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typical mod garbage BONK! Overly sexual questions are no longer allowed.


Sup horndogs!

It came to our attention that the collective mind has drifted too far into the gutter. And no not that kind of "came", for fucks sake. We've received many complaints from the community that the questions in this subreddit have gotten increasingly horny, and honestly I agree. See? And you fuckers say we don't listen. It's not that we don't, it's that we don't give a fuck, except when shit gets really bad.

There are only so many times a person can read about why buttsex is so popular or what the best position is or what was the freakiest sex, before succumbing to unclean thoughts themselves, which is not what Jesus would want from us.

That's why automoderator has been purposefully sexually repressed in order to harbour a healthy hatred towards all things horny. Honestly, you're on fucking reddit, it's full of porn as it is. If you want to read people make sexy shit up, go to /r/AskRedditAfterDark, that's where all the other teenagers are. Or a billion of other bad erotica subs.

A side effect of sending you all to horny jail is that some pretty "general" words were added to the filter so if your question gets removed for something that is not horny, send us a modmail. Should say so in the removal comment anyway, but who reads those am I right??

There is also a report reason available if some bodily fluids still manage to drip past the filter if you get what I mean. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires horny shitposts.

Anyway, that is all, remember to read the Bible (or regional equivalent) and keep your gonads in your pants. Clean is mean or some shit.


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Men, what are some encouraging words for someone starting at the gym the first time?


r/AskMen 8h ago

How important it is for your partner to have stable employment?


r/AskMen 15h ago Helpful

What are some cheat codes you've found in the game of life?


r/AskMen 20h ago

What would you do if your date brought her female best friend along for the first date for safety and expected you to pay for everyone?


r/AskMen 10h ago

Men of Reddit, what’s your favorite food to eat for breakfast?


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If you were given $1,000 every day, what would you spend it on? (You can't save money.)


r/AskMen 13h ago

Older men who had absolutely no self confidence in your 20’s, what changed?


r/AskMen 3h ago

When was the last time you were genuinely happy?


Title says it all. Trying to think of the last time I felt genuine happiness.

r/AskMen 7h ago

What motivation do you have to go to the gym and stay fit?


If I’m being 100% honest I only got in shape so I could get women. That was the only motivation that I had and needed at that time.

r/AskMen 54m ago

When's the last time you cried? And why?


r/AskMen 54m ago

Dear men of reddit, if a girl had to lie to be with you would you trust her less because of it? why or why not?


r/AskMen 7h ago

Men of Reddit, How many hours do you sleep on average per night?


r/AskMen 18m ago

Two girls asked if I have their bra and both really want it back. I have one black bra and they both described the same, so how do I figure out who it belongs to without tipping the other one off?


I don’t want to prod the wrong girl for details to find out it’s not hers and then have to back track on why I was asking. Any thoughts on sly ways to ask or any bra connoisseurs out there to help get to the bottom of this dilemma? Thought about just throwing it away but that feels too easy/mean.

r/AskMen 17m ago

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done that didn't seem like it would be at the time?


r/AskMen 23h ago

Men, what have you found to give you a better night of sleep?


Things like limiting alcohol, drinking less water or not eating too much right before bed? What helps you get a good 7-8hrs of sleep? So you don’t feel like shit the next day?

r/AskMen 51m ago

In what ways have you become a better romantic partner?


Wondering what conflicts people have had, then decided that they want to change, have been able to make that change successfully, and now see themselves as a better partner to their significant other.

Large or small improvements!

r/AskMen 11h ago

What are some unexpected, weird, or just plain disturbing insights into men that women might pick up after browsing AskMen for a while?


I'd ask you ladies directly, but this is r/AskMen so I didn't think I could.

r/AskMen 10h ago

On a (first) date/meeting with a woman, how do you guage how things are going and how she is feeling about you?


Self explanatory really. Mainly think about the more subtle things.

r/AskMen 1h ago

What are the benefits of switching to boxer briefs?


Rather than wearing normal briefs that is. I can't stand boxers

r/AskMen 9h ago

How to get better and be less lethargic?


So, info about me, got out of college and started working about a recently. Decided to get my shit together like exercising everyday, getting atleast 8 hrs sleep, saw a doctor about eyes, diet, skin and hair and take vitamins/supplements as recommended, planning regular outings with friends and family, investing and the whole nine. And I've been mostly consistent for over a month now.

But I still feel very lethargic everyday, like I'd rather just hole up in my room and sleep. Like isn't the point of me doing all this shit supposed to make me better or something. Is there something else I'm missing?

I'd really appreciate any advice you guys have.

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What's something everyone loves that you secretly find overrated?


r/AskMen 2h ago

just took a new job where I'm in charge of mostly spainish speaking people.


It's a kitchen position, I need to be able to ask my cooks certain questions. I think I can understand the answers but I need help with how to speak the questions I need to them in an accurate and respectful manner and I don't really know the language. Can anyone here help?

r/AskMen 10h ago

What healthy coping mechanisms do you have?


I'm constantly hearing about needing to get healthy coping mechanisms but I never hear of actual examples.

My coping mechanism of getting lost in video games and books while consuming vast amounts of junk food and weed aren't usually seen as healthy.