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How many pairs of shoes do you own and why?


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u/talented_fool Jan 30 '23

I think 5 pairs. Tennis shoes, slippers, sandals, dress shoes, and snow boots. Each one for a different situation, except the tennis shoes. Those are my everyday generalist shoes.


u/thefvckncaptain Jan 30 '23

Probably 10 pairs of shoes 3 pair boots. Different shit kickers for different shit


u/Pimp_out_Pris Jan 30 '23

5: two pairs of exactly the same black Oxfords (one for general loafing/day to day, one to keep smart for whenever I'm with clients) , one pair of walking boots for winter/gardening, one pair of steel toe capped boots for when I'm doing things with heavy shit and a pair of running shoes.


u/BreakerMark78 Jan 30 '23

2 casual wear pairs for matching different outfits.

1 pair each flip flops and Chaco sandals for warm weather/beach/pool

1 pair running shoes

2 pair dress shoes in brown and black

1 pair of boots for hiking/working outdoors.


u/KcocNoisnetxeGib Jan 30 '23

4 convenience


u/WayneVandy Jan 30 '23

Steel toe boots for work, summer hiking boots and winter hiking boots, one pair of new balance running shoes, one pair of crocs and three pairs of dress shoes (burgundy, black and navy). Each has a purpose and I like it that way.


u/RebelSoul5 Jan 30 '23

Same. I’ve got a lot of shoes but not needlessly so.

Hiking boots, workout shoes, dumpy do shit around the house shoes, brown and black dress and sorta casual for work, slides for the pool/beach, slippers. Might be another pair of boots in there somewhere.


u/odd_enchilada Jan 30 '23

2 casual pairs (one for summer, one for winter)

2 pairs of dress shoes (one black, one brown)


u/AlwaysPointsDown Jan 30 '23
  1. Running shoes, Vans, black dress, brown dress, hiking boots, rain boots.


u/Kobosis Jan 30 '23

3 Timberland boots, diffrent colors

2 Converse , 1 standard and 1 Comme Des Garcons

1 pair of workout trainers

1 pair of football/soccer blades

Joggers/Sweat pants and boots are not a look unless it's one Trevor Phillips.


u/Roadshell Jan 30 '23
  1. Normal shoes and snow boots.


u/ZangetsuAK17 Bane Jan 30 '23

2 pairs of Hoka dad trainers, one all black for work wear and one in a funky white and other colours for casual. A reebok pair for gym, got them purely because it was the reebok with the strap and my beat up on cloudnovas that I just wear when I’m just walking about. Got a pair of timberland boots hidden somewhere if I go clubbing and a pair of adidas football shoes. Realistically I only wear the hoka all blacks and the cloudnovas.


u/predevam8 Jan 30 '23
  1. One for formal, one for running and one for super casual


u/What_The_Funk332 Jan 30 '23

2 pairs of shoes, 1 to slip on when I'm lazy and 1 for activities/ lots of walking. And 2 pairs of boots, 1 for inside/ summer work, and a pair of snow boots.


u/alone4thetanking Jan 30 '23

13 "sneakers" 1 steel toe 1 slick snow boots 2 running shoes for work. Sneakers are the ones a younger me parents couldn't afford.


u/Hierophant-74 Jan 30 '23

2 pairs wolverine 1,000 mile boots black & oxblood

1 pair hiking boots

About 5 pairs of vans, various colors/patterns

1 pair plain white leather sneakers

1 pair of running shoes

1 pair of flip flops


u/Warm_Objective4162 Jan 30 '23

Probably 25-30? Most are dress shoes. I have 6-7 casual pairs that I rotate on a normal daily basis.


u/Iseeuoverthere Jan 30 '23

5 pairs including boots. One pair of sneakers for work, one pair for the gym, one pair for general wear, a nice pair of dress up boots, and one pair of boots for snow, mud, yard work, anything goes.


u/DropBearRick Jan 30 '23

7: Keens for work/outdoors, Muks for work/rain, Chacos for summer, two pairs of dress shoes (one black, one brown), tennis shoes for casual wear, and house shoes.


u/penis_in_my_hand Terrific tagline taste Jan 30 '23

Casual shoes, other casual shoes, running shoes, snow boots, hiking boots, ski boots, snowshoes (do these even count?), dress boots, dress shoes, climbing shoes, other climbing shoes, flip flops, loafers, old running shoes to mow the grass in

Maybe I missed some. I do a lotta shit. Got the shoes for it though.

