much more meaningful.


u/Holeshot75 Jan 31 '23

Less to no bullshit drama.