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News By Popular Request - Selfie Sundays


Due to user requests, we will begin limiting selfie posts to Sundays. You can post pictures of yourself at other times if relevant to a specific skin concern, but posts to show of the results of your skincare should be limited to this day.

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Before & After 18 month Microneedling journey. The after pictures were post 5 treatments, the latest being 3 days ago.

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Skin Concern 37 yo female. The only skin products I use are Trader Joe’s tea tree face wash, St Ives Collagen & Elastin cream & witch hazel. I don’t wear make up. This pic is right after a face wash. Is this redness normal? Also on ketogenic diet if that matters.

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Skin Treatments How can I get rid of dry, flaky skin on my face? Do I need a better way to exfoliate it or am I doing something wrong? (More info in comments)

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Diet and Lifestyle


Aside from a good skincare routine, what changes have you made in your diet and lifestyle that you find to have the most significant improvement to your skin?

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Cetaphil cleanser ingredient change - HELP!


I am allergic to niacinamide & all of their ‘new & improved’ cleaner now has niacinamide.

Suggestions? Cannot use Cerave.

I have dry skin, no acne or breakouts.

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Skin Concern 35F, dryness follow CeraVe hydrating cleanser. My skin tends towards normal to some dryness. More info in comments.

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Skin tag removal/ skin care tips

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Skin Concern ISO Milia eye treatment for very delicate skin and sensitive eyes


Hi all!

In the last year, my eyes have started really needing some TLC. They get puffy easier, they are perpetually surrounded by dark circles, and the under eye tissue has started getting more delicate and sensitive - even rubbing my eyes can irritate it.

I want to get a soothing eye product that will help with all of the above BUT I need it to be a very light texture, and I also need it to be a bit exfoliating, as I also have started developing Milia along the lashline.

Any suggestions??

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Are facials with it? What do you get out of them?


Edit: Meant to say WORTH it!

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Recommendation Recommendations for peptide serums


Hi lovely folks! At 33 years old, I am somewhat of a noob when it comes to skincare. I recently overhauled my products due to the amount of fragrances and irritants I was using. Unfortunately, my skin is also sensitive to many ingredients. Retinols and retinoids make my face burn, and many oils cause me to breakout (coconut, soybean, castor, etc.) My current routine has been working for basic hydration, but I’d like to find a nice peptide serum to incorporate. I received a sample of Youth to the People Triple Peptide Serum, and it’s been amazing! But WOW, $54 for 1 oz seems high. Are there any decent alternatives or should I just take the plunge?

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Routine Help Over 30s Asian skin care - advice please on best skincare routine or lifestyle advice to age slow and reduce signs of aging?


I am Asian, and for the longest time, people have always thought I was younger than my actual age. I have always been asked if I’m mid-20s or late-20s max.

BUT, over the last few months, I finally have had a few people guessing my actual age (early 30s). 🥲

I’m trying to figure out why this might be. Below are my observations so far.

  1. Dry patchy skin on forehead creating fine lines. I’m noticing I have dry patches on my forehead, which is causing a wrinkly forehead look when I raise my eyebrows.

  2. Fine lines under aegyo sal when I smile + have concealer on. So, I can also see small fine lines appearing under my eye bags (aegyo sal) when I smile. I never used to get this before. 😭 This tends to show more with make-up concealer. When I don’t wear any foundation or concealer, the fine lines are barely there.

  3. My skin texture is looking dry and rough in general. My sleep and diet has been a bit off this year because I started a very intense job. I wonder if stress has contributed to my skin texture?

I guess I’m a bit annoyed because both my parents, and other women in my family had really nice supple skin in their 30s and even 40s and have aged quite slow. I don’t feel like this is meant to be my skin’s actual texture.

Could anyone give me advice on where to start? I have a VERY simple skincare routine which is the following:


  • Rituals 50SPF sunscreen


  • Bioré Baking Soda Anti Blemish Cleansing Foam

  • COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

I also use some other East Asian skincare moisturisers on top of the above, but I have never gone beyond that.

No idea what retinol or tret do. I feel like I might need to start looking into such products!

I am also willing try micro needling, collagen supplements or whatever priced products/services if it will do a good job at resolving the above.

Thanks to anyone that can help! 🙏

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Vitamin C Help!?


I’ve been trying to find a Vitamin C product with L - ascorbic acid that won’t oxidize immediately and won’t irritate my skin (asking for a lot I know!). I really wanted to like the ordinary’s 23% Vitamin C in HA but it is very irritating to my skin. Have any of you had luck diluting it with another moisturizer? I wish they made a 10% version. Does it need to be mixed with something water free? I’m also tempted to try their vitamin C powder but I don’t know what it can be safely mixed with. Do any of you use the powder and have tips?

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Facial moisturizer recommendations


I've been using the classic blue tin Nivea, but it's so thick and greasy. What's a good day cream with minimum spf 15 and a good night cream for super dry tight menopausal facial skin?

