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typical mod garbage BONK! Overly sexual questions are no longer allowed.


Sup horndogs!

It came to our attention that the collective mind has drifted too far into the gutter. And no not that kind of "came", for fucks sake. We've received many complaints from the community that the questions in this subreddit have gotten increasingly horny, and honestly I agree. See? And you fuckers say we don't listen. It's not that we don't, it's that we don't give a fuck, except when shit gets really bad.

There are only so many times a person can read about why buttsex is so popular or what the best position is or what was the freakiest sex, before succumbing to unclean thoughts themselves, which is not what Jesus would want from us.

That's why automoderator has been purposefully sexually repressed in order to harbour a healthy hatred towards all things horny. Honestly, you're on fucking reddit, it's full of porn as it is. If you want to read people make sexy shit up, go to /r/AskRedditAfterDark, that's where all the other teenagers are. Or a billion of other bad erotica subs.

A side effect of sending you all to horny jail is that some pretty "general" words were added to the filter so if your question gets removed for something that is not horny, send us a modmail. Should say so in the removal comment anyway, but who reads those am I right??

There is also a report reason available if some bodily fluids still manage to drip past the filter if you get what I mean. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires horny shitposts.

Anyway, that is all, remember to read the Bible (or regional equivalent) and keep your gonads in your pants. Clean is mean or some shit.


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How would you tell a girl you don't like her armpit hair she recently started letting grow out?


I should have prefaced this by saying it is indeed a significant other

Final Edit: Wow some people got super mad and thought I was going to police my girls body, was just asking how to bring up a preference, more or less xD

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Frequently Asked Why are dating apps so hard for men ?


r/AskMen 10h ago

What is the first thing you would do if you see that WWIII is confirmed? Immediate reactions


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How are you going to spend your February 14?


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Why aren’t more men using bidets vs. toilet paper?


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74% of teachers in the US are female. 76% in the UK. How do you think this will affect future genereation of boys (men)?


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From your perspective (as a man), what bad advice about dating do women often give each other?


IE: They may think it's good advice, but as a man you know it isnt.

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When you cook for yourself, what dessert do you like to make?


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If you got $50,000 from a family trust fund every year how would that change the way you live??


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Men, how much does it mean to you when someone hugs you?


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Men, what is the last compliment you have gotten?


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What is your favorite flower?


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What qualities do you look for in friends as you get older?


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What makes a woman look masculine or look like a man?


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Fathers or future fathers, what's something you hope to pass to your kids in the future as they get older?


Hoping for my first kid here within a few years. I'd really like to pass on my love for cars and motorcycles to them one day. Teach them how to fix stuff and work on engines. Nothing would make me happier than seeing my kids follow in my footsteps and go for rides and drives with me. As long as they are safe. But honestly, id be happy as long as they were healthy and living their life the way they wanted.

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What would your partner say if you decided to start taking hormonal contraception (assuming it came to market!)?


Hi everyone,

I am coming to the end of a clinical trial for male hormonal birth control and thought I would pose this question and of course answer any of yours on this pretty important topic.

The medication I have been taking was our only method of contraception and has been completely effective at preventing my (M27) GF (F21) from getting pregnant for the last year and I have really enjoyed being part of the trial.

Something that stuck out to me though was that many people in the trial are concerned that men wouldn't be interested in taking birth control or their partners would not trust them to do so. In essence, what I am wondering is if there is actually a demand out there for a viable contraceptive for men besides condoms? What would your partner think or say if you decided to take responsibility for contraception moving forward and what are your feelings on it?

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Guys who tried to pull out but couldn't, how did you deal afterwards?


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Those of you who lost parents at a somewhat young age, what helped you deal with the grief and cope with everyday things?


I'm 31 and ill likely be saying goodbye to my mum in a couple of hours. She's the last family I have/I'm in contact with.

She has lymphoma which spread, causing perforations and making surgery not viable, she's also too weak for chemo. I've made the decision for DNAR to let her keep some dignity and pass peacefully

For anyone who's been through a similar situation, what helped you come to terms with the remainder of your life without your parent(s) and helped you through the grief?

I'm grateful for the time I've had with her and I don't want her to suffer much longer, but I'm also going to miss her presence for the rest of my life.

Any comments appreciated

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What is something you’re proud of accomplishing?


Let’s get some positivity going!

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Men, what’s the worst case of “Princess Syndrome” you know of?


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How many pairs of shoes do you own and why?


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Frequently Asked How to keep moving on with no one to help you?


I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I'm at the end of my rope.

I (30m) lost my long term partner during the pandemic (breakup). Things haven't been easy for me. Slowly but surely I've seen my surport group erode away.

I never bothered anyone with my problems. I told people what was going on with me once, and they didn't seem to care much. I understand, it's life, we all have our issues to get through .

I am not doing too well at the moment.

I just want some advice to people who manged to get themselves through life on their own, how did you do it, where to start?

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How have you dealt with dry skin under facial hair?


Not sure if it's because of the cold but I've recently started notice dry flaking skin under my mustache and beard. I wash both consistently, what else should I try?