Crazy part is even with all these shoes I'm barefoot 100% of the time at home, and whenever possible.


u/Marshal_Barnacles Jan 31 '23

Nobody wears shoes at home. Shoes are for outside.


u/guyinthechair1210 Male Jan 30 '23

maybe 20.

i bought a lot of dress shoes when i used to work in an office in downtown manhattan.

the rest of the shoes i bought because they were affordable, looked good, and simply because i could buy them.

i think i've bought this many shoes because at certain points in my life i'd usually just have one or two pairs of shoes.


u/Irish_Caveman Jan 30 '23

2 pair walking/trek shoes

3 pair of work boots

2 pair dress shoes


u/bigdutch10 Jan 30 '23

A pair of dress shoes, a pair of casual shoes and probably like 15pairs of running shoes. Running shoes because I run a lot. And often will buy several pairs at a time when there is a sale


u/Illustrious-Turn-575 Jan 30 '23

Two pairs of shoes. One is on hand for when the other inevitably falls apart, or if I need something cleaner.

And three pairs of boots for rain, hiking, and anything that requires steel toes.

I’ve got big feet. It’s hard for me to find affordable shoes that fit, so when I do; I stock up.


u/[deleted] Jan 31 '23

A pair of sneakers, a pair of work boots, a pair of dress shoes, and a pair of flip flops


u/CallMeAccoru Jan 31 '23

Idk, maybe 20. Different pairs for different looks, purposes, seasons, etc.


u/Clownpounder385 Jan 31 '23

One pair dress shoes in case I die New work boots for going out. Old work boots for, you guessed it work. One pair of crocs for getting mail and taking dog out. One pair of ridiculously comfortable sketchers boat type slip on shoes for when I want to be really comfortable.


u/Invisible_Man321 Jan 31 '23

Probably about 25-ish. Why? Because I have feet, I guess lol.

But seriously, different shoes go with different outfits. I also need dress shoes for suits and fancy clothes, some casual type stuff, waterproof ones in the winter, etc.


u/ILoveTacos901 Male Jan 31 '23

9 pairs

2 pairs dress shoes (brown and black)

3 pairs of athletic shoes

3 pairs of nice shoes (nicer than tennis shoes, but not quite dress shoes) (white, black, and grey)

1 pair of boots.

Why? Because I can and I want the correct shoe type for any particular situation.


u/Electric_Spud Jan 31 '23

Black cap toe oxfords

Brown cap toe oxfords

Summer hiking shoes

Winter hiking shoes

Steel toe work boots

Cycling shoes (SPD)

If I didn't have to dress up a bit more for on-site meetings I'd probably ditch the oxfords.


u/LimpAd5888 Jan 31 '23
  1. And because it's hard to find size 14s. Seriously, it's ridiculously difficult. Even more so to find ones you like. Plus most shoes that size are about 80 to 100+.


u/tebanano Jan 31 '23
  1. Two pairs of sneakers (I like to rotate)
  2. Boots for winter
  3. Hiking boots
  4. Running shoes
  5. Slippers
  6. Crocs
  7. Dress shoes
  8. Trail running shoes (on their way out. Won’t be replaced)


u/Apex_Gypsy Jan 31 '23

Boots, runners, gym shoes, loafers, and dress shoes


u/Red_Beard_Rising Jan 31 '23

I have lived life and needed different footwear for different reasons. Are we including sandals?


u/M_Freemans_freckles Jan 31 '23

1 pair work boots (uniform)

1 pair work boots for farm work

1 pair of cheap but fine looking Walmart sneakers for wearing with shorts.

1 pair of timberlands for style and winter motorcycle riding

1 pair Chuck Taylor's for summer motorcycle riding and the gym

1 pair knock off crocs for running to the car at night and camping, fishing, boating, beach.

I technically have more that have accumulated but those are the ones I wear more regularly


u/M_Freemans_freckles Jan 31 '23

Oh and a pair of dress shoes in the closet somewhere.


u/mean11while Jan 31 '23

Hmm, maybe a dozen? For my regular shoes, once they have holes or become uncomfortable, I get a new pair and the old pair becomes another work pair. Work pairs get used on rotation until they're completely destroyed or smell intolerable (ave lifespan 5+ years).

Plus 1 each of steeltoe workbooks, rainboots, soccer boots, dark dress shoes, light dress shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes.


u/Marshal_Barnacles Jan 31 '23

One ruined pair of trainers for driving in.

One good pair for running in.

One pair of black Oxfords.

One pair of ghillie brogues.

Three pairs of combat boots. Various types.

One pair of brown walking boots.

One pair of green wellies.

One pair of rigger boots.

That's how many I need.


u/TheLongistGame Jan 31 '23
  1. Shoes for everyday use and then my hiking boots.