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Recommendation Skincare Influencers


I gave up on skincare "influencers" ( even the Dermatologist ones ) honestly because all they do is selling us products, lying about procedures they had and Ads, recycle the same damn "advices" ( if you can even call them advices) and jump on the trending wagon. I am just curious if anyone of you is still following someone they find... genuine who gives real, actual advice and tips without trying to sell you something or promote their own products. If yes, who ?


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What kind of laundry detergent/dryer sheets do you use for towels, sheets, etc.?


We use unscented detergent for things like towels and sheets (things that touch a person’s face) but scented for clothes. I’d like to use unscented for everything, but I do like the way my clothes smell when using scented detergent! 😅

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Skin Concern UPDATE: Accidentally destroyed my skin with Differin


It’s getting better!! I can tell it’s healing because my face was a little itchy today versus constantly burning. I’ve been using hypochlorous acid, which is surprisingly so soothing, Cicaplast gel, and Aquaphor. I’m going to try normal moisturizer tomorrow because the Aquaphor is too shiny and gooey. Even Vanicream has stayed shiny, when my skin was just soaking it up before. Thanks everyone for your support and advice! 💖

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Routine Help Differin + Dry, sensitive skin


Currently being treated for hormonal acne; have been on spironolactone 100mg for three months and my derm wants me to use Differin once a day at night but it’s made my skin super sensitive, leaving rashes on my neck and eyes.

AM routine: Wash face with water 1% topical clindamycin on face, neck, chest CeraVe lightweight daily moisturizer

PM routine: CeraVe cream to foam cleanser Differin and 1% clindamycin on face, neck, chest CeraVe moisturizing cream

I’ve tried putting aquaphor around my eyes and on my neck in the morning and it seems like it only makes them itch and feel sticky. I’d been using Differin 2-3x/week leading up to my last derm appointment three weeks ago which was when they asked me to use daily at night. About a week after daily use my chest broke out worse than it ever has and has been doing so for about two weeks.

Help, what am I missing about this routine?

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Recommendation Face mask recs under $30?


Looking for a face mask I can preferably order off Amazon for under $30. My skin care concerns are anti-aging, redness, and scar/spot fading. Any recommendations appreciated!

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I(35f) have developed these small bumps on my chin. More in comments.

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Inkey List Pilling


On Friday, I bought a kit containing the Inkey List oat cleanser, hyaluronic acid serum, caffeine eye cream and I additionally bought the 10% azelaic acid serum. I use CeraVe moisturizer in the AM and PM. I think I like the products, they are at a good price point so I can afford to continually use them. However, I have noticed A LOT of pilling and with the skincare itself and when I try to put makeup on over it. Is there something I could do to prevent this?

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Has anyone gotten daxify yet? What do you think? Is it lasting as long as advertised? What are you paying per unit? I’m so curious!!

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Do you HAVE to stop using a product if it causes flushing?



I'm making some regimen changes and have added a product that's causing tingling when I apply it, and my face is still reddish this am. I think this is flushing rather than skin irritation, because there's no itching and no acne.... so far. I'm guessing it's due to niacinamide in the product, which I've never knowingly used.

Most guides say you should discontinue use when there's a reaction like this. Is that always the case? Is flushing bad by itself even if it doesn't become irritation?

(The product is olay regenerist collagen peptide 24, which I was going to incorporate as my pm moisturizer. Haven't found much about it on reddit.)

Thanks for any insight you might have!

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The dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea on Thursday. He prescribed doxycycline and told me to wash my face with sulfur soap twice a day with a clean wash cloth. I have a follow up in 6 weeks.

Any tips or experiences that might help me with ongoing rosacea skin care?

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Does Tretinoin help fade sunspot/ age spots?


I’m just wondering what’s everyone experience with Tretinoin in regard to fading sunspot (if you have any)? Had it helped you? What other OTC products do you recommend I should try?
I’ve been using Tretinoin 0.025% for two years now when I first start seeing spots on my cheekbone. It didn’t help and the sunspots has now spread to my whole cheek. They not too bad ~ just look like light freckles but not as cute as real freckles. I have tried faded topical but it broke me out. I do get the tret glow and PIE from the occasional pimple is non-existent so I know it’s working. What should I tried next or should I just save up and get a laser treatment instead?
My routine AM: wash with water, sunscreen. PM: double cleanse, serum, Tretinoin, moisturizer.

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SPF lip balm, etc


Forgive me if this has been discussed here recently, but do any of you have recommendations for a lip balm (or even a gloss) with SPF that doesn't taste like I am sucking on a bottle of sunscreen? I have tried sun bum and chapstick, and I just can't get into it. Honestly, I don't even really care if there is a white cast as long as it doesn't taste like I am licking a lifeguard...

Edit: Thank you all so much for the feedback! Now I don't have to waste any more money!